10 Highly-Efficient RV Propane Regulator That Are Durable And Easy To Use

RV propane regulator

The RV propane regulator is the most essential part of your recreational vehicle or motorhome. Though most RV owners overlooked the propane regulator, it plays a crucial part in providing a convenient experience of living outdoors. Powering your water heater, oven, stove, furnace, and more.

Using a reliable, durable, and highly-efficient propane regulator provides a superior propane system to your RV and enhances your outdoor living with ease. This in-depth propane regulator review will help you weigh things properly and find the highest-quality regulator without searching tons of product.

We’ve included a complete buying guide, effective tips, and advice for every outdoor enthusiast. With the 10 most excellent propane regulators in the market right now, you’ll know which one is the most compatible choice for you.

The 10 Best RV Propane Regulator

This automatic double regulator which supports two propane tanks simultaneously helps you easily identify if you need to refill the empty one. It’s a highly-efficient LP propane regulator that should be on top of your list.

With the 2-stage construction, you’ll never run out of propane while on your road trip and keep you comfortable regardless of your location and circumstances. With its 262,000 BTU energy capacity, it provides outstanding performance to match your demands.

The gas regulator is known for its highly durable construction from manufacturing. That is why it’s a reliable source of energy that stays longer than expected.

What’s interesting about this gas regulator is it’s automatic safe switch to the next propane tank once the first one is empty. The peace of mind that it offers to keep your propane supply even through unwanted circumstances.

The color indicator helps you easily distinguish which one of the tanks is empty and ready for refilling. The versatility and compatibility to work with all types of RV is a plus factor and should never be overlooked. You can use it for your 5th wheel, motorhome, travel trailer, and more.

Above all its benefits, the convenience of use and installation stands out the most. You can safely refill and place your propane tanks with ease, knowing that you can rely on your effective and multifunctional RVpropane regulator.


Benefits And Features

  • 262,500 BTUs/Hour Energy Capacity
  • 11 Inches Water Column Standard Low-Pressure Gas
  • Auto-Changeover Hook Up LP Regulator For Two Propane Tanks
  • Multifunctional And Simple To Use
  • Double Stage Design Keeps Gas Pressure Constant To Meet Demands
  • Adjustable Propane Pressure With Pressure Tap
  • 6 ¼ Inches Overall Height
  • Light Indicator Changes For Quick Notice Of An Empty Propane Tank
  • Flippable Supply Lever For Easy Removal Of Empty Tank For Refilling
  • 1/4 Inches (SAE) Inverted Flare + 3/8 Inches Female Pipe (NPT) Thread

This RV propane regulator provides a simultaneous energy supply without interruption. With the automatic switching of propane tanks from an empty one to the full one easily.

It’s multifunctional and compatible with almost any recreational vehicle like motorhomes, travel trailer, 5th wheel, and more. You can easily hook up two RV propane tanks at once for constant fuel supply. The smart auto-changeover feature provides the continuous energy flow for your RV appliances.

The regulator also allows you to remove the empty cylinder without interrupting the power supply from your RV. It includes 2 pieces of 12 inches pigtail tubes. With guaranteed reliability, durability, and compatibility. You’ll have a comfortable outdoor experience and complete peace of mind.


Benefits And Features

  • Automatically Switches Propane Tanks From Empty To The Full One
  • 2-Stage Propane Regulator With Easy Hook-Up For Two Gas Tanks
  • Enables Your Propane Tanks To Work Simultaneously For Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Window Featured Indicator Lever Flipping From Tank To The Next One
  • Auto-Changeover For Convenience
  • Remove Empty Cylinder Without Fuel Interruption
  • 2 Pieces 12-Inches Pigtail Hose
  • Reliable, Accurate, Durable And Multifunctional
  • Simple To Use And Install

This dual-stage automatic switching regulator propane tank is suitable for any type of RVs. One of the best features that you’ll like about this regulator is its quiet noise operation. The durable construction makes it an excellent option.

This regulator comes with plastic rain protection for your regulator to stay clean and damage-free against problem causing elements. With high performance and ease of use, you’ll have a comfortable life knowing you’ll never easily run out of power supply while on the road.

With a light indicator that allows you to easily distinguish between empty tanks. You can remove and refill the primary tank without interrupting your fuel supply.

