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When you embrace the RV lifestyle, you have increased freedom to travel and to set up your home wherever your fancy takes you. With RV lengths extending 40 feet, however, an additional vehicle can be necessary for short journeys. But which tow bar should you choose to safely tow your car or SUV?

To get a solid overview of what the best tow bars can offer you, we’ll break it down to look at the following aspects: how much weight each bar can tow, how durable it is, how easy it is to use and to store, what the safety features are like, and the price.

In summary: if you’re prepared to invest in a quality tow bar with some extra features, the Blue Ox B4330 is your best bet. If you’re looking for something simpler and low-cost, the Reese Towpower Adjustable Tow Bar will suit you better.

Best RV Tow Bars

Comparison of Top RV Tow Bars

ProductOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
Blue Ox BX4330 Tow Bar
Blue Ox BX4330
82 Top Pick
Easy to hook up, gold standard tow bar
Check Out On Amazon
Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar
Demco Dominator
80 High End
Lightweight tow bar with great towing capacity
Check Out On Amazon
80Good towing capacity and great safety featuresCheck Out On Amazon
HTTMT- US-FF801-BK- Adjustable Tow Towing Bar
HTTMT-US Adjustable
78Simple tow bar with an excellent priceCheck Out On Amazon
CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars for Flat or Dinghy Towing
CURT Universal
76Affordable tow bar with no added featuresCheck Out On Amazon
Roadmaster 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar
Roadmaster 522 Falcon
72Sturdy tow bar that’s easy to use on any terrainCheck Out On Amazon
Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar
Reese Towpower
70 Budget Buy
Decently priced, uncomplicated tow bar
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Detailed Analysis Of The Best RV Tow Bars

1. Blue Ox BX4330 Tow Bar

Review - Blue Ox BX4330 Tow Bar
Top Pick

Overall Score: 82


  • Quick hookup
  • Great for those who need to tow frequently
  • Safety cables included


  • Tow bar may be unsightly on the front of the towed vehicle.

Towing capacity

Often recommended by the RV community, the Blue Ox BX4330 is a gold standard tow bar with a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.

While this is not the highest-weight capacity tow bar out there, this is plenty for most standard cars up to SUVs of medium size.

There’s good news if you need a higher capacity towing option, though, as Blue Ox has other weight capacity tow bars available, up to double the capacity.

Something extra to the Blue Ox comes with a dust cover for the arms, ensuring that the seals are kept functioning and secure and not worn away by dirt and grime over time.

Ease of use

The most notable feature of the Blue Ox BX4330 is that it uses a ball mount to attach to your RV, while the tow bar stays stored on your towed vehicle when it’s not in use.

This makes for a faster and smoother process to get your car connected to your RV compared to other more traditional tow bars generally stored in the RV’s receiver.

The tow bar arms are also self-aligning and locking, which, in terms of practical use, your car or SUV will follow straight behind your RV, making for easier maneuvering when you’re cornering on the road.


Since the Blue Ox is stored on the front of your towed vehicle, it’s extremely practical for hooking up quickly, and many users of the Ox appreciate the simplicity of the process.

It does mean that your vehicle will need to have the tow bar constantly attached, which may not make for the most aesthetic look.

Safety features

Safety cables to attach your RV’s brake system to the towed vehicle are included with the Blue Ox BX4330.

However, you will need to take additional measures, such as ensuring that your lighting is wired to be duplicated in your following vehicle.

The coupler also comes with a pin that can be slid through, meaning that the RV can’t get disconnected by mistake when you’re traveling.


With prices ranging between $520-$755, depending on whether you can grab a deal, the Blue Ox is not a budget option.

With the safety cables included in the bundle, however, and with the reassurance that you’re purchasing from a well-regarded manufacturer, we think the Blue Ox is good value for money.

2. Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar

Review - Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar
High End

Overall Score: 80


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible storage
  • Included safety cables


  • Manual arm adjustment

Towing capacity

With a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs, the Demco Dominator can tow more bulk than most models in this list.

The Dominator should be strong enough not to restrict your towing capabilities unless you want to bring a large truck with you on your RV excursions.

