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6 Best 2 Person Tent Reviews

The 2 person tent is like the Goldilocks zone of camping equipment. These tents are small enough to carry around when doing some lone wolf hiking, yet spacious enough to fit a second person if you decide to bring a partner on your excursion. Plus, you can easily find a great spot to pitch these tents for 2 people.

But with the market flooded with 2 man tents, from cheap overseas knockoffs to ultra-posh luxury tents, many a would-be camper find themselves lost in the sea of never-ending options and virtual shopping aisles.

That’s where we come in. Unlike some of our other “competitors”, we’re not a bunch of desk-chained nerds that have never seen the sun or smelled the fresh dew of a forest at daylight.

Our site was built for campers, by campers. From the adventurous to the weekend warrior, we’ve got you covered. We don’t get these items for free from vendors in order to make a positive review. You can rest assured that what you read here is how we see it.

Read on to learn more about which 2 person pop-up tent is the right fit for the occasion. In the event you need a beach camping tent, this isn’t the spot.

In no particular order…

1 – Cotopaxi Inti 2

Cotopaxi Inti 2This 2 person camping tent — often referred to as the “chameleon” of tent world — is extremely versatile. It can expand or contract as needed to fit individuals of different sizes. The tent is 31.8 square feet on the inside and is a staggering 43 inches tall.

It has two doors and average-sized vestibules — around 6 square feet each. It’s easy to enter/exit the tent and store it after use. If you need more space, just attach the single-wall, door-less alcove ($130; 2 lbs. 8 oz.) with the toggles and floor snaps.

It’ll get you enough additional square footage to get two more people into the tent without having to sleep in a cramped position. Our testers loved the amount of interior space but noted that the alcove attaches itself over one door which makes it a bit difficult to enter and exit the tent. If you don’t need that much space, just pack up the alcove and you’ll still have enough space for you and a friend.

The Inti is built with durability in mind and made from 40-denier nylon floors. The nylon fly is in the sweet spot between being lightweight and durable. Most tents use 10-denier fabrics which only have a quarter of the strength that the Inti boasts.

The tent is capable of repelling rain but the solitary 21×5” vent at the head of the tent doesn’t provide enough air for two people when camping in humid conditions.

One of our testers said that it’s the Swiss army knife of tents for 2 people” and “one of the most versatile tents I’ve used.

WEIGHT: 4 lbs. 9 oz.

2 – Mountainsmith Bear Creek 2

Mountainsmith Bear Creek 2 Person Minimum Weight Camping TentBackpackers who are working on a budget and need the maximum bang for their buck will love the Bear Creek 2. While it might clock in a bit heavier than most other 2 man tents, it’s also more spacious. This two-person tent boasts a roomy 30.5-square foot floor that can take a great deal of abuse thanks to its amazing 68-denier polyester.

The main drawback of this tent — and likely the cause of its low price — is the fact that the two-pole tent isn’t strong enough to handle bad weather. It can take some moderate rain and wind but anything more severe may leave it toppling over.

Even basketball players and other vertically endowed individuals will find enough headroom here — 48 inches. Case in point, even our 6’2” tester found the tent roomy. He used the tent with his 5’5” wife and they had no trouble sharing the abode with one another.

They even had enough room leftover to let their 50-pound dog join them. There’s only one door in this model, but it’s located at the head of the tent so you don’t have to crawl over your tent mate just to get outside.

The vestibule is only 5 square feet which is quite small in comparison to the spacious sleeping area. You can store boots in it, but anything else will either have to stay outside and take the full brunt of outdoor weather or come inside with you.

After testing the tent in the jagged terrain of the Northeast, our testers didn’t find so much as a scratch after using it for eight nights in the Adirondacks.

WEIGHT: 4 lbs. 3 oz.

3 – Slingfin WindSaber

Slingfin WindSaber - 2 person waterproof tent with floor coatingThe Slingfin is one of the lighter 2 person waterproof tents on our list, making it great for hauling on longer treks. The tent comes out at under five pounds and weighs much less than other two-person shelters. ON top of that, this model is a four-season, double-wall, windproof fortress that can take anything you throw at it.

There’s a small tunnel at the head of the tent that regulates condensation. The tube is made out of a durable, water-resistant fabric that pulls in cool air from the vestibule, and you can use the drawcord to seal it up tight during drier nights.

Our tester in Colorado called it a “tent skeleton” when describing the structural integrity of the poles. If you’re not expecting high winds, you could save 5 oz. by leaving the WebTruss structural system behind and attaching the canopy to the polls with the twist clips.

