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By Dan Nolan | March 10, 2021
The best travel backpack for men is not easy to find. But with this review and guide, you will eventually know which bag can meet your travel needs.

When it comes to traveling, one of the things that you need to think about is your luggage. Many travelers would like to go anywhere with a single bag because it is very convenient. Also, when you have a single bag, you have access to your important stuff instantly, while you are cutting down a lot of life’s seemingly-necessary things that you can live without while traveling. With one bag, you can easily jump from one place to another without carrying too much. Considering these thoughts, you need to have the best travel backpack for men that you can bring anytime you go.

However, the process of choosing the best travel backpack for you is not easy. Since many brands and models are being offered in the market, and they come with different prices, durability, and try-on-ability, you will be confused with which one to get for your next travel. Not to mention the reviews and opinions from those who are using the products, but they have different needs, values, and body types from you – it is an easy jump from one choice to another. The best travel backpack is essential. Whether you are getting started with traveling, and you are preparing for your first trip, a digital nomad who wants everything to put inside your backpack, or somewhere in between.

While purchasing the best backpack can be a tough endeavor, we have made this review to give you some guidelines for this concern. We have gathered some important information that you must know about travel backpack for men, and some of the top products that you may find in the market.

The 10 Best Travel Backpacks for Men

Check out these 10 best travel backpacks for men highlighting their features.

1. EVERKI Business 120 Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack

EVERKI Business 120 Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack
Rating: 5.0
Check Price on Amazon

One of your top choices for a travel backpack is EVERKI Business 120. This is considered as the behemoth of laptop bags, and it offers a lot of unique features as well as accents that are setting it apart from the rest of the travel backpacks. Everki manufactured this backpack using high-quality materials. These materials are offering expensive equipment ample protection without leaving visual appeal behind.

The bag also has useful pockets, making it the perfect backpack to satisfy every organized traveler. EVERKI Business 120 can accommodate laptops up to 18.4″ using a softly padded and felt-lined compartment that can be opened up to 180 degrees so you may easily access it anytime, especially during airport security checkpoints. Always go with a full load? You don’t have to worry about it if you are using EVERKI Business 120 because it can keep your back and shoulders comfortable with the help of soft padding and deep airflow channels working together to improve circulation.

To maintain balance, this bag is also equipped with a 5-point balance strap system and a fully adjustable chest strap. Aside from its laptop compartment, EVERKI Business 120 comes with a spacious main storage area with large, zippered pockets, a soft, felt-lined pocket that can accommodate your Kindle, iPad, or other tablet PCs and dividers that will separate peripherals from your files and documents.

The compartment that can be found at the front of the backpack provides the owners with another slot where they can place their writing utensils, business cards, and other needed travel accessories or gadgets. There is also a pocket to stash the weather cover of the bag.

Another thing that you will love about EVERKI Business 120 is its additional stowaway pocket built within its durable nylon exterior. It perfectly blends in with the pack’s sleek design. With all those features and more that you will discover when you held a hand to this masterpiece, you will understand why EVERKI Business 120 is a must-have for your every travel.


  • This backpack can accommodate laptops up to 18.4 inches.
  • Its spacious, well-organized compartments will impress even the most organized traveler.
  • Every EVERKI Business 120 also features a zippered media player compartment as well as a headphone/audio cable outlet.
  • It also features an ergonomic back panel as well as shoulder straps.
  • The side pockets are very easy to access, and they are also multifunctional.


  • Since the main compartment can be opened up to 18o degrees, it makes this product a checkpoint-friendly bag, especially when you are inside the airport.
  • The 5-point balance strap system will keep your back and shoulders safe.
  • You don’t have to worry about switching weather because this pack comes with water-resistant weather cover.

2. Berliner Bags Utrecht XL Leather Backpack

Berliner Bags Utrecht XL Leather Backpack
Rating: 4.8
Check Price on Amazon

Another reason why you should go backpacking for your next travel is this Berliner Bags Utrecht XL. This is one of the travel bags that can deliver comfort and convenience while going from one place to another. It has a high-quality roll-top closure, while its robust zipper helps in providing Berliner Bags Utrecht XL with an elegant appearance and adjustable internal volume.

