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By Dan Nolan | March 16, 2021
Find the pull bars compatible with your RV. Check the load limits and which is the best towing tool suitable for your vehicle. We've got the best product reviews to help you out.

A tow bar is an essential tool that provides adequate support for your RV if you need to tow another vehicle with ease. You might be wondering if your RV can withstand the weight of another vehicle, the good news is, it is absolutely possible. As long as you use the perfect tool, everything will be worked smoothly as planned.

Though tow bars are multifunctional, it’s important that you have one that can be optimized with your RV. The best part about RV tow bars are their superior peculiarities and resilient structure which can handle any vehicle weight. With convenience of use and durability, you know you have an important and useful tool always ready to go with you no matter where.

This in-depth review of the most excellent and high-quality RV tow bars will help you find one that is tried and tested, and has built their solid foundation when it comes to reliability and efficiency. We’ve included a helpful buying guide that is complete with all the things you need to know about RV tow bars.

The 9 Best RV Tow Bars

Here are the best rv tow bars you can check out in the market.

1. Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar

Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar
Rating: 5.0
Check Price on Amazon

This non-binding-designed tow bar is a reliable tool that helps you tow any vehicle easily and safely. It is made with durable and premium-quality aluminum and raw stainless steel solid inner arms for superior performance. With a maximum weight limit of 8,000 lbs, you know you have an easy-to-use yet guaranteed durable and multifunctional tow bar ready anytime.

The beautifully designed and embedded LED lumen lights on each arm of your tow bar serve as a guide and signal to help you easily visualize in the dark. It enhances safety especially if you are in a darker place with no source of light. You can directly connect your tow bar into the baseplates.

This is the most convenient and easy to disconnect and use tow bar in the market with premium-quality and superior performance. The cable and power cords are coiled properly and guarantee excellent usability and convenience.

Benefits And Features

  • 300 LED Lumen Embedded Lighted Arms
  • Direct Connection Designed For Roadmaster Base Plates 
  • Requires Adapter For Baseplates That Are Crossbar Style
  • Freedom Latch Non-Binding
  • Convenience And Ease Of Disconnecting For Every Use
  • Safety Cable Included With Coiled Power Cord (6-  7-)
  • 8,000 Pounds Maximum Load Capacity For Motorhome Tow Bar Mounting
  • Solid Inner Arms Made Of Stainless Steel 
  • Aluminum And Raw Steel Manufactured
  • Provides Stability Efficiency And Guaranteed Multifunctional & Durable

2. Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar

Roadmaster 576 All Terrain Tow Bar
Rating: 4.8
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This multifunctional, durable, conveniently easy to use, and guaranteed reliable and heavy-duty tow bar for your RV is an excellent choice when you need to pull any vehicle with your motorhome. It has an 8,000 pounds maximum load capacity that is suitable for any terrain use. You can easily maneuver and control any towable vehicle with peace of mind.

This pull bar can be used and connected or disconnected by one person conveniently. With its solid inner arms made of stainless steel, just pin it in place and do the driving. You don’t need to worry as the arms automatically adjust and then lock in the perfect place.

The tow bar is low maintenance and won’t cause any trouble when used. You get a high-quality lug bar that is made with premium-quality durable materials. Plus the safety cables included in every purchase are a great deal you shouldn’t miss. 

Benefits And Features

  • 8,000 Lbs Maximum Load Capacity Mounted Motorhome
  • Easy To Use And Connect Or Disconnect Eben With One Person Using It
  • Quick Disconnect Self-Supporting  Arms In Second On Any Terrain
  • Independently-Adjustable And Telescopic Inner Arms
  • Easy To Navigate And Maneuverability To Desired Positions
  • Stainless Steel Solid Inner Arms
  • Trouble-Free Use And Operation With Low-Maintenance Style And Features
  • 35 Pounds Weight 
  • Safety Cables And Power Cord (6-Wire) Included
  • It Comes With 1 7-Wire Adapter And 1 Plug Wire

3. NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar

NSA RV Products RB-9050 Ready Brute Elite Tow Bar
Rating: 4.6
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This RV tow bar has a combination of excellent features both helpful and convenient when towing vehicles with your RV motorhome. It is strategically designed for comfort and convenience that enables you to pull and maintain the lifespan of your RV brakes by using the brakes of your own vehicle.

