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By Dan Nolan | July 1, 2022
North Face Borealis backpack review will make you realize even more that there is no other backpack easier and comfortable to use than this.

The North Face Borealis Backpack Review: Design And Technology

Technology today has a lot to offer. It’s exciting to know how society these days develops products for the advancement of the world. For example, a laptop or tablet lets people do virtual communication or anything in just a single click.

No matter what you do and wherever you are, as long as you have access to the online world or the internet, you’ll be well informed and make things easy for you. But when it comes to gadgets, it’s not that cheap, of course. That is why anything that has value needs extra care and protection, especially for the on-the-go type of individuals. This is why the North Face Borealis backpack was created.

Laptop bags that are handheld are not the best choice so far to ensure the safety of your electronic products, especially if you are moving around most of the time. You’d like to have a bag that your hands can go freely at the same time while you are carrying your valuable things. This is the reason why laptop backpacks are considered the most convenient choice, the safest and easiest to use while on travel, either just in your area or outdoors.

Of course, everybody values their electronic gadgets, so it is just right to give it the proper care it deserves. And how are you able to do it? By purchasing or investing in a good bag. That’s it! North Face Borealis Backpack is designed to give your valuable things the protection it needs. It will keep your gear safe without weighing you down. As a buyer or user, you deserve that peace of mind.

North Face Borealis bag is exactly made for it. With its world-class improvement in design, style, and technology, inspired vision are only evident how comfortable it is to be used. This bag can cater to a wide range of travelers that need an extra and safe pack to carry their belongings, specifically their electronics. 

North Face Borealis Backpack is equipped with many features that impress the most organized and always on-the-go urban trekkers. In fact, to most students and professionals as well. Even if you are running late for school or office, and you feel that your feet keep rushing, this is the best bag to help you with your needs.

What Is North Face?

North Face is a well-known brand when it comes to specializing in outdoor gear and clothing. It is made specifically for adventurous travelers and campers. But professionals and students can use their brand as well.

The brand is also selling coats, tents, fleeces, sleeping bags, camping or travel accessories, and of course, backpacks. Their gear is designed to cater to the needs of adventurous people and help them out to take a more challenging journey. The name itself, ‘North Face,’ means the mountain’s north face, which is considered not just the coldest but the hardest route to the mountain’s peak. They are creating gears that are designed and suitable even in the hardest times. 

So why choose their backpacks? Simply because it is suitable for all your different needs, may it be an easy errand or hard type of adventures. So wherever you are in the world, whatever season or adventures you’re planning to do, the best North Face backpack is the only choice you need in protecting your gear and other belongings. They are comfortable at all times and make carrying heavy materials easier on your back.

North Face Borealis Backpack Description

The North Face Borealis pack is one of the most popular North Face brands. Simply because it is classic so you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is fairly small in size but not too small, not too big as well.

It is lightweight that makes it a good choice for your day trips and short vacations. The bag is also water-resistant to make sure that your belongings inside are free from damages. You don’t need to worry about your things being ruined by bad weather or watery ground.

The bag inside is designed for a more organized compartment. It has padded areas to keep your valuable things intact and not being squashed or bashed.

Is The North Face Borealis Backpack Waterproof?

It is not waterproof, but the good thing is that the bag has a fabric that is made of good level water resistance, especially at the back of it. The brand did a shower test, and they put the bag under the nozzle for a minute to see if any water will go inside. For more testing, someone has to go in the rain as well, noting which of the compartment is getting wet and which is not.

The zippers of the backpack are protected with a flap covering with an exceptional level of water protection. It was tested under a shower for a minute also and after the raging spray and sitting in a pool of full water, the pocket in front was bone dry. The fabric that held up from the water sprays offers good protection from rain or storms and the like.

The zippers, on the other hand, like most of the backpacks in the market, are a different story. When you open the medium compartment, you will see the water at the bottom of the back pocket, but the good thing is, the material of the fabric remains dry.

What Is The Difference Between Women's Borealis North Face Backpack And Men's Borealis Backpack?

Below are the main differences between Women’s and Men’s Borealis North Face Backpack:

  • Men have a larger back panel and made with wider shoulder straps. This is to accommodate men’s broader shoulders. 
  • Men’s version of the backpack has 28L carrying capacity while women have 27L. 
  • Men’s version of the Borealis backpack has a wider elastic bungee suspension system at the front, and daisy chains are included. At the same time, the women’s Borealis bag doesn’t contain any daisy chains. 
  • Men’s and women’s version of the backpack has both pockets and a compartment that are the same in all aspects.