With complete convenience and affordability, RV owners that have two propane tanks will take pride in this product for complete efficiency.


Benefits And Features

  • Dual-Stage Design Provides Continuous Power Supply
  • Automatically Switches Your Propane Tanks From Primary Supply To Reserved Tank
  • Enables You To Remove Empty Tank Without Interruption
  • Compatible With 48 Inches Thermoplastic Hose (Item 100383-48) 
  • 190,000 BTU Energy Capacity
  • ¼ Inches SAE Inlets Inverted Flare and ⅜ Inches Female Pipe (NPT) Thread
  • Item Dimension: 7 Inches Depth, 4 Inches Height, 4 Inches Width
  • Includes 2 Pieces 12-Inches Pigtail Hoses
  • Easy To Use, Durable, And Multifunctional

The Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 Reg 2-Stage Auto switches RV propane regulator is known for its durability and efficiency. With its dual-stage features, you don’t need to worry about replacing an empty tank while on the road as it automatically changes to the reserved propane tank safely.

Without any interruption, you can easily remove the empty cylinder for refilling. It’s also ultra-quiet operation makes it a top-notch when it comes to convenience. Never have to worry about running out of fuel anymore.

With easy installation, durable construction, and safety benefits, this is a complete life-saver and instant continuous power source. With versatility, it’s compatible with almost any type of RVs such as trailer trucks, 5th wheel, motorhome, and more.

With a light indicator that helps you easily determine which propane tank is empty and ready for refilling. Now living comfortably while outdoors is a choice you have to make. This product has been one of the most trusted in the market for its stunning features. 


Benefits And Features

  • 225,000 BTUs Energy Capacity
  • Multifunctional And Versatile Dual-Stage Gas Regulator
  • Easy Installation For Continuous Power Supply
  • Light Indicator For Empty Propane Tank Notification
  • Highly Durable Powder Coat/Raw Zinc Manufacture
  • 1/4 Inches Female Inlet Inverter Flare and 3/8 Inches FNPT Outlet Connection
  • 250 PSI Maximum Inlet Pressure
  • Affordable And Reliable Safe RV Propane Regulator
  • Automatic Changeover 2-Stage RV Propane Regulator

When it comes to a smooth and continuous flow of energy on your RV, it’s essential to find a two-stage propane regulator that simplifies your work and life. With this propane regulator, you’ll have an adequate supply of fuel source for your RV machines while on the trip.

Passing through all standard features of what you need to look for a regulator, this is a great deal worth considering. It has standard measurements that are compatible and easy to install.

With solid raw zinc manufacture, maximum energy flow, and a one-year warranty, this two-stage propane regulator provides superior performance. It’s a perfect fit for almost any type of RVs and suitable for appliances both indoors and outdoors.

Power-up your journey knowing that you have a smooth and continuous supply of power and fuel for everyday living. Every RVers must check products that simplify their life. It’s an affordable and durable choice, to begin with.


Benefits And Features

  • Low-Pressure Propane LP Regulator
  • 160,000 BTUs Maximum Energy Flow Capacity
  • 2-Stage RV Propane Regulator For Continuous Smooth Fuel Supply
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • POL Fitting Pre-Installed
  • Durable Zinc Material Constructed
  • 2 Gas Pigtail Hose Included
  • Standard Inlet And Outlet Measurements
  • 2-Stage RV Propane Regulator + Easy Installation Process
  • Highly Effective, Multifunctional And Superior Performance

This dual-stage RV propane tank regulator is an excellent choice for a continuous and smoother flow of fuel supply for any type of RVs and the appliances inside it. You can use it for your gas fireplace, gas ranges or stoves, propane grills, fire pit, propane generators, heater for hot water, and more.

With standard POL propane fitting connection and 190,000 BTUs of maximum power supply per hour, you’ll have an outstanding, effective, and safe source of energy while outdoors. It provides the right amount and consistent flow of energy regardless of the circumstances.

With complete durability and longevity of use due to its 100 percent solid brass construction. It provides the perfect, sealed, and secured connection between your propane tank and appliances. Plus it’s super easy to install.

This RV propane regulator is CSA certified. It’s tried and tested safe and effective for outdoor or indoor use. With versatility and affordability, no wonder, living outdoors is a total breath of fresh air.