With no hydraulic modification needed. You don’t need to worry about sudden brakes as it automatically stops when needed. Plus this RV tow bar helps you conveniently attach it to your RV with ease. With guaranteed durable manufacture, this equipment will last longer and is also low-maintenance.

Benefits And Features

  • Ready Brakes Activate The Pedal Brake Of Your Motorhome Automatically Without Touching Its Hydraulics
  • Multi-Purpose Pull Bar Made Of Aluminum 
  • Integrated Supplemental Brake Mechanism
  • Multiple Features Added For Complete Convenience
  • Increases The Motorhomes Brake Life By Using The Vehicles Own Brake
  • No Modifications Of Hydraulics Needed
  • Simple And Easy To Use, Powerful And Durable
  • Multifunctional And Low-Maintenance RV Gear Suitable For Emergency Or Regular Use

4. Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX7420 Tow Bar
Rating: 4.4
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When it comes to reliable tow bars for your RV, the Blue Ox is one of the leading brands that manufacture premium-quality dollies with guaranteed durability and efficiency. It is made with high-quality steel that is known to carry as much load as needed with ease.

With simple design yet known for its non-binding releasable latches that you can easily connect or disconnect at any given circumstances. What makes it a great deal is that it keeps your motorhome safer on the road, especially if you’ll need sudden brakes.

With 10,000 pounds of maximum load capacity, you’ll easily maneuver at any given terrain, be it off-road, into a rougher road, or need a quick fill at the nearest gasoline station.

Benefits And Features

  • 10,000 Lbs Load Limit
  • 2 Inches Receiver Tube Included
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Metallic Paint Premium-Quality
  • Smooth Pulling Experience On All Terrain, Especially With Rough Roads
  • Keep RV Safe Even With Tight Turns
  • Longer Legs For Multiple Functionality And Flexibility
  • Guaranteed Durable And Highly Efficient
  • Low Maintenance And Ease Of Use
  • Improved Cornering And Turning Radius

5. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha Tow Bar
Rating: 4.2
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This multifunctional and durable steel constructed material lug bar is guaranteed to provide excellent support to your Rv and towed vehicle. With its foldability features, you can store the pull bar conveniently at any given space, into the back of your RV easily. It offers faster disconnecting pin hookups that are self-aligning and weighs around 35 pounds.

With a weight limit capacity of 6,500 pounds, you’ll have reliable towing gear that is safe for your vehicle and RV motorhome. With its easy releasing handles that lock and unlock faster for connecting and disconnection.

This RV tow bar comes with a 10,000 pounds of safety cable and rubber boots that can protect you from any road grime and more. A great deal for safety and convenience in one.

Benefits And Features

  • Foldable And Easy To Use Pull Bar
  • 6,500 Pounds Weight Limit Capacity With 35Lbs Merchandise Weight
  • Stores And Can Be Mount At The Back Of Your RV
  • It’s Self-Aligning That Comes With Fast Disconnecting Pins For Hookups
  • Conveniently Easy To Release Lock Handles For Quick And Safe Disconnection
  • Off-Set Durable Steel Constructed Lugs For Better Aligning The Pull Force
  • 10,000 Pounds Safety Cable Included With Rubber Boots For Protection
  • Multifunctional And Low Maintenance With Ease Of Use

6. Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX4370 Ascent Tow Bar
Rating: 4.0
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This multifunctional lug bar is guaranteed safe and durable for your RV and vehicle towing experience. It is made with premium-quality durable aluminum aircraft-grade manufactured materials for dependability and flexibility.

This RV  tow bar only weighs 31 pounds and is flexible to use in any given circumstances. It helps you to easily and conveniently maneuver even with tighter turns or any terrain. The lug bar legs are 2 inches longer which makes it easier for you to navigate your RV and vehicle at the same time.

