12 Beach Games Ideas – Fun For Everyone

Beach games

Going to the beach is always a blast. There are waves to boogey board on, water to splash around in, and sand to bury your friends in too. Some fun in the sun is definitely something we enjoy, and you probably do too.

When it’s summertime and you have the day off work, there is rarely anything better than getting your tan on and chillaxing on the beach. That being said, you can probably only take so many hours of being at the beach until you start to get bored. We all think that we can be at the beach from sunup until sundown without a hint of boredom, but more often than not, a few hours into any beach trip, and your excitement might just start to wane.

So, today we want to talk about some enjoyable beach games you can play to keep everybody occupied and in the fun zone. Let’s go over some family-friendly games and some more adult-friendly games you can try out the next time you hit the beach!

A Treasure Hunt

One fun activity that you can do at the beach is have a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts are really neat because everyone can join in. If you are just trying to keep the kids busy, then hide some toys and random treats nearby, so the kids can roam around looking for them.

It will keep the kids busy and give you some breathing space too. If you want a lot of free time, bury the treasure deep and hide it in difficult to find locations! You could also just make a list of random beach objects the kids have to find, like rocks, feathers, shells, and other such items that can be found on any beach.

This might be more for the kids, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make an adult-friendly treasure hunt! If you are at the beach with your friends, hide some adult treats in the sand, around the dunes, behind grass, and other such places. We aren’t going to tell you what adult-friendly treats are, but we are sure you can use your imagination to come up with something that your friends will love to find.

Paddle Ball Toss Game

You know that game you used to play as a kid at the beach, the one with those Velcro covered balls and the paddles you held in your hands, also with Velcro? That’s exactly what we are talking about. Ok, so the point of that Velcro paddle ball game is somewhat unknown. Seriously, what’s the point of it? Who knows, nobody may ever know, but for some reason, everybody seems to love playing it!

paddle toss

Beach Pictionary

A cool beach game that is fit for everybody is beach Pictionary. One reason it’s so cool is because you don’t even need to buy the actual game to play. Sure, it might not be exactly like Pictionary, but if you wanted to play that exact same game, you could have just stayed at home! Anyway, if you want, create a list of pictures, or cards with things to draw on them. Get a couple of sticks, fine pointed ones if you can, and get to drawing in the sand.

You can have people pick cards and use their stick to draw in the sand whatever it says on the card. What you write on the cards is up to you, so you can have people draw some pretty outrageous or hilarious things. You can use kid topics for the young ones, or if it’s just you and friends, you can always go with some racier drawings too! Either way, it’s a super inexpensive or even free game to play at the beach, and it will absolutely make for some big laughs too.

Sand Games – Castles Anybody?

Alright, so this may not be exactly a beach game, but heck, what better to do at the beach than build things out of sand? Sandcastles, sand huts, forts, holes, and anything in between. Seriously, sand is already there, it’s free, and there’s an abundance of it too.

If you are at the beach with kids, get some buckets, little shovels, and whatever else belongs in a sandcastle-building arsenal, and get to work. It’s a great way to keep the kids occupied, and it’s something you might enjoy too. There are some pretty great sandcastle-building competitions out there. If all else fails, you can create a game out of it, to see who can build the best sandcastle or structure of whatever kind.

Not to mention, you can also bury people in the sand too. Maybe you can bury grandma in the sand while she sleeps and see how long it takes for her to notice that only her head is free. All jokes aside, you can definitely create some fun competitions out of burying people in the sand, maybe by creating a different body on the surface, such as that of a mermaid.

sand castle

Who Can Get The Kite Up The Highest?

Another cool game to play at the beach is to see who can get their kite to fly the highest. Yes, you do need to have people who know how to fly kites, there has to be wind, and having a couple decent kites probably won’t hurt either. That said, you can easily find cheap kite, or make your own, so that shouldn’t be an issue. All this game involves is seeing who can get their kite to fly the highest. It’s simple in theory, but actually quite challenging!