Benefits And Features

  • 10 Feet Hose Propane Tank Two-Stage Regulator
  • Versatile And Durable Standard POL Tank Connectivity For All RV Types 
  • 2-Stage Propane Regulator For Consistent Pressure And Fuel Supply
  • Compatibility With All RV Devices 
  • 190,000 BTUs Maximum Capacity Per Hour
  • 100% Durable and Solid Brass Construction For Longevity Of Use
  • Sealed And Secured Connection Between Propane Tank & Application
  • CSA Certified Safe And Effective Hose And Propane Regulator
  • Automatic Power Off For Safety
  • Easy Installation and Affordability

When it comes to durability and versatility, you’ll never go wrong with a regulator that automatically changes over to the reserved propane cylinder once the primary tank is empty. It even comes with a light indicator that alerts you for refill without interrupting the power source from your RV devices.

With 350,000 BTUs of maximum energy capacity per hour, it can power up all types of machines inside your RV. Plus it’s compatible with all types of recreational vehicles like 5th wheel, trailer trucks, and motorhome to name a few.

It is constructed with raw zinc for superior longevity of use and it’s easy to install. With a 5 year warranty, you know you have a great backup regardless of the circumstances while enjoying the outdoors.

Don’t forget to refill your tanks for a smooth and constant fuel supply. It’s UL passed, making sure you have a convenient life with your family or friends outdoors.


Benefits And Features

  • Automatic Changeover Propane Regulator For Continuous Energy Supply
  • NFPA, RVs, And UL Passed Requirements
  • Two-Stage RV Propane Regulator
  • 250 PSI Maximum Inlet Pressure
  • Standard Outlet (3/8 Inches FNPT) Connection And Inlet (1/4 Inches Female) Inverted Flare Connection
  • Powder Coat/Raw Zinc Exterior Manufactured
  • Light Indicator For An Empty Cylinder Alert 
  • Uninterrupted Energy Flow Even When Removing And Refilling New Propane Cylinder
  • Durable And Versatile Compatibility With All RV Types And Devices

The Cavagna Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Regulator is highly effective, durable, and a reliable source of continuous power supply for your RVs. It’s the versatility of all types of RV and can power up almost any machines inside and can provide a comfortable outdoor living space for your journey with families and friends.

Made with premium and longer-lasting materials such as aluminum and stainless steel for its bolts and screws. You can easily install this regulator for optimum performance. With its standard outlets and inlets measurements, you’ll never have to worry about fittings.

It also comes with a light indicator that allows you to visibly see whether your propane cylinder is still full or needs to be refilled. The two-stage gas regulator provides a continuous flow of energy for your RV. You can also remove the empty cylinder and refill it with ease.

With complete affordability and convenience, this regulator allows you to have a cozy life while enjoying your road trip knowing you’ve got a back-up power source to last during your camping or RV adventures.


Benefits And Features

  • 220,000 BTUs Energy Capacity Per Hour
  • Stainless Steel Bolts And Screws + Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Resistant To Higher Temperature Diaphragm
  • Standard Inlets Two 1/4 Inches Inverted Flare and 3/8 Inches Outlet Female NPT
  • AdjustableSettings For Propane Pressure
  • Automatic Changeover From Empty Cylinder To Reserved Tank
  • L Bracket For RV Included
  • It Enables Empty Cylinder Refill Without Fuel Source Interruption
  • Signal Light Indicator To Alert For Tank Refill Or Full
  • Easy Installation, Multifunctional. And Versatile Compatibility

This RV propane regulator provides a continuous and smooth flow of energy and constant fuel source while camping or going on an adventure. With an automatic switch of propane cylinders from the primary one going to the reserved tank. It provides comfortable outdoor living with total convenience.

The built-in back valve that enables you to check your propane cylinder’s status and safely removes the cylinder for refilling while the reserved tank remains operational. With adjustable settings for your gas tank pressure compatible with your RV and other outdoor appliances.

The standard outlet and inlet measurements enable you to easily install the regulator. The highly-visible signal light indicator enables you to check whether you need to refill the cylinders or not.

Made with high-quality materials known for their durability, it guarantees longevity of use and service at optimum performance.


