Best Propane Camping Heater for Outdoor Use

Propane Camping Heater

Outdoor camping and cold weather are not made for each other. You will either love one or hate the other. You would hate the cold, especially when you begin being uncomfortable and fidgety. But you don’t have to complain and worry now since there is a way you can love both and feel comfortable and at ease, be it in your tent or cabin. A propane camping heater provides the needed warmth when camping.

Reviewing Propane Camping Heaters

The primary purpose of a portable propane heater for camping is to generate comfortable warmth for everyone who happens to be in the same room or space. There are two conventional heating methods used by such heaters. These are convection heat and radiant heat. The former is how fire warms the air present in the room. Heat rises quickly, and you have to stay close to the heater to feel the heat. Warm air rises, and cold air falls. This movement disperses the warmth throughout the room or any enclosed space. The latter type, radiant heat, works by transferring heat to objects rather than the air. This heater type can immediately give off warmth that you can feel through the warmed objects. One example of radiant heat is generated by our sun. 

The 8 Best Propane Camping Heater Model

The Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater is the standard among similar equipment if you are into hunting and camping during cold weather. It works for campers and hikers alike and can be used to heat individual persons or those in a small group. You can use it in your home, cabin, or tent all through the winter season, providing enough warmth to be comfortable and be at ease. Some campers who always find themselves with nearly frozen hands have set it as an excellent hand-warming station.



The materials used for its reflector is aluminum with a stainless steel burner. The safety grid is made of plated nickel. Its large paddle foot base is constructed from durable plastic and provides dependable stability, especially for this type of burner. The single adjustable burner is capable of producing heat up to 2,890 BTUs using a basic disposable propane cylinder. Its automatic shut off valve takes care of the unit in case it flames out. It provides comfortable heat to open tents of up to 10 x 10-foot size.


  • Durable and will last for years due to its efficient design and durable materials.
  • The standard propane cylinders you use for fuel are disposable and are readily available.
  • It can be used indoors and does not pose any health hazards. 
  • A one-pound cylinder provides warmth for up to six hours.
  • It is lightweight at less than two pounds, making it an ideal portable heater for camping anywhere.

This Portable Outdoor Camping Infrared Propane Gas Heater Parabolic from Martin with its thermal output of 3,100 BTUs is capable of providing radiant heat for any of your sporting activities, including hunting, camping, and ice fishing. It is a piece of excellent camping equipment you need to add to your camping essentials. It uses a standard one pound disposable propane cylinder that you can get from any market near you. You can use this for up to 7 hours, even at its highest setting. It has a safety grid and an auto shut off fuel valve that ensures the heater turns itself off in case the flame goes out.



The Martin portable propane gas heater has adjustable and simple to use heat control. It is easy to turn it on and off, adjust to low, medium, or high. You can focus the heat where you need it to be through a metal dish installed for this purpose, making it an economical local heat source. The heater has an expandable cylinder base made of sturdy plastic for stable operations.


  • This catalytic propane heater, does not produce heat with an open flame.
  • No fumes, and thus it does not emit dangerous CO2. 
  • Ideal for use in a closed camping tent or camper.

If you are fond of playing golf in cold weather but can’t stand being in your golf cart freezing your golfing hands-off, then Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater is your ideal golf mate. It is also handy for other outdoor sports activities such as fishing, duck, or deer hunting. You can bring it along in your duck or deer blind, where you can keep yourself warm while waiting for the perfect target to come. The Texsport Sportsmate will save you quite comfortably warmed up in your fishing boat long before the first fish bites, and you get the one that didn’t get away.



The Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater has a durable stainless steel burner. It has a pressure regulator control valve that allows you to adjust the burner with a thermal output of up to 3,000 BTUs. It uses a disposable propane cylinder that can be securely placed in a molded plastic cup holder/adapter and a large paddle foot base made of hard plastic. You can rest assured in your golf cart, fishing boat or duck blind since even if the flame goes out, you are protected with an auto shut off valve and prevents unlit propane from flowing out.