The featured buckle closing offers additional safety as you wear this bag. For the interior of this traveling backpack, you’ll have the main compartment, including an extra pocket where you can put your laptop or notebook. Berliner Bags Utrecht XL is popularly known as a very spacious pack that can fit everything that you require for your travel, while it features a carabiner for your keys, an internal pocket with zipper, and space for your phone.

For the outside part, Berliner Bags Utrecht XL provides an external pocket that you can use as extra storage for different items such as passports or tickets or books that you want to access easily. This bag also has a secret external back zipper that you can use for extra secure storage. Berliner Bags Utrecht XL is a versatile bag that comes with high-quality “YYK” metal zippers.

For the outside part, Berliner Bags Utrecht XL provides an external pocket that you can use as extra storage for different items such as passports or tickets or books that you want to access easily. This bag also has a secret external back zipper that you can use for extra secure storage. Berliner Bags Utrecht XL is a versatile bag that comes with high-quality “YYK” metal zippers.


  • A backpack made from naturally tanned leather. You are guaranteed that the manufacturer only used high-quality leather that they have worked on during the processing. The naturally-tanned leather has been processed for around two months and is free from chrome. Since the material had undergone an elaborate process, you get a bag that is both eco-friendly and kind to the skin. 
  • Every Berliner Bags Utrecht XL that is offered in the market is made with love and passion. The company behind this masterpiece is producing this handmade product with the help of its highly qualified and experienced team. For every bag, you can be confident that it is made with superior craftsmanship, which makes the product distinctive and comes with its story with unique distressing of the leather.
  • Berliner is synonymous to quality because of how they make their products. Every Berliner Bags Utrecht XL, as well as their other models, has gone through multiple extensive checks before it can finally arrive at the shelves of your local store. The company is always living to the satisfaction of their customers, and this is pushing Berliner to use high-quality materials exclusively.


  • Take advantage of the different features of Berliner Bags Utrecht XL. The roll-top closure is providing elegant appearance as well as adjustable internal volume. With its spacious interior, you will always have room for everything that you may carry while traveling with a backpack. There is an internal pocket where you can place your small items as well as other valuables. In contrast, an external pocket can be your easy to access, extra storage where you can place items such as passports, tickets, and even books that you would want to read in a hurry.
  • With Berliner Bags Utrecht XL, you get a bag that is both high quality and versatile. It is ideal for city breaks or hiking trips, weekend getaways, carrying laptops or books as you study, or simply hitting the gym. This is one of the best travel backpacks that can withstand whatever your everyday life can bring to you while keeping the appealing look that is perfect for style-conscious vintage lovers.
  • Berliner Bags Utrecht XL is one of the travel backpacks that are suitable for most airlines. It can easily fit the plane’s compartment with a maximum volume of 17 L.

3. Thule Crossover 32L Backpack

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack
Rating: 4.6
Check Price on Amazon

Thule is one of the newest gamers in the bag industry. However, this didn’t stop the company from offering some of the best travel backpacks in the market. Thule has quickly made its name popular with its excellent products, while their travel backpacks have gained a loyal following since it started the business, especially from travelers. Thule Crossover 32L comes in various sizes and capacities, making it one of the best travel backpacks for all.


  • The featured rear organization compartment comes with an elevated laptop compartment that can accommodate up to 17″ laptops, while there is a sleeve for your iPad.
  • There is a plushly-lined pocket where you can conveniently place your iPod or smartphones.
  • Make sure to maximize its spacious compartment where you can place your change of clothes, books, as well as other bulky items.
  • For additional quick storage for your jacket or newspaper, Thule Crossover 32L comes with an external Shove-it Pocket with compression straps.
  • The zippered pocket of this bag can quickly accommodate the power source of your laptop, an afternoon snack, and some small accessories that you may require for your travel.
  • For your water bottle, you can use the bag’s side external pockets that can be easily stretched.
  • Every Thule Crossover 32L comes with the padded back panel, shoulder straps, and adjustable sternum straps.


  • You can easily lock or remove the SafeZone compartment for extra space using this travel gear.
  • With Thule Crossover 32L, you are carrying comfort and breathability because of the bag’s perforated EVA shoulder straps, including a mesh covering. There is also a padded back panel with airflow channels. 
  • The top compartment is heat-molded and crushproof so it can protect your iPhone, sunglasses, portable electronics, as well as other fragile gears.
  • A lightweight, durable backpack made of aluminum hardware and water-resistant fabrics.