The 40-inch ceiling is pretty decent, and the floor comes out at 28 square feet. There are two 5-square foot vestibules that offer some storage space. The two-person tent is made out of a 30-denier nylon fly and a 15-denier nylon body to keep the tent standing in the freezing conditions of Colorado’s Roosevelt National Forest (where our testers used the tent.)

It took 60-mph gales like they were a mild breeze. When it comes to wind and condensation, the Slingfin WindSaber is a great option that stays true to its name.

WEIGHT: 4 lbs. 12 oz.

4 – MSR Remote 2

MSR Remote 2 - 2 man tents with minimum weight floor fabricWeighing in at under 7 pounds — relatively light for its weight class — is the MSR two-person, double-walled shelter. The 33-square foot floor was livable enough to accommodate our 6’5” tester and his pal during their three-day ski tour of New Zealand’s Craigieburn Range.

It sports a goliath-sized 15.5-square foot side vestibule that can store two hiking packs with plenty of spare room to hold a cook station.

The second vestibule is too small to use as an entrance but still has enough storage capacity to keep extra gear. However, if you use it, you’ll need to crawl over your tent mate to exit through the large door.

It has a third cross pole to offer added stability during strong winds — a feature that benefited our testers when they were in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Its near-vertical walls peak at 43 inches tall which was enough to keep our tallest testers happy during their trip.

The waterproofing was on point and didn’t let a single drop in — despite a three-day rainstorm bombarding our testers.

One of our testers praised the snow flaps saying it kept them comfortable during a day of strong winds and heavy snowfall.

WEIGHT: 6lbs. 8 oz.

5 – NEMO Spike 2P

Nemo Spike 2PIf you want to go to the extremes of lightweight two person backpacking tents — perhaps carrying one pound of weight each — you’ll need to make some sacrifices. The sacrifice, in this case, being the floor. Like all floorless shelters, this two-person tent lacks bug and temperature protection from underneath.

You’ll have to set it up in an area that doesn’t have any puddles and pooling water. One of the main issues that people have with floorless tents is the fact that snow and rain can enter through the sides.

However, the NEMO Spike 2P doesn’t fall victim to this drawback as it has 18-inch skirts built in around the perimeter to keep moisture out. Its 30-denier silnylon walls brushed off 20-mph winds without batting an eye.

The two 47-inch peak corners are held up by trekking poles. You can also get a second set of poles to hold up the vestibule door that also doubles as an awning. The 41-square foot interior is more than big enough to keep two campers comfy with their gear.

The Spike’s setup is similar to that of a tarp with its six stake-out points. The testers reported a slight learning curve when it came to finding the right angles with the guidelines.

It has two vents that help with airflow but there was some noticeable condensation when it was tested on a snowfield during a cold night. Our testers suggested that some people try propping up the awning to help with ventilation and give you a nice, scenic view.

After being dragged past sharp rocks, being showered by glacial silt, and receiving an onslaught of high winds — around 30 degrees and 55 mph — the two-person tent survived without breaking a sweat.

After returning from their camping trip, our Alaskan tester said that it still looked good as new

WEIGHT: 1 lb. 10 oz.

6 – Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 Tent - floor area for two peopleIf money isn’t an issue and you have no problem paying a premium to get the best equipment out there, the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 just might be the tent for you. Its rock-bottom weight, spacious interior, and double-wall performance make it a well-rounded choice.

Its 29-square foot floor is pretty standard for most two-person tent options, the 42-inch ceiling gives you sufficient headroom, and the double doors and vestibules — 9 square feet each — make the tent seem even larger than its already-large actual size.

Our two testers — at over 6 feet tall each — had no problems in the tent thanks to its 90-inch long floor. You can leave the fly off during mild-weathered nights. Its orange mesh is almost invisible to the naked eye allowing you to stargaze without being attacked by mosquitos.

All in all, if you can afford it, the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 is a premium choice for the top-notch campers.

WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 2 oz.

The Great Outdoors Awaits! Get Your 2 Man Tent and Go!

We hope you found this guide to the best 2 person backpacking tents helpful. You can check out this guide of unique camping items to bring in the tent to add to the fun. As campers and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to bring you the BEST in outdoor gear at prices that won’t break the bank. If you don’t have a good tent camping checklist, go grab it. And don’t forget to bring a great tent camping pad for 2 people as well.

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