  • Dependable in both cold and windy weather. 
  • It has an automatic shut off valve to prevent flameout at the slightest movement. 
  • It also has a thermal-couple installed for added safety. 
  • The reflector with safety grid is made of steel. 
  • Generates 3,000 BTUs of thermal output.

The APG Portable Gas Heater Outdoor Warmer Propane Butane Camping Heater is made of top choice, quality materials to ensure long-lasting service. It is easy to bring along in your camping trips and has safety features to keep you and your companions from worrying about staying warm but not toasted.



The different components of this portable gas-powered heater are made of aluminum alloy, copper, and stainless steel. It can be easily mounted to a gas tank, or you can use an adapter for use with propane cylinders. It has an adjustable safety valve that you can use to control gas flow and thermal output. With the right setting, one gas tank can last you the whole night.


  • This heater can be used safely in camping tents.
  • It can be used with a propane tank with a MAPP adapter.
  • A medium tank can provide heat for up to 3 hours. 
  • It is easy to light.

The Portable Gas Catalytic Heater, Camping Heating with Foldable Legs, employs a catalytic heating system that produces flameless heat. It delivers a thermal output of up to 3,000 BTUs. One standard propane cylinder can last up to seven hours because the catalytic heater system uses less fuel while providing optimum heat. Each unit of this heater is subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing to make sure that the heater you are getting is a quality product that can last for years in your service.  



A 1 lb propane tank can last up to 7 hours, producing up to 3,000 BTUs of thermal output. Its catalytic system can efficiently burn fuel up to 99.98% compared to flame heaters, which burn 45% of the available fuel. It is as fuel-efficient as it is economical.


  • It is safe and has clean-burning capability.
  • Economical. 
  • The radiant heat it produces is comforting without having harsh effects on the body. 
  • The heat spreads through your tent, and it doesn’t fill with too much condensation.

Nobody would like to leave the cozy warmth of their home, especially during the cold winter months. But with the Stansport Portable Outdoor Infrared Propane Heater in your possession, you don’t have to stay at home and miss the incredible outdoor adventure your friends are having without you. With its 3,100 BTU thermal output produced by this radiant heater, you will keep your self warmed up in your tent, ready to spring to action when the adventure starts. 



It has a 4 step setting so you can adjust the heat to the level you only need to be comfortable. It can be set to low, medium, and high heat. It has a rear cage and automatically shut off to ensure safe operation. It produces 3,100 BTUs, a thermal output that you can optimally use every time you turn it on.


  • Portable with a convenient handle, makes it easy to carry.
  • It produces radiant heat using a 1 lb propane cylinder for a fuel source. 
  • It has a metal dish that allows you to focus heat anywhere you want.

The Mr. Heater Portable Little Buddy Propane Heater is the perfect camp heating solution, especially for small tents of up to 95 sq. ft. It is one of the most portable heaters available thanks to its integrated handle. A simple push and hold of the ignition button is all you need to do to start and enjoy the radiant heat it provides. It uses a disposable 1 lbs propane cylinder, available in markets everywhere. It is quiet, easy to use, and with an updated clean and odor-free operation.



It is equipped with an accidental tip-over safety shutoff system to ensure that even if you accidentally cause it to tumble, it will not cause a fire. It also has an automatic low oxygen shutoff system for added protection. 


  • You can use it to heat your campsite, garage, or workshop.
  • It has a thermal output of 3,800 BTUs capable of heating up to 100 square feet. 
  • It is constructed with a heavy-duty wire guard.
  • It can easily be carried using its built-in easy-grip handle.

The Hiland LP-195C Portable Tank Top Propane Camping heater is a dependable camping companion. You can easily carry it with you in any of your outdoor activities needing a heater. Too much cold can clip your enthusiasm and make you lose the courage to go on. This propane camping heater can make sure you stay put and motivated to triumph over the elements.