It’s super easy to disconnect or hook up with its triple lugs. The rubber boots protect your legs against dirt or road grime in case you’ll need to connect or disconnect a vehicle anytime.

Benefits And Features

  • Conveniently Ease Of Storing And Towing
  • No Need For Centering Pin
  • Latches Are Non-Binding
  • Triple Lugs Off-Set For Quick And Easy Unhooking From RVs
  • With Rubber Boots For Complete Leg protection Against Dirts And Grimes
  • Includes Safety Cables
  • Aluminum Aircraft-Grade Constructed Materials For Guaranteed Durability
  • Multifunctional And Low-Maintenance 
  • Coated With Metallic Powder Diamond Vogel Finish

7. NSA RV Products RB-9025 Aluminum Tow Bar

NSA RV Products RB-9025 Aluminum Tow Bar
Rating: 3.9
Check Price on Amazon

This conveniently easy to use and lightweight pull bar is guaranteed durable and multifunctional safe. With all-aluminum billet construction that weighs only 30 pounds, it has a non-binding designed clevis that enables you to connect and disconnect faster and easily.

With a maximum towing capacity of 8,000 pounds, it enables you to pull any vehicle at the back of your RV with ease and optimum support. The easy stowing and storing features are conveniently designed to help you save space when not in use. The powder-coated arms/legs are weather-proof and will protect your pull dollies from dirt and debris.

Its self-locking handle and a non-binding designed clevis help you easily and quickly hook up your vehicle into the RV and vice versa.

Benefits And Features

  • 8,000 Lbs Maximum Weight Towing Capacity
  • Easy Stows Into Your RV When Not Needed or In Use
  • Extra Durability With Its Powder Coating Finish
  • Bind-Free Smooth Operations Due To Its Arm Extension Cover Rubber Sleeves
  • 30 Pounds All-Aluminum Equipment Weight
  • Safety Cable Coiled Included
  • Multifunctional And Guaranteed Durable RV Tow Bar
  • Mounting Clevis (Separately Sold) 
  • Limited Warranty (Lifetime)  
  • Easy To Connect And Disconnect For Convenience

8. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2

Rating: 3.7
Check Price on Amazon

What Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar offers is reliability and durability coming from its years of intensively tried and tested equipment for RV towing. It’s guaranteed superior convenience on the end part of the user. With a quick connecting self-support mechanism that enables even a single person to operate.

It offers an extremely convenient and efficient towing experience making telescopic positioning easier through its stainless steel independently adjustable inner arms. It Is as easy as pinning the pins and starting driving since it automatically locks in place. It’s exceptionally safe and guaranteed reliable, no matter what terrain you are driving into.

Benefits And Features

  • Full-Length Maximum Support Steel Towing Crossbar
  • Guaranteed Durable And Highly Efficient Weather-Resistant Pull Bar
  • High-Impact, Lustrous, And Innovative Technology With 500 Hours Of Salt Spray Standards
  • Nylon Bushing Self-Lubrication Helps Eliminate Frictions Between Outer And Inner Arms
  • Strategically Engineered Convenience of Use From Connecting To Disconnection
  • Largest Radius For Easy Hook-Ups Time Savvy
  • Durable, Multifunctional And Provides Stability

9. Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX4330 Acclaim Class III Tow Bar
Rating: 3.5
Check Price on Amazon

These class III RV towing bars are made of durable solid steel which automatically locks in place for extreme convenience. It comes with an easy-releasing lock handle. With up to 5,000 pounds weight limit for motorhome towing.

The self-aligning, easy-to-fold, and self-storing towing dolly has ball mounts that easily connect to the towed vehicle or car base plates. You’ll just have to position the pins and it automatically mounts and locks in position. With guaranteed safe and durable construction, you know placing your RV tow bar has never been this easy.