North Face Borealis Backpack Features

The North Face Borealis backpack review focuses mainly on its features and versatility as a one size 28L bag for the user’s daily life and adventurous journey. 

Designed Pockets and Lots Of Compartments

The backpack has many pockets and flexible compartments where you can keep all your belongings. The first one is a small-zip pocket located in the upper area of the item. You can store small items like keys, sunglasses, or a small wallet in there to make it more accessible for you. Mostly like the idea of having a small pocket with easy access to it so you can find right away some important stuff you need, especially when you are traveling. So it’s a very useful feature of the bag.

The North Face Borealis bag has a front and back panel, which is big. If you are a student, you’ll like the handy feel it gives you. It is assorted with mesh pockets with a laptop sleeve as well where you can place some smaller items like coins, small notepads, earphones, and the like. There is a huge fleece-lined pocket in which you can hold your iPad. Some find it very useful in holding their drawing tablet too.

The main compartment of the item is sizable in which you can keep a long day’s stuff like clothes, towels, books, lunchboxes, among others. Inside the main compartment is a laptop sleeve where you can perfectly store your 15 inches laptop safely. It’s made with padded materials that avoid your valued things from getting scratches, even if you put your bag down on the ground. Your most valuable things are kept being protected.

Additionally, on its feature, the laptop sleeve can hold a larger hydration bladder. You will see a hole that allows the user to drink in a tube. Isn’t it a good feature that a bag can keep you hydrated, especially if you are traveling or go on an adventure like trekking? It’s a handy bag in case you’re thirsty. The backpack has two mesh drinking water bottle pockets as well located on both sides of the bag. You can use it for a water bottle or a thermos on the other.


No doubt that the bag is very comfortable to use for everyday use. You can easily organize all your belongings needed for that day. In any case, you are already suffering from the top back pain or weariness whenever you wear it, nothing to worry because this backpack has a thick sternum strap/straps feature called Flex Vent System. This system at the top of it helps contour the shoulder straps, lessening some strains that you are feeling while your body is carrying it.

Another thing that you will love about this bag is the simple reason that it is designed for people to lessen their sweat. If you happen to produce sweat most of the time, the backpack is the best choice for you since the back and straps are all lined up with breathable mesh materials that will help lessen the heat. The padding leaves the spine in the middle, which adds more ventilation to someone who uses it.

The bag is equipped with compression straps. So, in any case, that you feel your valuable things like a laptop are getting bulky from the inside of the bag, you can use the compression features to fix and suit it. All are designed to meet your comfort.

It's Durable And Gives Protection

With the padding features, this backpack has some expected it to be heavy. But you will be surprised because the bag is lightweight at 2 lbs. Hold it in with your hands, and you can feel that it’s not heavy but well-built. The bag is created from a top graded and sturdy 201D Cordura ripstop nylon. This makes the backpack very resistant to damages. The zippers as well are reliable, and it will not easily break even if you use it daily.

The good thing about buying the backpack is that it offers a warranty of a lifetime. And you will meet an exceptional customer support team to help you with all your other concerns.

North Face Borealis Backpack Benefits

North Face Borealis backpack is very functional as what has been discussed above. You will be amazed by its organizing features, which makes urban hikers more excited about purchasing it. Even if you are running late to your class or office, you can consider getting this bag.

Also, they love the Flex Vent Suspension System located in the shoulder straps pads, which provides a support system at the back of someone who is carrying it. You will not be easily jabbed by any sharp objects for that matter too. 


This backpack is flexible in all sense from its purpose up to its usage. Most purchases are from school, rather than as outdoor gear for outdoor activities. Most teachers and students like to have it because it helps them organize their things like books, papers, and other supplies needed for their class.

On the other hand, students are using it simply because they want something very handy and not too big and heavy at the same time.

Another good thing for students is that it can suit their laptop, which they use most of the time in school. The main compartment of this bag is fleece-lined and padded too to make sure that your most valued items are safe and protected.

The detachable sternum strap and external storage make it more exciting also to use this backpack since it has an elastic bungee cord. Too many ways you can use this bag, and it’s entirely up to you how you want it. One thing is for sure, it’s very accommodating to adjust with the bag, given what kind of activity you will have. 

borealis benefits


All pockets and comfort features make this backpack more supportive of the user. But there is still more about this bag. It has a while buckle and a removable waist belt. There is also a cell phone side pocket where you can put your phone and have easy access to it every time. This also gives you a chance to listen to tunes while keeping your hands free.