4. Texbo Full Grain Cowhide Leather Backpack

Texbo Full Grain Cowhide Leather Backpack
Rating: 4.5
Check Price on Amazon

With Texbo Full Grain Cowhide, you get a high-quality backpack suitable for the busy, modern gentleman. Every product is made from the stresses and demands of modern life. This traveling pack is made from hard-wearing Italian leather, including quality stitches as well as chunky zips.

Since the backpacks are made from hard-wearing leather, you will have the peace of mind that your electronics and documents are protected and safe from weather, and possible knocks and bumps. Texbo Full Grain Cowhide will always go with you, whatever life will bring.


  • Enjoy a bag that comes with high quality and durable material. The Texbo Full Grain Cowhide is made from full-grain excellent thick cowhide leather, sturdy hardware, and vintage look.
  • Another reason why you should go with Texbo Full Grain Cowhide is because of its large capacity space. Its laptop sleeve can accommodate up to 16″ laptop size, while the stylish, multi-function pockets are great for your little items such as phone, iPad, wallet, books, pens, papers, and some clothes that you may bring for your outdoor business travel.
  • The upgraded parts of this Texbo Full Grain Cowhide are the breathable back design, padded back panel, and padded shoulder straps that will boost your comfort as it perfectly fits in your back.


  • Get a bag that is made from real leather. As soon as you open the packaging, you will know that it’s real with its smell and feel. You will be amazed at how touch this backpack can be while keeping the smoothness all along.
  • One of the travel bags that can fit everything. Whenever you require extra space for valuable stuff that you missed during packing, you will eventually find a place where you can put it. Plus, the multiple pockets of Texbo Full Grain Cowhide will give you more reasons to get it because it can accommodate your important electronics such as the phone in a very easy way. 
  • You will know why the look of this bag is considered a highlight as soon as you set your eyes to the product. You will know why we can say that nothing looks great in brown except this leather backpack. With the look of Texbo Full Grain Cowhide, you can always travel with style.

5. BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack

BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack
Rating: 4.5
Check Price on Amazon

Bostanten is one of the leading companies in making carry-on backpacks and other accessories for both men and women. After years of working in the industry, the company has gained popularity with its various products, such as the best travel backpacks, luggage bags, handbags, wallets, and many more. 

And its BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack is one its popular masterpiece. This pack is perfect for any traveler who wants to enjoy going from one place to another with the ease and comfort of carrying a single bag—worried about the space where you can put your stuff?

That will never be an issue with this BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack since it can provide you enough room for your valuables. You can enjoy an excellent quality bag with a fashionable design.


  • BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack is made from genuine cow leather, durable polyester lining, as well as custom ant oxygen hardware. With its zipper closure design, you can guarantee that your travel essentials are safe and secure inside it.
  • Every backpack comes with two main zipper pockets, two side zipper pockets, two small front zipper pockets. The inner structure features one laptop pocket, six slash pocket, six card slots, two pen slots, and one zipper pocket.
  • A backpack that is perfect for university students or professionals; it is also a great choice for traveling, hiking, sports, or just for your daily life. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and back panel straps that you can adjust to any length that will make you comfortable.


  • One of the best things that you will like about this bag is its quality. Every BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack is made of top layer crazy horse genuine leather that is important from Italy. Also, the company is proud of this product because it is made by craftsmen who have earned more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • With the bag’s structure and available compartment and pockets, you will always have a place for everything. You don’t have to worry where you should place your phone or other important things because there is a pocket for them. 
  • This vintage backpack comes with a large capacity design to meet the demands of your daily life and work. It can safely protect your 15.6-inch laptop will giving extra pockets for other stuff. 

6. BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack for Men

BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack for Men
Rating: 4.2
Check Price on Amazon

Another product that makes it to our top 10 list is this BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack for Men. You will never go wrong if you get this bag for your next travel. It is equipped with features that will make your life easier while going around an unknown city. But the use of BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack is not only limited for traveling. You can use it as you go to work or simply hanging around a coffee shop with your laptop. This is a perfect partner for every man who wants to be on the go all the time.