Benefits And Features

  • Class III Easy Folding RV Tow Bar
  • 5,000 Lbs Weight Limit Capacity
  • Self-Storing And Self-Aligning Mounting Lug Bar Into Base Plates 
  • Locks Automatically Into Pull Position
  • Two Pin Detachable Ball Mount
  • MAintenanceFree Signature Series
  • Convenient Ease Of Releasing Lock Handles
  • Rubber Boots For Protection Against Grime And Dirt 
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Guaranteed Durable And Multifunctional 

RV Tow Dolly Complete Buying Guide

V tow dollies are strategically designed to help your motorhome withstand the load capacity of any towed vehicle attached to it with ease and safety. You should get pull dollies to help maneuver any towed vehicle from your RVs. The force of towing has a great impact on the quality of RV tow bars that you have.

Some offer the convenience of connecting but are not as navigational and supportive as they should be. What RV tow bars offer is what your RV and towed vehicle needs. You want to reconsider getting one and not using a two-bar that is designed for cars or SUVs. There is a huge difference in their efficiency and you’ll surely appreciate the fact that you have one in no time.

This pull bar review will help you find the perfect fit. Know what features and why they are essential. The best way to visualize your RV towing dollies is to know exactly what you need.

Helpful Features To Check

Before purchasing any RV tow bars, it is essential to know what needs to be checked. Here’s a complete guide of what you should look for.

Detachment And Installation

There are three things that will affect the performance of your RV towing dollies; strength of your locks, number of brackets/locks, and portability. Look for an equipment that is extremely lightweight yet highly durable and guaranteed to be efficient.

By doing so, this ranges from 5 pounds up to 35 pounds. Though you can get heavier than the ideal weight, you are also looking for a tow bar that won’t be a struggle to connect or install. Plus the number of brackets or release locks helps to conveniently latch into the towed vehicle baseplate.

Disconnecting the latch will come in handy based on the weight and ease of installation at the same time. 

Towing Brackets

Your tow brackets will be the first thing to be attached to the hooks. They are traditionally placed underneath the front part of the car or any vehicle. A few brackets are placed behind your RV. They should be durable enough to withstand the weight of the towed vehicle you are towing.

Brackets made of steel or aluminum are great options due to their guaranteed durability and efficiency. Find one pull stripes that won’t easily come off when connected under the towed vehicle.

Safety Cables And Wires

Safety cables and wires are a must-have back-up for your tow strips. They are a great tool for securing the locks and tow brackets in place, just in case they accidentally move. The protection that these cables offer provides additional security when tow brackets are attached to the hooks.

For you to save money, find merchandise that comes with these safety cables free of charge for your purchase. Looking for stronger and thicker cables helps provide peace of mind knowing they can hold and support both vehicle’s weight.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you cannot substitute safety cables and wires with tow strips. Always utilize the right equipment needed. 

Load Capacity And Maneuverability

Knowing the load limit of your pull strips is essential. Finding a flexible load limit is important to determine the durability and efficiency of your dollies. The required tow bar capacity is around 4,000 lbs or equivalent to 2 tons. This can accommodate large vehicles and SUVs.

While performance cars or smaller passenger vehicles can get higher than 8,000 pounds or 4 tons. The load limit can still depend on the type of towed vehicle you’re about to tow. Light trucks can go for 5 tons (10k lbs) maximum. While vans and trucks need 7 tons (14,000lbs) to 8 tons (16,000lbs). Motorcycles only need 3 tons (6,000lbs) ideally. 

All-Terrain Tow Bar (Weather-Proof)

While it is not as essential as it may sound, it will greatly affect the performance of your lug stripes over time. Find one that has great weather-proof protection, either from the freezing season or during the summer.

Water, precipitation. humidity, dust, dirt, mud, snow build-up, and road grime are a few factors that may affect and develop rust if not checked or maintained properly. Changes in the weather are some of the factors that affect the durability and efficiency of your RV tow bands.

RV Base Plate Compatibility

While buying brackets and locks, base plates are also another factor to check with your tow strips. Find one that is all or multi-functionally compatible with any RV baseplates. You can do so by checking the same brands or product manufacturer.

You wanted to prevent future clashes with your baseplates. That is why getting equipment from the same manufacturer is a great move to consider.

Manufacturer And Price Range

Towing bands are considered an investment. Anything related to your RV is already an investment and you would always select high-quality ones. That way, you will guarantee not just their durability but reliability and efficiency at the same time.

