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By Dan Nolan | July 1, 2022
Backpacking is not just leisure but a unique lifestyle only few understand. Get the most of everything with Granite Gear Crown2 Backpacks today!

About The Granite Gear Backpack

As a thru-hiker, Granite Gear knows what you need and what features to look for in every backpack designed for outdoor expeditions. You may not notice but backpackers are the modern and active types of minimalists. You may have seen camping gears and backpacks around the trail but something always caught your curious and adventurous mind.

The Granite Gear Crown2 (60 Backpack-Men) has been making a buzz since it was first released. It has all the features needed by every camper and outdoor enthusiast. From multiple compartments and storage pockets to keep organizing all your camping essentials a breeze of fresh air. With the 60 liters maximum capacity and additional features, no wonder it has been one of the most favored backpacks and top-selling models since day one.

This in-depth review and on-focus details of all the benefits and peculiarities of the Granite Gear Crown2 will help you weigh and decide why this backpack is the best selection for your next outdoor adventure.

It will help you understand why more and more backpack minimalists trust Granite Gear when it comes to outdoor essentials. Invest with the right product that provides premium-quality durable materials and the optimum support you need to conquer new terrain conveniently.

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Knowing what you will get helps you easily decide whether these features make sense in the first place. With Granite Gear Crown2 , they know that quality matters and that everything on their backpacks is all about the great and beneficial things you do to help simplify your life.

Each backpack that they produced, especially the latest ones (Granite Gear Crown2 60) have been branded. That alone, you’ll know that you are getting a premium and of the highest quality product.

Here’s the complete list of features you’ll get with your backpack:

  • Dual Density Harness For Your ShouldersWith Load-Lifting Shoulder Straps And A Detachable Sternum Straps
  • 100D Nylon high-tenacity (NeverWet)That Comes With Moisture Repelling Treatment
  • 210D Nylon Ripstop High-Tenacity Moisture Repelling Treatment That’s (NeverWet)
  • Main Storing Compartment Roll-Up Opening That Comes With Double Compression Straps And One BuckleTo Quickly Access And Compresses Your Things Easily
  • Detachable Top Lid That Serves As A Storage Compartment Which Has Innovative And Durable Zipper That Is DWR Treated
  • It Comes With A Hydration Port And An Internal Sleeve For Hydration Purposes
  • 35 Pounds (15 Kgs) Vapor Current Mark 2 Structured Frame Load Rating
  • Fully Adjustable Re-Fit Double Density Belt For Hips (28 Inches to 40 Inches)
  • Dual Hip Belt Large Storage Pockets Zipper DWR Treated
  • Large Woven Side Stretch Pockets
  • Stretchable Mesh Pocket (Front)
  • Short Torso Specifications: 0.96 Kg Weight (2.0 Pounds), 15 Inches To 18 Inches Length
  • Regular Torso Specifications: 0.96 Kg Weight (2.12 Pounds), 18 Inches To 21 Inches Length
  • Long Torso Specifications: 1.0Kg Weight (2.25 Pounds), 21 Inches To 25 Inches Length

What makes the Granite Gear Crown2 60 Backpack stands out among the rest are its unique and beneficial features. The adjustable/detachable RE-FIt hip strap belt. This enables you to fully adjust or even remove this support if you feel like it. The backpack can accommodate hikers with up to 40 inches hip measurements. Customizing your lumbar support for your next outdoor adventure has never been this convenient.

The detachable lid that comes with the zipper is DWR treated. It weighs only about 75 grams (2.8oz) and can fit up to 5 liters of extra essentials to meet your demands. You can keep this or remove it when hiking. As the brand wants you to have the coziest camping journey ever. Unlike the previous models, the crown offers total customization. The double compression system enables you to excellent and firm fitting.

Next is the molded polypropylene structured frame that helps reduce pack weight while maintaining a stylish and aesthetic design. With its die-cut holes, you can control the weight of your pack. For instance, you can even remove the frame if you feel like it. Plus the Crown 2 is made of breathable and mesh airflow channels for their back panel. This reduces moisture build-up and prevents sweaty back that may affect your comfort while hiking. 

Performance Level

One of the best features that you can enjoy with Granite Gear Crown2 60 Liters backpacks is their ultra-light features and their impressive padding, plus the storage compartment availability. Since you will organize your essentials, backpacking enables you to wisely bring camping gear that is not just helpful but minimal at the same time.

For you to find the best backpacking gear, you need to take into consideration the products performance level and the following categories will help you determine the backpacks efficiency:

Sizing And Fit

The Crown2 offers flexibility and versatility when it comes to fitting and sizing. It offers versions suitable both for women’s and men’s backpacks.

There are 3 torso lengths suitable for men and 2 torso lengths for women. The fully adjustable sternum and hip belt enable you to customize the fit suitable for your needs.

Adjusting the hip belt Re-Fit may seem cumbersome but it’s a technical process that must be done for every user. The Crown2 Velcro is incredibly robust. Though you can separate its hip belt while you’re wearing the backpack, regardless of the load that you are carrying.

That is why when it comes to fitting or finding the right size for your backpack, the Crown2 is a sure winner on that.