Benefits And Features

  • Automatic Changeover RV Gas RV Regulator 
  • 160,000 BTUs Energy Capacity Per Hour
  • Rear Check Valve (Built-In) For Easy Empty Cylinder Refill And Removal
  • Adjustable Settings For Pressure
  • Highly Visible Light Signal Indicator For Empty/Full Propane Cylinder
  • Cap Cover (Plastic) And Mounting Bracket Kit Included
  • 1/4 Inches Inlets Inverted Flare and 3/8 Inches Female Thread Pipe Outlet
  • Easy Installation And Guaranteed Durable
  • Versatile And Multifunctional Compatibility With All Types Of RV and Appliances

The Fairview GR-9984 High Capacity RV Camper LP Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator provides constant fuel and energy supply for your RV. With its versatile compatibility to all RV types like 5th wheel, pop-up camper vans, travel trailer, RVs, and more, you have a smooth energy source while outdoors or on the road.

It’s easy to install and convenient to use. With light indicators that are highly-visible, enable you to check your cylinder easily for refill and removal without power interruptions. It matches standard outlet and inlet measurements.

With the double-stage design that provides a continuous flow of energy to your RV appliances. The high capacity maximum energy, standard measurements, compatibility, durability, and ease of use should never be overlooked.


Benefits And Features

  • Automatic Changeover LP Propane Regulator 
  • It Enables 2 Propane Cylinder Hook-Up For Automatic Switches
  • 11 Inches Water Column Standard Low-Pressure Gas
  • High Capacity 345,000 BTUs Energy Per Hour
  • 7 1/4 Inches Body regulator Overall Height
  • Versatile Compatibility With All RV Types
  • Adjustable Propane Pressure With Pressure Tap
  • Light Indicator Changes To Alert When A Cylinder Is Empty For Refill
  • Double-Stage Design For Constant Propane Pressure To Meet Changing Conditions And Demands
  • Easy To Install, Use, And Guaranteed Durable

Camper Propane Regulator Complete Beginners Buying Guide

When you are searching for the best RV propane regulators, you need helpful guidelines to weigh things out. There are important factors that need to be distinguished for you to obtain highly effective, safe, durable, and compatible products to meet your outdoor needs.

The main part of your RV propane system is the gas regulator alone. looking for high-temperature capacity and durable construction materials that are approved, tried, and tested for safe use are common factors. This in-depth beginner’s guide to effectively finding and purchasing a propane regulator will walk you through what you need to obtain versus what the market offers today.

With tons of products that promise a longevity of use, you might be torn between trending and premium-quality. This review is a helpful starting point for every RVers who wants to obtain something that they need without compromising quality.

Features To Consider


The BTU capacity of every RV regulator differs based on individual demands. The BTU capacity is an appropriate measurement of how much gas pressure can your regulator provide and supply to your appliances. As understood by most, with a high capacity means higher gas output.

The higher your propane regulator can handle will add up to its market value. Checking for a low-pressure regulator may end up for appliances that won’t get the right amount of energy needed. Though checking for higher BTU capacity is a good choice, it’ll guarantee all the appliances inside your RV to get the right amount of fuel it needs to function.

For best results, you can obtain a regulator that’s above 50,000 BTU energy capacity. Though getting lower or higher than the said standard will depend on your preference. What you need is a regulator that can constantly supply the RV’s energy needs.

Materials Used

Since RV propane regulators play a crucial and important part in the recreational vehicles’ propane system, you have to invest in premium-quality material used for longevity, durability, reliability, and safety of camping experience.

Regulators that are made of stainless steel, aluminum, raw zinc, and brass are considered durable and last longer. The best way to know about the product’s durability is by checking feedback from previous customers.

RV propane regulator does not last for a long time. However, anything that can last close to 10 or 15 years is already a good buy. With heavy-duty and durable construction, manufacturers understand how vital materials are when it comes to product construction.

With adequate protection and weather-resistance, your gas regulator will have protection from corrosive elements such as dust, corrosions, and rust.


RV propane regulators won’t cost you a fortune. They are relatively affordable and usually start at $30. Though there are some models that come with additional features, they won’t be as expensive as other camping gears. What you need to get is something that can provide a continuous energy supply and are easy to use and install.

Weighing helpful features included in a gas regulator should also simplify your life. From a higher amount of energy capacity (BTUs) to warranty coverage.

