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By Dan Nolan | March 11, 2021
This article will help you know more about the North Face Recon backpack. This North Face Recon Backpack review shows how it can benefit you.

About The North Face Recon Backpack

Are you looking for a large capacity backpack? Maybe what you are looking for is the North Face Recon backpack. It has a capacity of 13 liters and can fit a 15-inch laptop.

It is the best choice for those who are searching for a pack with multi-purpose like going on hikes, short trips, or even fit for work. In one North Face Recon backpack review, the backpack was given a rating in the following categories, with a score of 10 as the highest.

Ease of Use
Laptop Protection

One of the most recommended laptop backpacks is the Recon. It scored high in ease of use, storage, and water resistance but just fell short in some other significant categories.

The high scores it got from the reviews only indicate that the bag has a high-quality value. It is a combination of cautious storage and organization. The upper compartment is a stable space for mobile phones and other electronics, while the main compartment is a space for clothes, books, and other basic needs.

What is North Face

North Face Backpacks are made out of a love for the outdoors. North Face is renowned for creating the best backpacks in the market, and by combining the demand of the environment and the essential need of the user, they were able to create an amazing product for athletes, hikers, and all types of outdoor lovers.

Backpacks with a semi-solid frame

These backpacks have a semi-solid frame that contains a thin aluminum frame and covered with EVA foam. It acts as a guard to keep the things inside the bag protected. Furthermore, the bag is waterproof, including the zipper, which is made of Polyurethane.

Multiple media-specific organizational pockets

These backpacks were made to sustain the needs of the tech expert people, always to have on-hand fully equipped and organized pockets to hold gadgets and other fragile items. The bags have pockets with fleece lines both in the main and front compartments for laptops and tablets. This is to protect them from bumps and nicks.

Backpack for the outdoors

These backpacks were made with durability and versatility. They were made with unique features like padded belts and a system called OPTIFIT. This system is in charge of dividing the weight of the bag across its multiple pressure points so that the stress is also distributed.

Made for the avid commuter

The brand’s most common backpacks are designed to ensure the commuter’s life easy and comfortable wherever he or she may go. The bags have a 360-degree bike loop, which is reflective to enhance visibility at night or not fully lighted areas. Moreover, an additional feature to hold the helmet was added in the front, a stash pocket.

Key Advantages of Getting these Recon Backpacks

The brand makes sure to manufacture backpacks that will benefit its avid users, from female-centric features to durability and innovative multiple organizational pockets. The following are the common advantages of purchasing a backpack.

  • These backpacks were made to compliment the male and female body figures, and it is one of the most noticeable features for each line of bags. Thus, the bags were made to promote support and comfort according to the individual.
  • The company prides its bag to be durable and only made with strong materials. Longevity is the feature that they are known for.
  • Because of its specialized organized pockets, the user needs not rummage through his backpack to find the things he is looking for.
  • The pockets are specially designed to hold laptops and tablets. These pockets are lined with fleece to protect the items from bumps and bruises.

Description of North Face Recon Backpack

This Recon is specially made for school or works with 30L of storage space. The FlexVent™ back panel is designed with padding that is breathable and supports the lumbar area, there’s a removable waist belt in case the user will have to carry heavy stuff or commute via bicycle.

The zippered pocket which is located behind the main compartment can handle laptops of up to 15”. Mesh pockets can also be found on the front and each side of the bag. The large one is for loading stuff in a hurry, and the other two are for water bottles.

An additional feature on the front pocket is the organized compartment for pencils and pens, chargers for easy access, and a padded sleeve for tablets and other gadgets.

Features of this Recon Backpack

  • This suspension system FlexVent a yoke made from custom shoulder straps, incredibly comfortable, with a padded back panel and a very breathable lumbar panel. This one is for optimum breathability throughout the day.
  • A compartment that is extremely protective for laptop
  • A large compartment for books and binders
  • A front compartment with organization interior of the extra padded sleeve for tablets, a pendolier, and more secure-zip pockets. 
  • A reflective bike loop, a 360 degrees reflectivity shoulder straps and tabs for water bottle
  • Two external mesh water bottle pockets and a quick-draw pocket for smartphones.
  • The front stash pocket can be extended with daisy chains
  • The top handle is also padded for comfort
  • The sternum strap has a whistle buckle
  • The waist belt is removable
North Face Recon Backpack 2

Fabric Details

  • 400D nylon observed by the president but not the durable water repellent (NF DWR) finish
  • Select colors: Polyester

The North Face Recon Backpack Features

This Recon represents convenience and safety. Their bags were made for regular commuters and feature extendable front stash pockets to support helmets, and they have 360-degree loops for reflectivity in dim lighting areas to enhance visibility.