  • A spacious and versatile pack with an approximate length of 15.6 inches, a height of 10.3 inches, and a width of 13.8 inches. This duffle bag backpack is big enough to accommodate your daily essentials like a notebook, laptop, iPad, camera, lunch, and other needed travel accessories. Every BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack for Men comes with a spacious interior, including a padded laptop compartment as well as a front pocket. It also has adjustable padded shoulder straps and top handle while the trolly feature offers ease of travel.
  • One of the features that make this pack best than other backpacks is its invisible anti-theft design. With its unique concealed double zipper design, you can increase the security of your valuables. The model comes with one hidden zip pack found on the back of the bag, and you can use it in keeping your wallet, cards, money, and check conveniently. 
  • With its USB charging port, you don’t have to worry about charging your gadgets while traveling. This travel backpack has a USB port outside while the corresponding cable is also provided. This cable can be connected to any power bank inside your bag, making it very convenient to access when you need to recharge your gadget even when you are on the go.


  • With its classic yet casual look, you will always be on the go with this BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack. This model was inspired by the traditional backpacks, and since it is made from supple Calfskin leather, you can guarantee that it is a body-friendly travel backpack. 
  • A travel gear that is perfect for any man who wants an understated but sophisticated travel backpack, which he can carry every day.
  • The company behind this masterpiece makes sure that they always meet or even go beyond their customer’s expectations. You can guarantee 100% satisfaction when you choose BOPAI 40L Genuine Leather Backpack.

7. Polare Cowhide Leather Multiple Laptop Backpack

Polare Cowhide Leather Multiple Laptop Backpack
Rating: 4.0
Check Price on Amazon

This backpack is manufactured by one of the top companies in the industry, providing quality carry-on backpacks and wallets for men for over 15 years. Polare Cowhide is a masterpiece that you should never miss for your next trip, or even for your daily activities. It can withstand any weather and whatever life will throw you while keeping your valuables safe. 


  • Enjoy a travel backpack made from durable full-grain cowhide leather, making it a durable product for every man.
  • This travel backpack comes with multiple pockets that you can use in keeping your valuables. You have three pockets located in the front area, and they have a hook and loop to keep them close and safe while the two improved side pockets can be used for your umbrella and water bottle.
  • Every Polare Cowhide comes with a laptop sleeve that can accommodate up to 16″ laptops. The main compartment can also be used as your laptop storage which can accommodate up to 17″.


  • Be impressed with its improved back design. This Polare Cowhide features luxurious backstitching, which makes it more comfortable as well as durable.
  • Take advantage of the 1-year warranty from the company. This will guarantee you that you have a quality product because it is backed up by its manufacturer.

8. ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack
Rating: 3.7
Check Price on Amazon

Asus ROG Nomad Backpack is designed for gamers. This pack is rugged, lightweight, and stylish. A game using this travel backpack can carry a 17-inch laptop in style while the product’s internal suspension system guarantees that your precious gadget is safe whenever you are on the move. Worry no more when you are carrying heavy loads because ROG Nomad comes with a generous hip belt and shoulder padding, which means you can always be ready for your next game.


  • With the travel backpacks internal suspension system, you can be confident that your 17-inch laptop is safe, while the padded compartments can carry all your things with ease.
  • You can always keep your valuables safe and dry because this travel backpack is not only lightweight and durable but also water-resistant since it is using a 1680D ballistic nylon. This ballistic nylon is very effective when it comes to resisting water.


  • The design elements of this travel backpack mirror a gladiator’s helmet, so showcase honor and strength. 
  • Since ROG Nomad comes with a ventilated back padding, you can be cool and comfortable at the same time while you are on the move.

9. NOMATIC Travel Pack

NOMATIC Travel Pack
Rating: 3.6
Check Price on Amazon

This Features9 NOMATIC Travel Pack is perfect for your everyday use as well as for shorter 1-3-day trips. The travel backpack is made from durable and water-resistant materials, including YKK zippers.

Features9 NOMATIC Travel Pack starts at 20L, but you can easily expand it to 30L if needed. From its slim look, you can expand your travel backpack so you can pack for more. If you are using this product, you can instantly switch from a backpack to a briefcase with the help of its patent-pending strap system.

This means that you have a backpack that can make your look professional anytime. Features9 NOMATIC Travel Pack comes with more than 20 noteworthy features, and some of them are full perimeter zipper, RFID safe storage, magnetic water bottle pockets, and hidden pockets. With these features, we can easily say that this travel backpack is one of the most functional and best travel backpacks in the market. 