The bungee cord located on the front exterior of the bag can hold larger stuff that you might want to bring inside the bag as well. It has all other external pockets that are very useful and support the user’s desire to keep all of them in a single place. 


Most of the customers who purchased the North Face backpack are students who go to school and professionals who go to their respective offices. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for some other purpose.

In case you need to carry your belongings that you would think will fit in the dimension of this bag, then you can have it as well. It can be a rugged daily bag for adventures and wilderness, which is the main purpose of the manufacturer for producing such a bag. It has multi-purpose usage so you can deal with it while you are at a meeting, hiking, camping, climbing, just to name a few.

Aside from that, it has a special compartment that is padded well for the protection of your most valuable things like laptops, tablets, cellphones, and other devices explained from the top discussion. 

Ease of Use

There is no other backpack easier and comfortable to use than the North Face Borealis backpack. Each of the compartments is made for almost anything you would want to bring in schools, offices, especially adventures. According to a review, the best part about this bag is the reflective 360 degrees loop, like that one of the bike lights.

So whenever you are using it during nighttime, you can be easily seen with the backpack on. It’s safe for you because it can avoid accidents because of the light. Overall, the North Face backpack is simply amazing. Easy to use, comfortable, equipped with the right size and style, and very conventional. 

North Face Borealis Backpack Price

Yes, this bag can be very expensive, with the price cost $95, but if you buy it for yourself, you will realize that it’s worth the cost. This is what most customers are saying when they do a review every time they purchase the bag, and you can see it from the North Face Borealis backpack review page as well. Indeed, both men and women love getting this kind of backpack from North Face.

North Face Borealis: Laptop Backpack Reviews

When searching for reliable laptop backpack reviews, several criteria must be on top of your priority: value, performance, durability, and functionality. The North Face's Borealis backpacks are famous for their unique aesthetics, versatile storage section, and large laptop compartment.

Whether going for a daypack and taking your hiking stuff at work, this Borealis classic backpack is a sure win. The North Face bags are the most reviewed backpack for people who constantly hit the trail for adventure.

While there is plenty of North Face Borealis review out there, one thing's for sure; these classic backpacks are well-known for optimum convenience, breathable lumbar panel, and full support.

Thanks to its large main compartment, fleece-lined pocket, water bottle tabs, and reliable hip belt support, you can conveniently take all your valuables with you, no matter which terrain you plan to conquer. If space is not enough, the North Face recon offers an extra 3 liters of additional stash pocket to ensure nothing was left behind.

Choosing a hiking backpack with a laptop compartment comes with an extra challenge—you'll need to check for an extra padded laptop sleeve or laptop pocket that will secure your devices. An extra padded tablet sleeve is a plus if you're taking different gadgets with you alongside other equipment, like your smartphone, camera, power bank, and more.

This backpack is very comfortable and suitable for people suffering from lower back pain. The flexvent suspension system reduces strains from carrying your load when trekking, hiking, camping, and the daily commute to work. This backpack's padded shoulder strap helps contour your loads to your physique weight—ideal for regular outdoor lovers.

The women's Borealis backpack has a slight variance in dimensions compared to the men's version. However, both bag versions come with similar features, compartments, and a mesh water bottle pocket for hydration.

The multiple mesh pocket allows you to store your valuables for easy access whenever needed during your hike or commute. Furthermore, it comes with a whistle buckle and a detachable hip belt for total body contouring support. Flexibility and distinction is another vital factor to look forward to when searching for the most ergonomic and multifunctional hiking backpack, and the North Face Borealis offers them all.


When it comes to rating and review, North Face Borealis backpack is on top of it. Many satisfied customers purchase the bag online and give their reviews about it.

Others are doing their extended research about how excellent the product is and recommends it to someone they know. It has many uses and purposes, and very flexible wherever you want to carry it. It’s perfect for school, offices, and any outdoor activities. Both men and women can use it with many selections of colors as well.

Whatever your preferences are, it will be catered to by this product. As many buyers are pleased with this backpack model, it is now considered the best choice for many bag selections in the market. As one buyer gives an excellent review, many would want to get it for themselves as well. And it will be worth it for sure.

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