Your tow bar should be close enough to your budget. Towing bands price ranges from $500 to even $1000, all of which depends on the manufacturer and brand you have selected.

Additional Accessories

RV tow bar accessories are the baseplates, safety cables and wires. These goods are traditionally sold separately. Our deals from above include these extras together with the product at great deals.

Best Brands For RV Tow Dolly

There are manufacturers that may have ring the bell if you mentioned towing bands. These brands are known for producing durable and guaranteed reliable goods most RVers have tried and tested.

Here are the names that you have to look for superior performance and outstanding services. 


One of the leading manufacturers of sturdy and robust items for your RVs. Roadmaster tow bands and other accessories are popular for their superior performance and guaranteed efficiency. These are the top recommendations from expert RVers, professional and regular campers, and customers who’ve purchased their merchandise.

All of their products, especially pull strips, are made with premium-quality materials that are 100% safe. Find the goods that are weather-proof and durable.

NSA Products

NSA merchandise is making noise when it comes to multifunctional and diverse RV tow dolly and other accessories. Additional towing gears such as levers, hydraulics, and braking system from this manufacturer are getting popularity due to their durability and flexibility.

With a wide array of tow bar options when it comes to capacity. They also produce safe and conveniently easy-to-connect locks for your RVs. Nonetheless, the NSA produces promising services you should check. Plus, they have inexpensive yet high-quality goods. 

Blue Ox

This manufacturer of towing equipment is guaranteed to be durable. All of their towing bands are made with premium aluminum aircraft-grade that is lightweight and powerful. They are flexible when it comes to weight limits.

Most of the tow strips are known for their lightweight features and superior flexibility and durability. A great brand you must trust when it comes to RV accessories. 


Another brand of towing accessories that you can check is Demco. Most of its towing bands have promising services. They are also lightweight. Just like Roadmaster tow bar, you can also rely on the flexible weight limit of this brand. 

The Best Tow Dolly For Regular RVers

Regular RVers know the difference between pull strips and tow dollies. While they can both be used to tow vehicles, it is interestingly important to know the difference and benefit you can get from both towing accessories.

To save you from any confusion, we’re making everything clearer for you. Here’s a quick look at the towing bar and find out which one works best for you. 

Difference Between A Tow Bar And Tow Dolly

tow bar/hitch enables you to connect the vehicle you are about to tow behind your RV or motorhome. One of the benefits that you can get with lug bands is their convenience. Innovations enable you to connect your vehicle to the RV with ease.

You just need to mount the tow bar to the RV or the mobile for towing. All you have to do is get a durable and compatible baseplate and you’re set to go. Plus the tow bar is super easy to stow away. Unlike dollies that you have to deal with when not using.

While tow dollies come with a tongue, an axel, and two wheels. They provide extreme flexibility when it comes to towing any type of vehicle. Models that are front-wheel driven are compatible with tow dollies and won’t even add miles on their mechanism.

Baseplates are not essential with towing dollies. Whether you have all wheels, rear wheels, or four-wheel drives, all you need is to locate the shaft for driving or disconnect/remove it. Keep in mind that two dollies can add extra weight from 500lbs to 1500lbs. Check with your state if lug dollies need to be registered, licensed, or require a braking system.

Regardless of which method you prefer, driving with a tow vehicle is not the same when you don’t have a motorhome or vehicle behind you. Proper precautions are needed, both for starting and stopping.

Benefits Of Tow Dollies

Understanding the different towing accessories and products for your RV is essential. Whether you go for an RV tow bar or an RV tow dolly, it is best to know the advantages that these products offer. 

Tow dollies are small trailers that come with two wheels suitable for towing your cars or any front-wheel driving system. Tow dollies won’t add mileage to your odometer. They are also used by most outdoor enthusiasts aside from towing bands. However, the tow bar is extremely portable, durable, lightweight, and conveniently easy to connect or use. 