  • This is a convertible travel backpack that can be easily turned to a briefcase if needed. It comes with a sleek minimalist design that can offer your confidence for your on-the-move life.
  • It comes with many pockets that you can use as storage for your different stuff. There are outside pockets and pouches that you can place every smaller item that you need for your travel, while the internal area can be reserved for larger valuables. The bag’s main side panel features smaller pockets and two zipped compartments, while one of these compartments is an RFID protected pocket.
  • The travel backpack also comes with an external show compartment that can fit up to two pairs of shoes, and this is also ventilated! 
  • Check out the top section of the travel backpack, and you will find internal pockets that you can use in storing your laptop and tablet.


  • This backpack comes with a streamlined and low-profile look, which is perfect for men who prefer sophistication than style. 
  • We can say that the magnetic water bottle pockets of this bag are a clever addition. Why not? It’s not every day that you can find this feature with other travel backpacks for men.
  • The expandability of this bag adds to its versatility.

10. KORIN Design FlexPack

KORIN Design FlexPack
Rating: 3.9
Check Price on Amazon

To complete our list of top travel backpacks for men, we have the KORIN Design FlexPack. This Pro is a very sleek-looking travel backpack concealing a lot of great design features to keep you organized. This pack is insulated, but it runs parallel to the base from side to side, which makes it easy to remove your water bottle without the need to remove your travel backpack. 

For the exterior of the product, it shares the duffle styling and comes with a single rubber lifting handle found at the top of the travel backpack. Other important things included in this backpack are the security feature similar to the TSA locking system for the zip, no easily accessible zips when being worn, and a retractable steel coil.

For the interior of this KORIN Design FlexPack, you can find a padded laptop sleeve. You can also place your tablets that can be secured using an elasticated strap, which is finished using the Korin green icons. Some small features of this pack are the real reasons why this product is making a big impact in the market. 


  • With the upgrade version of this KORIN Design FlexPack, features RFID card sleeve and rain cover. 
  • The bag’s scientifically engineered storage is maximizing the product’s spaces, making it very easy to pack your electronics and other gadgets.
  • While the durable rubber handle will guarantee the premium feel as you hold your travel backpack.
  • The breathable material used for the travel backpack provides comfort and reduces stress on your shoulders.


  • Every unit comes with an insulated pouch that you can use to store your shoes, umbrella, or laundry to keep the rest of your FlexPack clean and dry.
  • Since the travel backpack comes with an outlet, you will be allowed to charge your gadgets even on the move.

How to Choose the Best Men's Travel Backpack?

Choosing the best travel backpack is not easy, especially if you want to find the one that you can use for years while keeping its good condition regardless of how often you use it.

However, if you are serious in finding the best travel bag that you can bring anywhere, you should find these characteristics because these make up a durable, long-lasting bag that can serve you anytime.


You don’t need a bag that is 100% water-resistant unless you are planning to go for a long multi-day hike. But at least, you need to guarantee that the product is made from semi-waterproof material so your valuables will never get wet when the weather instantly turns from sunny to rainy days. When you start looking for a travel bag, you will notice that most backpacks feature tarps that can be used whenever severe downpour happens. Also, you need to ensure that the bag’s material will never stay for so long and thereby get musty. You will greatly appreciate a carry-on backpack that can keep everything inside it wet despite the rainy days.

Lockable Zippers

You have to find a pack that has compartments with two zippers so you can easily lock them together. If you are not worried about someone stealing something from your travel backpack as you stay in a hostel, you should at least think of the possibility that other people may put something inside while you are standing in the line inside the airport. Or some grabby baggage handler may be interested in getting your stuff during air travel.

When it comes to lock, ensure that the package is TSA-friendly locks since these locks come with a special release valve that will allow the TSA to open your travel backpack’s lock without the need to break it when they are needed to check your travel backpack. TSA locks can be purchased in a large retail store.

Multiple Compartments 

You can say that a backpack is a good backpack when it comes to multiple compartments. If you have multiple compartments, you can split-up your valuables into smaller sections, providing easy access. You don’t have to spend minutes, or even hours, just to find your phone charger because you accidentally placed it in the bottom of your carry-on backpack. For example, your clothes can be placed inside the backpack’s main compartment while your flip-flops and umbrella can be placed at the top. For your shoes, you can use the separate shoe compartment to prevent everything from getting dirty.