A great game to play for the adults, especially after a couple of beers (although in no way do we advocate public drinking), is a good old horseshoe game. There’s just something about adults, a cold beer, and a game of horseshoes that goes together. It’s a whole lot of fun, it’s challenging, and you can provide rewards for the winners too. Kids can play horseshoes too, but it is a pretty hard game, so they might just end up getting frustrated.

Bucket Relay

So, you probably know the whole egg and spoon race that kids play. Well, there are water bucket relays, kind of like this too. All you need for this are some buckets, some larger ones and smaller ones. Have the kids line up, like a relay race. They then have to run to the water, fill up a small bucket, run back without spilling any water, and dump it into the larger bucket.

The aim is to cycle through all players until the large bucket is full of water. It’s a fun beach game to play when there are 6 or more people present, whether kids or adult, as it is a team sport, so to speak. Make some teams, whether kids vs adults, family vs family, men vs women, or whatever else, and see who can fill up those buckets the fastest!

The Digging Game

You know something that will definitely keep the kids occupied for a good hour at the beach? Digging a hole, that’s what! Digging holes can be done with a bucket or shovel, but if you want to draw it out a bit, so it takes longer, get your kids to use their bare hands.

The aim of the game is to see who can dig the deepest hole. It’s super time consuming, it doesn’t cost a single penny, and for whatever reason, kids can’t seem to get enough of it. Sure, it might not be a super adult-oriented activity, unless you consider that you’ll probably get an hour of breathing room from hyper and sugar-filled kids.

Frisbee – Ultimate or Normal

Frisbee is another one of those games that can be played anywhere and by anyone, whether young or old, at the park or the beach, or anywhere in between. If you are with younger kids, you could just stick to good old frisbee, or in other words, playing catch with it and just throwing it back and forth.

However, if you have older kids in the mix, teenagers, or it’s just you and friends sans kids, you can always turn it into a game of ultimate frisbee. It’s fast paced, it requires some skill, and it’s got enough action to keep adults happy too. All you need is a frisbee and a fairly large area to play in, and people willing to run around in the hot sun.

Beach Bowling

Something that everybody seems to love doing is bowling. Whether you want to call it a sport or a game, it’s something that is quite enjoyable. Now, being in a dingy bowling alley isn’t always great, especially the smell, and even worse, those nasty bowling shoes that every Joe and Mary with stinky feet have worn over the past decade. Yet, when you go to the beach, you are out in the sun, there’s fresh air, and no need to wear bowling shoes.

Go to a dollar store or game store, get a small plastic bowling ball, or any kind of ball really, and get a set of plastic bowling pins. Yeah, you probably won’t be using a real bowling fall for this. You could even line up some bottles, so you don’t have to buy plastic pins. At any rate, beach bowling is something that everybody, young and old, can enjoy.

Rock Tower Building … An Inukshuk

Yet another fun beach game that is fun for all ages is a tower building game, or even a contest to see who can build the biggest and best Inukshuk. For those that don’t know, an Inukshuk is a rock statue of a person.

It’s fun because each person has to go find the right rocks to use to build a tower or statue, and then comes the real fun, trying to balance those rocks so they stay upright. No, it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, but it is absolutely a fun challenge that will keep everybody occupied.

Rocktower Building

The Parachute Game

Parachute games are always fun. It’s where you get a big blanket, towel, or one of those parachute cloths that daycare centers have, you then put a ball on top of it, have people stand around it holding the towel or cloth, then see how high you can fling that ball up into the air. Sure, it doesn’t take much imagination or even skill really, but it can be a whole lot of fun, especially for the kids. It’s simple, fun, and doesn’t cost much either.


There are plenty of great games that you can play at the beach; some games are best for kids, but even those are fun for adults, because they allow for a few minutes of time without screaming kids, and yes, there are plenty of adult-friendly games too.

A trip to the beach doesn’t have to be just you sitting on a towel roasting in the sun. If you find the right people and the right games to play with them, it can be a big time blast—real fun in the sun.