Materials And Durability

One of the major concerns when it comes to manufacturing lightweight backpacks is their durability. With Granite Gear Crown2 60 Liters capacity, the manufacturer never compromises quality and efficiency over their designs and uses only premium-quality durable materials.

Gear Granite crown 2 back

Since Granite Gear Crown2 knows where the common pressure points of traditional backpacks are for outdoor activities, using 210Denier Nylon with high tenacity means you are purchasing an incredible string rucksack. This wear or tear-resistant materials provides additional protection and guaranteed durability to parts where your backpacks are exposed and prone to damage the most.

With the innovative triangular webbed frame that places the load stresses into the frame and away from the bag itself. This means your rucksack loads are evenly distributed and the weight won’t wear you down after hours of long walks. The buckle made of Duraflex materials guarantees durability and longevity of use. It provides a secured sternum strap for protection.

Straps And Closing Mechanism

One of the Granite Gear trademarks is its easy-to-access rolled top closure. Though Crown 2 has an innovative detachable lid where you can store other camping essentials and a cinch strap used for securing and closing your main storage compartment.

The lid straps are long enough to hold your climbing ropes where you can easily sandwich them on your essentials or into the opening system alone. The cinch strap is a new design. This one-piece webbing comes into 2 separate points that enable you to pull the straps in any side to tightly secure everything in place.

When it comes to tightly pack and organizing all of your camping gear and essentials, the Crown2 provides the most excellent, comfortable, and adjustable straps, hip belts, and closing lid among other backpacks out there.


Organizing your camping essentials into your rucksack should enable you to easily access important camping gears when needed. What Crown2 offers is a great organizational peculiarity. Some lightweight backpacks are not as durable as what the Crown2 offers. It’s the perfect rucksack for any camping, hiking or other outdoor expeditions.

The compression straps, paddings, and other storage attachments enhance the backpacks’ organizational features. With a huge main compartment where you can put your sleeping bag, a few changes of clothes, and your food storage for a couple to a week in the wilderness to fit easily into this rucksack.

It comes with multiple durable pockets for your electronics. The hip belt comes with 2 pockets suitable for quick-grab essentials such as wallets, cameras, smartphones, and even your keys. Aside from that, the detachable lid offers you extra storage.

With easy access to hip belt pockets and additional storage on your rolled up stretch rucksack, taking along with you wet gear, trekking poles, tents, water bottles and another exterior packing that is guaranteed to provide excellent security to your essentials.


The Granite Gear Crown 2 60L is one of the best lightweight backpacks that offers multifunctional features, durability, efficiency, and reliable support that is around 2 lbs 6oz. You can even trim down the weight of your rucksack by removing a few detachable features such as its belt, lid, and the propylene frame sheet.

Though that can reduce the weight of your already lightweight rucksack, this is only an optional feature you can try when you are going over a day trip or an overnight camping trip. Nonetheless, the Crown2 provides excellent support and organizational features for most minimalist campers and outdoor lovers.

Carrying Comfortability

The Granite Gear Crown2 offers exceptional carrying comfortability and cushion parts details where you need support the most. Overall, you can even customize and reduce its ultralight features. Instead of using frames made of metal, the Crown2 substitutes its frame sheet into a lighter yet durable and efficient propylene back panel support.

For most backpackers, minimalist packing is essential for you to bring all the essential camping gear that won’t weigh you down. Backpacking offers the convenience of carrying heavy loads while providing proper support to your shoulders and lower back. Easy access to your essentials is another plus factor that Crown2 offers.

Take advantage of its secured and accessible pockets for your electronics, hydration needs, and everything in between that defines outdoor expedition into a great level of comfort and experience.

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We’ve broken down everything you need to know why the Granite Gear Crown2 is simply the best choice for any backpacking and outdoor expeditions and why it is loved by everyone.

  • The Granite Gear Crown2 is known for its ultralight features and customize settings if you wanted to reduce the weight of your load. 
  • It provides an excellent minimalist organizing setup and optimum comfort you will surely appreciate when outdoors. 
  • Strategically placed and designed compression system that comes with its cinch straps which enables you to tightly pack your essentials for protection and security. 
  • It’s multifunctional and multiple designs that work perfectly for all types and gender of hikers suitable to your physique and needs. 
  • The Re-Fit features enable you to fully adjust the fit for everyone and anyone that will use it for supreme support and convenience. 
  • Personalized and adaptable design enables you to easily detach features suitable for your demands and preferences like the back panel, hip waist belt, and upper lid which streamline your backpack's overall weight. 
  • It offers affordability and exceptional features compared to other competitors that can’t provide the ease and reliability that Granite Gear Crown2 has to offer.


Needless to say, this comprehensive insight for Granite Gear Crown2 60 liters of capacity helps you understand why this product is a trendsetter when it comes to minimalist backpacking. It simply transforms your outdoor expedition into a new level of comfort, support, and convenience you’ve been longing for years.

Granite gear backpack understands the very need of every camper, hikers, and backpackers. With optimum organizational specialties, customized features, and expert recommendations of why they like this product the most, you can’t just resist the fact that perfecting outdoor life is just one decision away. Be one of those people who discover a new world of comfort with backpacking today.

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