Demco is a well-established producer of tow bars, so if you are in the market for something with higher capacity. They also have the Excali-bar III with a large weight capacity of 10,500 lb.

Made of steel and aluminum, this is a highly durable piece of equipment with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer, meaning that you can have peace of mind that Demco can keep your tow bar repaired and safe in the event of breakage or malfunction.

Ease of use

As it’s made of aluminum, the Dominator is a very lightweight tow bar option.

While many others are in the 40 to 50 lb range, the Dominator is only 30 lb in weight, making it much easier to lift and get attached.

The attachment system uses quick-release triggers making for easy dismantling even if the ground isn’t even, while the independently functioning arms make for a simple hook-up.

Since the arms support themselves, getting them in place is easy without falling out of place. Unlike with the Blue Ox, you’ll need to adjust the tow bar to follow straight behind your RV. 


Kept at the back of your RV, the Demco is nicely flexible in terms of storage. You can position the arms on either one side or opposite sides.

You can arrange it around other things on your RV’s end, like a bike rack. The cables also tuck nicely away and don’t drop messily from the bar.

Demco also offers a tow bar cover for added protection in storage. However, this reduces the flexibility of your storing options since you’ll have to keep both arms together.

Safety features

Another positive aspect of the Dominator is that it has 54 inches of safety cables and hooks, so you don’t need to worry about adding these extra.

As with all RV tow bars, you’ll still need to couple up the lighting wiring.


As this tow bar will set you back nearly $1,400, it’s certainly not for those on a budget.

However, the price tag comes with a highly reputable brand name, safety cables included, and a limited lifetime warranty that should make this tow bar worthwhile.



Overall Score: 80


  • Large towing capacity
  • Safety cables and monitoring system included
  • No need for specialized plates


  • Price

Towing capacity

With a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs, the NSA Ready Brute has the largest capacity of any tow bars we’re looking into and is perfect for those who need a little extra.

Perhaps you prefer to bring a larger SUV for adventures on the road.

As the brutish name makes it sound, this is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that has been coated with a finish that is designed to be highly durable.

There’s also a warranty offered by the manufacturer for a limited lifetime, so you can rest assured you’ve invested in a decent bit of kit. 

Ease of use

Although it also is made of aluminum, like the Demco Dominator, the Brute weighs nearly 50 lbs, so it shouldn’t be considered a lightweight option.

It is, however, still easy to disconnect even on uneven surfaces.

As it hooks up easily to any Demco, Blue Ox, or Roadmaster base plates, you don’t need to worry about fitting specialized plates to your tow vehicle. 


Usefully, you can fold the tow bar and tuck it away in your RV receiver when you don’t need it.

Safety features

This is where the Ready Brute comes into its own. Safety cables are included with your tow bar, and, in addition, you’ll become the proud owner of a Dash Monitor System.

The specialized system lets you check up on the braking system of your towed car or SUV from within your RV, making for an extra-safe and secure towing experience.


At just over $1,300, the Ready Brute is cheaper than the Demco, but not by much. However, with the inclusion of the safety cables and Dash Monitor System, you’re sure to feel you get a lot for your money. 

4. HTTMT-US-FF801-BK- Adjustable Tow Towing Bar

Review - HTTMT- US-FF801-BK- Adjustable Tow Towing Bar

Overall Score: 78


  • Excellent price
  • Safety chains included


  • Can be a little tricky to install
  • No safety cables

Towing capacity

Using a hitch ball and extendable arms, the HTTMT has a standard towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Ease of use

With ‘quick disconnect’ brackets, installing and taking off without too much exertion using a two-pin system is relatively simple, although some users have found it a little more time-consuming than advertised.

You shouldn’t worry about compatibility, as the brackets can be attached to many vehicles with no problem. 


Nicely foldable, you can easily store it away in your RVs receiver when it’s not needed, ready to come out for the next trip.

Safety features

Although safety cables are not included, you get safety chains as part of the package, so make sure you thoroughly set up your lighting and braking system before using them. 


At about $120, this is a very affordable option and is probably best suited for those who only need to tow an additional vehicle occasionally. 

5. CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars for Flat or Dinghy Towing

Review - CURT 19745 Universal Car RV Tow Bars for Flat or Dinghy Towing

Overall Score: 76


  • Universal bumper brackets
  • Simple pin system
  • Affordable price


  • Safety cables and coupler pin/lock not included.

Towing capacity

Like the Blue Ox, the Curt 19745 also has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, more than enough for the average requirements of an RV owner.

The manufacturer also advertises that the Curt 19745 is also useful for dinghy towing for any RV owners that are more aquatically adventurous.

Regarding durability, your tow bar is layered with a powder coat finish to help keep your equipment functioning safely even after exposure to the elements.

Ease of use

This tow bar uses a coupler-style connection with a hitch ball of 2 inches in size and includes bumper brackets that can be used universally to be attached to nearly every vehicle without the need for base plates.

A key benefit of the Curt 19745 is that the arms can be attached and removed from your towed vehicle extremely easily through a simple system of pins and clips, making hooking up a fast and simple process.

Since the arms are highly adjustable, they can fit many vehicles, so you shouldn’t worry about compatibility.


As with most standard tow bars, you can keep it stored when not in use in your RVs receiver.

Safety features

Safety cables are not included with this model, and you’ll need to buy them separately, meaning that you’ll need to factor in extra costs to the price.

You should also consider purchasing a pinning clip or lock for the coupler for complete peace of mind that your towed vehicle will stay connected even over rough terrain.


Costing only around $120, the Curt 19745 is an extremely affordable tow bar option, although your overall cost will increase as you purchase some additional safety equipment.

6. Roadmaster 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar

Review - Roadmaster 522 Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar

Overall Score: 72


  • Easy to hook up on uneven terrain
  • ‘Freedom latch’ for easy disconnect


  • No safety cables included

Towing capacity

With a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs, this all-terrain bar can’t tow the largest vehicles out there, but it should be plenty for most RV users who want to bring their car as part of their lifestyle.

The Roadmaster has been thoroughly tested to check for potential problems, so you can be confident that you’re purchasing a sturdy and dependable piece of equipment.

Although you don’t get a lifetime warranty with this product, there is a limited, 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Ease of use

The best thing about the All-Terrain Falcon is that its front pivot point is good enough to allow you to get hooked up even if the vehicle is situated on ground that is nowhere near flat.

A ‘freedom latch’ is also an excellent feature, making disconnecting easy with only a small amount of pressure, whereas other tow bars might require some maneuvering to release.

It’s so simple that Roadmaster advertises that hook-up one person can hook-up and disconnect in a matter of seconds.


You can keep your Roadmaster neatly stored within your RV when you don’t need it. A latch keeps it in place.

Safety features

The arms have been designed with channels where you can neatly tuck away your safety cables without any untidiness.

However, safety cables are not included with the tow bar and must be purchased separately.


This tow bar will set you back over $800, so it will be a considerable investment considering that there are cheaper options.

However, Roadmaster is a well-respected name in the world of RV tow bars, so you can get reassurance that you’re in good hands.

7.  Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar

Review - Reese Towpower 74344 Adjustable Class III Tow Bar
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 70


  • No-frills tow bar
  • Good value


  • No added features to improve ease of use

Towing capacity

With a standard 5,000-pound towing capacity, this tow bar is a no-frills option if you want something simple and effective.

Ease of use

Despite being relatively easy to use and install, you may find that tightening the bracket bolts requires some strength as they can be hard to get securely fastened.

The Reese Towpower has a simple hitch ball and coupler set-up with pins and adjustable arms and doesn’t come with any extra features or add-ons.


The Reese Towpower doesn’t have any particular storage features, but it does fold shut so that it shouldn’t take up too much room in your RV.

Safety features

While the bar is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a relatively good quality tow bar that’s safe to use, no safety cables or chains are included, so you will need to take your own precautions.


At around $230, this tow bar is excellent value for an uncomplicated but effective piece of equipment.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re investing in a tow bar for life or searching for something more affordable for occasional use, our list of the best RV tow bars has you covered.

Choose the best option for you and enjoy the many benefits of adding a smaller vehicle to your RV lifestyle.

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