Though these are just small features, it can affect your frequent encounter with fuel energy alongside appliances that work perfectly inside your RV.

Setting your budget for a gas regulator can help you draw products that meet your expectations. This also helps you prevent unwanted expenses while checking for compatible regulators.

Installation Process

Ease of installation is essential when it comes to RV propane regulators. Though there are not many complex issues about these products, you still need to find something that allows you to easily connect or remove from the propane system without the need of professionals.

There are new dual-stage automatic propane regulators that instantly switched from the primary cylinder to the reserved one with less supervision. There are even light indicators that help you visibly see whether you need to remove one tank for refilling without interrupting the source of energy to the RV.

Going for gas regulators that come handy and do not require the use of additional tools can save you time, money, and energy. Propane regulators are easy to install. They need less maintenance.


Covers for your gas regulators protect the product from any possible damage caused by dust, accidental water spills, rusting, and even corrosion.

Though it won’t cost you much to get a cover for the regulator, checking for products that are included on the purchase will help you save time and money looking for another one.

Common RV Propane Cylinder Usage

Most RVs are powered by liquid propane. That is why it’s essential to invest with a reliable gas regulator to have a comfortable outdoor and on-the-road living experience. All of the appliances that are inside your RV is powered by energy coming through propane cylinders.

These include your stoves or gas ranges, ovens, fridge, water heaters, outdoor grills, furnaces, and more. Imagine that you’re out for a week’s road trip with the whole family and your water heaters or oven is not working? You won’t enjoy that vacation as much as you’ve planned it.

Furthermore, getting good control of your LPG is vital. This allows you to navigate the pressure and power that your propane produces to have a safe experience. Without an RV propane regulator, things are quite dangerous especially if they come out of hand.

The main function of your regulator is to monitor the pressure levels and keep your RV in the safest and reasonable energy level while functioning.

The propane regulator is not complex, to begin with. All you need to be familiar with are its docking mechanism, vents, outlets, and inlets.

Keep in mind that the regulator needs to be protected too. With the latest RV regulators that come with highly-effective covers, you can rely on its durability and safety.

An RV propane regulator provides a safety and energy source for your RV. It is highly recommended to invest with a premium-quality and durable regulator for your RVing convenience.

RV Propane Regulator Best Manufacturers

When it comes to checking the most reliable and highly efficient RV propane regulators, there are a few names that ring a bell. These manufacturing brands are the best when it comes to what they do. With positive feedback from their customers, you’ll never go wrong with purchasing one of their products.

This review helps you easily find the best propane regulators that are top-notch and incredibly efficient. The top 10 products we’ve listed above are not just trending, they have outstanding performances in the RV world.

Brands to Check

Unwavering commitment to their customers while providing safe, easy-to-use, and effective products are what sets them apart from tons of other propane manufacturing companies over the past years.


This brand produces simple to use yet high standard and durable gas regulators that most RVers trust on their road safety and source of energy. It produces versatile and easy to install regulators.

Flame King

One of the few manufacturing brands of gas regulators that come with a protective cover. They don’t just produce high-quality regulators, keeping in mind how they can extend the lifespan and security of their products and consumers’ experience to the next level.

Marshall Excelsior 

One of the brands that produce premium-quality and durable propane regulators for outdoor living. They have affordable yet effective high-quality products that guarantee the longevity of use. 


Gaspro gas regulators are CSA certified. That means you’ll invest with a highly efficient propane regulator that is also tested safe for your RV and is simple to install.


Cavagna propane regulators are made of aluminum and its bolts and screws are commonly made up of stainless steel. It offers easy installation with durability and reliability. Versatility and convenience are also their top priority when it comes to producing products for outdoor living.


Putting your customer on top priority is what makes this manufacturer a favorite. Establishing a good relationship with your clients helps boost your products and spread by word of mouth and customer experience.

Benefits of Using An RV Propane Regulator

Propane regulators are essential devices that we need to safeguard our RV, camper vans, or motorhome. Propane is beneficial and dangerous at the same time, especially if you don’t have any device that regulates the right pressure for your appliances and RV at a safe level.

Though gas regulators are not expensive compared to other pieces of machines that help your RV perform better, regulators are inexpensive but play a vital role in safety and efficiency.