FlexVent Suspension System

This backpack comes with a fully furnished FlexVent suspension system intended for better support and a degree of comfort. It consists of a classic yoke shape design, which helps in enhancing the complete balance of the bag.

Furthermore, the bag comes with special injection-molded shoulder straps to minimize the strain on the shoulder with the aid of a padded mesh back panel.

Safety Features Ensured

It best suits frequent commuters because of its safety features. The backpack has reflective light loops for bikers in case they are biking at night time. The shoulder straps have 360-degree reflective loops the same with the bottle tabs.

Moreover, to add versatility to the bag, it has a removable waist belt and it even has a laptop sleeve.

Multiple Media centered compartments

One of the amazing features that this backpack is famous for is the multiple pocket design that is made to help secure the safety and organization of gadgets and other media-related items.

The main and front compartment has two fleece-lined pockets or a flap top sleeve, which is designed to hold large gadgets such as laptops and tablets. Moreover, the daisy chains where various things can be lashed on were added to the front stash pocket.

The North Face Backpack Benefits

Formerly designed as a lightweight bag for small day hikes, this backpack was redesigned to a go-to option for most commuters due to each amazing versatility. The layout of the space inside is perfectly done to be an everyday bag.

The company put an extra effort to attain durability and protection of every item that is put into the bag, and for the bag to last for years despite everyday use.

Recon Durability

Recon received a high rating in shower test or water resistance; hence it is best recommended for those living in rainy areas.

It is made of a durable, water-resistant coating so the items inside can resist heavy downpour, and the seams are stitched very carefully. The coating should also be reapplied for bags that had been used for some time.


According to some reviews, this backpack is best worn while riding a bike or walking. The padded shoulder straps offer more suspension to maximize comfort. The shoulder strap is best designed for heavy loads, which are also supported by a sternum and waist strap. The belts help scatter the weight to make it easier to carry, and the weight is not stuck to one side.

The preferred fit can be adjusted, or belts can be removed to make it comfortable, especially when the weather is warm.


It has a capacity of 31-liter that can fit in important stuff, and it weighs 2.5 lbs. The front stash pocket offers additional space and a small-sized pocket for small items in case the main compartment is full.


It has multiple uses that allow different items to be stuffed inside the bag. The external pockets are the best option for outdoor activities like hiking and climbing. When outside or climbing up a trail, these two compartments can hold the jacket and water.

The laptop sleeve can serve as a hydration bladder. It can withstand activities in the woods. It serves as an efficient bag for camping, hiking, or any other trip. For users who carry a lot of stuff around, this can be a perfect helping hand as it can also be used as a hiking pack or a bag for school.

Is North Face Recon Backpack good for school?

It is known to be a versatile pack for outdoor trips, work, or school. It can handle a 15” laptop with a stylish design and can last for years. It consists of 210D Cordura Nylon that can put up the rigors of daily use. You can trust it to last until your senior year due to its durable construction.

The 31-liter capacity can easily accommodate the books and notebooks while the front compartment is intended for tables or a similar size. Just like the other pockets, it is also padded to ensure its safety as possible.

Is North Face Recon Backpack waterproof?

When it comes to water resistance, Recon is one of the best performers. It is designed with a durable water-resistant (DWR) coating that allows the water to bead up and fall immediately. The zippers, which can be a source of leak points, have a special design that serves as protection from water. Thus, it can withstand the downpour.

Recon Backpack Price

The price is squarely in between the price range for laptop backpacks with $99 MSRP. Due to ratings it got, it has been proven that it is an excellent value.


If you have an active and busy lifestyle or do you love outdoor activities, this backpack is perfect for you. It has two large compartments that can accommodate almost all your stuff for a day or a long trip. The large compartment is intended for 15” laptop and the 11” is for tablets.

The other pocket, which is the second compartment is an organizer that keeps things and stuff in place and safe. It will be easy to find your wallet, cellphone, pens, electronics, and other important stuff.

It has a spacious capacity and made of durable materials that can last for years. It has a lot of organized storage for various purposes. It is also versatile when it comes to usage, as it can be best for trails and work. It has excellent water-resistant, comfortable, and easy to carry. Even though it has not received any awards yet, the North Face Recon backpack review will help you with the information you need about if this backpack is reliable and excellent and why it is recommended for most laptop users or outdoor enthusiasts.

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