  • Tow dollies provide a straightforward and simple process of loading/unloading your vehicle.
  • Your car won’t need any modifications.
  • The tow dollies are smaller and are space-savvy compared to trailers. 
  • The tow dollies have their built-in braking system and lights.

What is the Best Tow Bar for RV?

Roadmaster is known for manufacturing tow bars with extremely incredible features, guaranteed durability, reliability, and convenience of use. The Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar is our top recommendation when it comes to excellent tow bars for RVs.

It comes with all the right features that make your life easier and conveniently safe. With LED lumen lights that provide a proper signal for safety and protection. Plus this tow bar is made with premium-quality materials that are flexible and guaranteed durable. With a weight limit of 8,000 pounds, you have a great deal of handy towing products suitable for RVs.

It helps you directly connect the tow bar into the vehicle baseplates with ease. With safety cables included for additional support. One of the many reasons more RVers rely on them.

How do RV tow bars work?

Tow bars work differently and conveniently compared to tow dollies or trailers. You have to attach or connect your towbars to the base plate of your towed vehicle or RV. The towed vehicle still used its four wheels. What makes towing bands a great deal is their stowing benefits. They don’t take up too much space, unlike tow dollies.

They are also portable and lightweight. It enables you to store them at the back of your RV or compartment with ease. They can be used and attached by one person if needed. They are durable and can withstand loads heavier than their own load. These innovations keep getting better with manufacturers offering total convenience, peace of mind, security, and safety.

What is the best way to tow a car behind an RV?

There are different ways on how you can tow a vehicle/car from behind your RV. It all falls with the most convenient ways for you. Here are the three most popular ways with their pros and cons. 

With A Tow Bar

Using a tow bar works perfectly well. It enables towing cars or any towed vehicle without adding pressure to your motorhome or RV. However, you will need a few special equipment to do this, like baseplates, locks and tow bars that are compatible with both towed vehicles and RV.

One of the setbacks is that you can’t back up when using tow bars or any towing equipment. The good news is, they are portable, lightweight, and guaranteed durable.

With A Tow Dolly

Using a tow dolly is also another popular way of towing cars behind your RV. It lets the cars drive wheels off the ground. You’ll have flexible options for multiple types of vehicles.

The only downside is storage. The tow dollies can take space. You won’t also be able to back-up and may require a license when taking your tow dolly. It also adds pressure to the back of your motorhome.

With A Trailer

Using a car trailer is another option to take your towed vehicle behind the RV conveniently. It enables you to have multiple options of what vehicle to take. The setback is it takes a lot of space and you can’t back-up.

Checking which way works best for you is important. You have to take into consideration which is easier and and reliable. Every method works, all you have to do is find one that provides convenience to your outdoor adventures. 

Are Tow Bars safe?

Tow bars are strategically designed to provide the perfect support that can withstand the pressure once you pull your towed vehicle. They come in various sizes, shapes, and weight capacity. All of which depends on the towed vehicle that needs towing.

This equipment has long been used both for outdoor adventure and emergency purposes. They are safe if used, hooked or attached properly. Newer models are lightweight, portable, and commonly manufactured with premium aircraft-grade materials, aluminum, and steel.

It is best to find the perfect one for you to find the right merchandise that suits your vehicle’s needs.


You don’t want to overlook the benefits you can get by selecting the best RV tow bars. It may feel like you don’t need this now, but trust us, every RVer has towing equipment ready at the back of their RVs. Their presence should never be neglected, especially if you are planning to take an extra vehicle aside from your RV or motorhome.

RV tow bars are exceptional equipment that is widely used and offer flexibility and multifunctional features. Our verdict goes to Nighthawk Roadmaster 676 Tow Bar. Roadmaster has never failed to impress more and more outdoor enthusiasts and RVers of all walks of life.

They continue to improve products and provide outstanding and superior towing equipment. The Roadmaster 676 is made with premium-quality aircraft-grade materials known for their lightweight and extreme durability. It is portable and reliable. With the perfect convenience, from connecting to detachment. It can be used even by a single person with complete ease.

Trust your instinct and check comprehensive reviews always. Drive safely and enjoy the outdoors with the total breath of fresh air!

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