What Essential Camping Gear Should You Have on Your Next Trip

What Camping Gear Should You Bring

While camping is a fun and low-cost vacation for all of the family, it is important to have the right camping gear so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. While some items are obvious even to novice campers, such as the tent itself or sleeping bags, there are others which newcomers to camping may not realize that they need to take with them. Here we look at the key pieces of camping gear that you will need the next time you go traveling.

Have a Proper Tent

Tent with a large porch for dry, bug free entry

No camper is likely to forget their tent when they head off for the great outdoors, however, they may easily choose the wrong kind of tent to suit their needs. There are many kinds of tents available for purchase today, from lightweight options best suited to hikers to very large family sized ones. Unless traveling light is very important to you, you should always consider choosing a tent that sleeps more people than will actually be sleeping in it. This is because, although a 4 man tent will physically sleep four people, it will leave no extra room for your clothing, accessories or any other items that you are taking with you. It is especially important to choose a larger tent if you are planning on spending extended periods inside your tent, rather than simply relying on it for sleeping. One that has a central family area or separate sleeping zones for different family members may be the ideal solution. This post can help with tips on buying a new tent.

Sleeping Equipment is Paramount

If you want to enjoy more comfort while sleeping in your tent, you will probably want to choose either inflatable air mattresses, a quality camping sleeping pad, or a fold-out camp bed so that you will not have to sleep on the ground. You will also need a good quality sleeping bag that is appropriate for the weather conditions in which you are traveling – for example, if you will be camping in winter or extreme weather, you will need a thicker sleeping bag than if you are traveling in the heat of summer.

Cooking Supplies Are Must Have Camping Gear

Cooking over an open fire on a camping journey

Although some campers like to prepare their food over a campfire, you may prefer the convenience of using a portable camping stove with individual gas burners. This gives you more options about what you can cook and will also enable you to cook under cover if the weather is inclement. Of course, you will also need cutlery, crockery, and plastic glassware as well as essentials such as can openers, pans, and other utensils. You will certainly want a cooler, in which to store your perishable items with a lid that shuts firmly in order to prevent pests from breaking into your food stores, and you will benefit from taking a large vessel for carrying water to and from your campsite.

Choose clothing options wisely

While you are unlikely to forget to take clothing on your trip with you, choosing the right kind of clothing is very important and will depend on the type of weather you can expect. If you will be traveling to an area that has a lot of mosquitoes, for example, you may need long sleeves tops and long pants, whereas if you are traveling to a very wet region, raincoats and waterproof shoes are very important.

Safety Gear

Staying safe is paramount when camping, so take a fire extinguisher with you just in case of accidental fires and a first aid kit so that you can treat any small ailments or injuries which may occur.

Keep the Kids Happy

You will want to make sure that you have plenty to occupy the kids if you are bringing the little ones on your next camping trip. There are a lot of camping games for kids to play aside from the amenities provided by your campground. If they aren’t happy, nobody on the trip will be either (trust me, I know).

Lighting is Always Nice to Have

If you do not have an electrical hook up in your tent, you will need some way of lighting your campsite at night. Hanging battery operated lanterns can be purchased which will effectively light the main area of your tent during the evening or you could invest in several, one for each room if you are staying in a multi-roomed family tent. You should also remember to take a flashlight so that you can find your way to the washroom during the night.

Other Accessories to Improve Comfort

There are many small things that you should remember to take with you to improve the quality of your trip. Matches and firelighters are essentials as are garbage bags, bug spray, aluminum foil and hand wipes. Some camp chairs will improve your comfort during your stay and if you are planning on drying your clothing, a clothesline will be an essential extra. If you want something fancy and extravagant, check out this video.

Plan What Camping Gear to Bring in Advance

Having a list that you keep and add to over time will greatly help you make sure you don’t forget important gear. You can utilize plastic totes with lids for off-season storage. Also, keeping certain items strictly for camping makes things easier. Instead of throwing out things like an old spatula or coffee mug, add them to the camping gear bin out in the garage so you don’t have to “remember to pack it” every time you go camping.

Hopefully, this article helps you get your gear in order for your next camping adventure. You could also check out our 20 essential camping items infographic. Happy camping!