It is made using durable and sturdy materials such as steel and aluminum. It can generate 3,000 BTUs of thermal output that can be controlled variable. It can use a 1 lb disposable propane tank that you can buy at your local market. It comes with a stable removable cylinder base and an anti-tilt switch for added stability. 


  • Durable and dependable in the long run. 
  • Portable. You can take it anywhere, where you want to stay or for the group to gather around and keep warm. 
  • It is safe for almost every use and activities. 

Why You Need a Portable Propane Heater for Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity that you can enjoy by yourself or with family, friends, and like-minded individuals who don’t mind a little discomfort but expect tons of enjoyable experiences. However, you can’t have those amazing memories if you can’t stand any degree of cold when staying in the forest, by the beach or the mountains. You might tolerate a little cold, but eventually, you will call it quits and head home. If you want to enjoy such outdoor activities, you need a portable heater for any of those activities that require you to spend outdoors while staying in a tent, a fishing boat, or a golf cart. It has to be portable so you can carry it easily everywhere. It should use a propane or gas tank that can easily be attached, fuel-efficient, and has enough thermal output to provide warmth and last the whole time you expect to stay out in the cold.

Can you Put a Propane Heater in a Tent?

Propane heaters are easy to use and operate. For this reason, many outdoors people prefer to have one on their outdoor activities during the cold months. Most of them stay in a tent, and a heater is the best option for their heating needs. However, you should be cautious and should understand the inherent risk of using them. Not all propane heaters are made equal, and you should be aware of the one you have in mind is applicable for use. Propane or gas heaters are suitable for outdoor use but burn fuel rapidly, which gives you high thermal output but less time. It is also likely to burn fuel incompletely, and when that happens, it produces poisonous carbon monoxide. You don’t want that in your closed tent.

How do you Safely Heat a Tent?

There are propane heaters specifically designed for indoor purposes and are equipped with standard safety features that make sure that accidents don’t happen. Foremost in your mind, when using heaters, should be the presence of mind, safety, and caution. While you want to enjoy your outdoor life, you should also be mindful of your environment and the interior of your tent. You wouldn’t want to fall asleep while the heater is on. It is best to turn it off entirely before you go to sleep. The same applies if you are going to leave your tent for any length of time. In any case, transfer it to a safe place where it can’t cause a fire as it will still be hot after being shut off. 

Advantages of a Heater for Camping

The alternative for using a heater for camping is using firewood. It could provide enough heat throughout the night, but you can’t bring it inside your tent. It is not easy to find logs or twigs for this purpose, and it takes some effort to start and maintain the fire. Having a heater for camping solves a ton of problems as it is easy and simple to operate. Many heaters sold now have safety features designed to make your campsite worry-free and safe.

Characteristics of a Camping Propane Heater

Camping propane heaters can withstand use and abuse while camping outdoors. They use propane for fuel as it is readily available everywhere in disposable 1 lb cylinders that can be attached to the heater itself. It should be portable yet durable, made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and sturdy plastic. Being a possible source of an uncontrolled fire, it should have automatic safety features that would prevent fuel outflow when the flame goes out and should have stabilizers to prevent tipping. Its thermal output, measured in BTU, should have enough power to warm the intended users, be it for one person or several. It should function as a hand warmer as well.

Are Propane Heaters Safe Indoors?

With the proper caution and safety in mind, any responsible person who enjoys camping should be able to use propane heat indoors. Bearing in mind that you should not leave it on if you intend to sleep soon or not leave it on if you are going out of your tent for any period, you should be able to survive the length of stay in your shelter and go home safely.


The invention of the propane camping heater is a boon for all outdoor enthusiasts. It serves its purpose and makes outdoor life easier and more enjoyable. Those who thought that camping in cold weather is only for those who can tolerate cold are being left behind and cheated on this beautiful experience. Propane heaters are available for all types of outdoor sports that require a source of warmth while engaging in sports such as ice fishing, duck or deer hunting, and golfing. You don’t need to miss doing them due to cold weather, ever.