In general, these advantage of using a propane regulator: 

  • It regulates the pressure from your propane cylinder to a safe pressure ideal for your RV appliances to work perfectly. 
  • It offers safety and convenience to your loved ones and is a variable inside the motorhome.
  • It provides peace of mind knowing that you have constant energy supply while outdoors.
  • Regulators provide the right energy for your appliances to work at a safe level without hazards. 
  • It manages the use of energy consumption to reduce energy loss. 
  • You’ll have comfortable outdoor living knowing you have enough heat supply.
  • They offer easy to install and operate settings that even you can do it alone. 
  • Heavy-duty propane regulators are long-lasting, helping you save money by investing with the right one. 
  • High-pressure regulators are ideal to use for your RV to supply the right amount of energy.

Types of RV Propane Regulators

There are 3 types of propane regulators you’ve been dealing with before you end up purchasing one. It’s also essential to know which one is compatible with the power source that supplies your RV. Aside from standard measurements, these types of regulators help simplify your life and provide convenience and comfort.

Here’s a complete guide to distinguish their differences.

Single Stage RV Regulators

Single-stage propane regulators are not compatible with RVs. They are ideal for outdoor usage and small applications. This type of regulator is best for a handy campfire or a barbeque grill.

They are not advisable to use as a regulator for energy supply and are highly dangerous. With pressure at an erratic level, the outcome is highly damaging.

Dual-Stage RV Regulators

This type of RV propane regulator is ideal for supplying the perfect amount of energy source for your recreational vehicle. The dual-stage regulators are capable of supplying the right amount of propane energy on all your RV appliances.

This includes your ovens, stoves or gas range, water heater, and furnace. There are high flow models ideal for large size RVs.

If you own a class A 40 feet RV, the high flow dual-stage propane regulator can supply all your energy needs perfectly and safely. This type of regulator is suitable for powering up grills, portable campfires, multiple furnaces, kitchen appliances, and more.

Automatic Double-Tank RV Regulators

Automatic double-tank regulators are ideal for RVs with multiple gas tanks. They provide a constant supply of energy for all your RV and appliances needs.

With an easy to use and locate lever for your propane regulators, continuous power source while outdoors provides a comfortable living even when out of your cozy home.

What is the best RV propane regulator?

Taking into consideration all the important factors when purchasing a reliable RV propane regulator is essential. All the tips mentioned above should help you find the perfect regulator for your RV. The Fairview RV Camper LP Propane Two-Stage Automatic Changeover regulator provides a constant energy supply for your recreational vehicle.

It’s easy to install and use, with alerts that help you know which cylinder needs to be removed for refilling without interrupting your energy source. This highly efficient regulator maintains the safe pressure for all your RV appliances to run smoothly.

With guaranteed durability, this propane regulator has high capacity energy that is suitable to provide outstanding performance to all the appliances inside your RV.

How do I know if my propane regulator is bad?

Understanding how a propane regulator works can help you determine possible issues and troubleshoot them. It’s vital to keep your propane supply at a safe pressure level. The gas regulator allows a low-pressure level so the gas won’t damage your appliances while supplying the required energy.

Though it’s easy to determine the efficacy of the installation, knowing fundamental issues helps you act fast for complete safety. One good indication that you have an outstanding propane system is complete control of the blue flame.

The flare height can easily be adjusted to your preference and transition is smoother when the burner is adjusted. The faint hiss from your burner is an indication of good propane installation.

Furthermore, here are some signs of a possible issue of a broken regulator. 

  • Lazy orange or yellow flames
  • Popping noise coming from the burner when you turn it on/off
  • Roaring sounds from the burners
  • A flame from the burner’s air intake
  • Spilled flames from the burner
  • Rust or soot deposits on your burners

Troubleshooting Tips: In case you have a leaking propane regulator, which you can easily determine by smelling gas or you’ll hear a hissing noise. Try to fix the regulator by finger-tightening to the best possible you can.

If it continues to produce this kind of sound, then it is more likely to replace your gas regulator for safety and ease. Most propane regulators’ lifespan comes between 10 to 15 years. If it comes closer to that, then you already have a great quality product.

Periodically checking your propane regulator can help you decide whether you need maintenance or replacement.

How does an RV propane regulator work?

Most recreational vehicles or RVs use 2-stage propane regulators to adequately and safely provide the perfect power supply needed by the motorhome. The regulator’s sole responsibility is to regulate the amount of pressure and gas that your motorhome requires. Compared to single-stage gas regulators, 2-stage gas regulators are strategically designed to manage the pressure properly and safely.

When the gas or propane exits the tank, a high level of pressure is present. between 100 PSi to 200 PSI and sometimes higher than that. It lands at about 250 PSI. That is why you need a regulator that slows this pressure and manages at a safe pressure as your source of energy.

The propane regulator then ensures that the landing pressure comes down from 10 to 15 PSI. The next stage regulates the pressure to a safer level at about eleven (11″) water columns. This is the safest and perfect flow for all your RV appliances.

The straightforward process is as simple as how your propane regulator works. All you have to do is find propane’s regulator valve. Turn it off for security before filling or refilling the gas tank.

Once you have refilled the gas tank, you can simply turn the valve on to have a power source for your RV. However, if you have two tanks, you can opt for an automatic double-stage tank regulator that simplifies your life.

This type of regulator provides a constant power source without the need to manually switch tanks. They come with a light indicator that alerts RV owners when it’s time to refill the primary tank without interrupting the source of energy.

Do I need a high or low-pressure propane regulator?

First, you have to determine the difference of a high-pressure regulator from a low pressure one. Then you can easily decide which one you should get.

The pressure present in a propane cylinder is between 100 PSI to 200 PSI and even higher. Whether you have a small or large propane cylinder. The temperature also affects the pressure of your propane cylinder. That is why using a regulator helps decrease the imp[act to a safe level for the appliances to work properly.

High-pressure propane regulators are commonly used for appliances that require more gas volume like water heaters, furnaces, gas range, and other RV appliances.

The pressure intake varies for every application, whether you are working indoors or outdoors. Low-pressure gas burners can regulate up to 6 oz/sq inch. While a high-pressure gas regulator can provide a pressure intake of 1 to 60lbs/sq inch.

Where To Buy Propane Regulators

Check for physical stores that are dedicated to all RV supplies for complete convenience. They will provide all the things that you need. Otherwise, you have plenty of options like a propane cylinder supplier near you.

The best place for you to find a superior quality propane regulator for RV with helpful feedback is at Amazon. Most stores that supply regulators have been buying all the items directly from trusted and reliable manufacturers.

We’ve included the best option for you to find the most trusted and premium-quality products that guarantee durability. Our top product recommendations are strategically and intensively reviewed by our experts, outdoor campers, RVers, and reliable sources to provide optimum product feedback that will simplify your hunt for the finest quality.

How To Reset Propane Regulator

If you haven’t tried to reset your propane regulator, it is best to check with a professional for complete safety. This can be a little complicated and requires someone who understands the process way better for everyone’s safety.

Resetting the propane regulator by dedicated personnel guarantees complete safety.

If you want to adjust your RV’s propane regulator, you need to call a professional to do things for you. Don’t do it by yourself unless you are a trained expert when it comes to troubleshooting the likes.

If you miss any part and do things with less knowledge, you can risk your valuables and love one’s life with a little mistake. The same process if you want to check if your propane regulator works perfectly. There are helpful tutorials you can access online to help you distinguish its usability and safety.

Furthermore, anything that you are not familiar with should not be performed as it can lead to accidents and damage.


Looking for the best RV propane regulator should not be a burden if you follow our comprehensive buying guide and keep in mind the essential factors associated with high-quality products. Checking on the regulator’s BTU energy capacity, construction, price, and easy installation are fundamental factors, to begin with.

With our top product recommendations, you can easily find one that works perfectly for your preference. This in-depth buying guide will walk you through the do’s and don’t and some few tips to simplify your life at the same time.

Our verdict for the most excellent gas regulator for RVs is the Fairview RV Camper LP Propane 2 Stage Automatic Changeover Regulator. This automatic dual regulator supports 2 cylinders for constant energy supply on all your RV appliances.

With trusted efficacy and durability, no wonder more RVers trust this brand. It’s easy to install, use, have light indicators to alert you when you need to refill the tanks. Plus you won’t have to interrupt the fuel supply at the same time. 

It’s affordability and compatibility to all types of RV, manages energy consumption, and high BTU capacity makes it the best RV propane regulator you should invest in.