Internal Frame 

Most travel backpacks for men that you can find the market today comes with an internal frame, which means there are support rods and frames added in the product and hidden from the view. You can still find some external-framed backpacks in the market, and you can easily identify them because the rods were separated from the actual bag and stick out. You should never get this type of pack and always look for the product that comes with an internal frame. This design is useful for the overall look of the travel backpack, but it can also guarantee that the rods will never get caught on anything while keeping your backpack slimmer. Additionally, internal-framed backpacks are lighter compared to external-framed products because the frame is made of tough plastic or carbon fiber, making them durable and easier on your back.

Padded Hip Belt 

You need to remember that most of the weight that you will carry around will be pushed down to your hips. With this, you need to find a bag that comes with a padded hip belt, so your support for the weight is more comfortable. With a hip belt, you will be provided with support, and the load will be distributed evenly on your back, which will cause less strain. The bag’s hip belt may also be adjustable, so you will be allowed to tighten it for additional support.

Padded Shoulder Straps 

If you have a bag that comes with shoulder straps that are padded together with the padded hip belt, you will fee more comfortable as you carry your load. This is because the weight of your bag will be pushed down on your shoulders. With the presence of pads for shoulder and hip belt, less pressure will be put to your shoulders, while it will also take some pressure off your lower back. Aside from ensuring that the padding for both shoulder and hip belt is very thick, you need to check that it is composed of a single piece of materials so you can avoid splitting or thinning out.

Contoured/Padded Back 

Having a lumbar-shaped bag can make carrying extra comfortable since it helps in distributing weight extra even. This will allow for an extra natural arch to guarantee that you will never feel back pain after hours of wearing your pack. Also, with this type of pack, you will be left with a small space between the travel backpack and your back, allowing some air to move freely while keeping you slightly cool.

Front Loading 

With a front-loading backpack, you will be allowed to zip open the face of your pack from the side and get access to all your stuff. If you get a top-loading pack, you will only be allowed to access your things using a hole in the top, and this will make it very difficult to get your stuff, especially if it is located at the bottom of your pack. You should always go for a pack that is “front-loading,” so you will have easy access to your valuables.

What is the best backpack for men?

You can say that you have the best backpack if it is comfortable, well-pocketed, and can protect all the things you carry around. However, your bag should also go with your lifestyle. It should not only be limited to traveling since you also need a pack that you can carry to work or gym.

If you want to have the best men’s backpack, you need to find a slim enough product that can be expanded if needed, and it can house some clothes and gadgets that you often carry wherever you are.

The best backpack for you will never be the best backpack for others. We are trying to say that you can find the best product if it can meet your needs. Can it serve its purpose for your land and air travel, as well as other requirements? If yes, then you have the best pack that you can carry anytime.

Which is the Best Travel Backpack?

You will have a lot of options when it comes to travel backpacks. A lot of them can be called the “best” if we will just consider their features and functions. However, if you want to find the best travel backpack, the first thing you should consider is your travel essentials. Are you planning to use the travel bag once a month? Or you need to go on a trip every weekend? 

If you are a traveler who travels more than twice a month, you need to find a pack that can withstand the frequency of use. As much as possible, find a backpack that can easily accommodate your needs since you need quick packing for your weekly travel. Ensure that you have enough compartments and pockets where you can safely and secure your clothes, laptop, and other valuables.

Your travel pack should also allow you to separate your thoughts so you can access them easily. You have to find a backpack that will help you organize your stuff, so you don’t have to worry whether you have placed your phone’s charger together with your clothes or you have accidentally left it at home.

What is the best lightweight travel backpack?

If you are looking for the best lightweight travel backpack, you should have a bag that has a capacity between 20L to 35 L. This weight capacity is enough to hold your valuables for a day trip while keeping safety and security as the top priority.

Also, you need to find a bag with extra pockets so that the main compartment will be left for bigger stuff. You would also prefer a pack that comes with a laptop sleeve that can be secured with a strap so you can be on the go for your business trip.

What size backpack for traveling?

Most backpacks for travel are between 25 liters and 85 liters. Yes, this is a huge range, and that makes it hard to find the right travel backpack for you.

But if you are looking for daypacks or a bag that you can use for a day trip, you can start with a 25L-pack. This travel backpack can work well if you only need to carry some items such as a camera, light jacket, or book. If you are a light packer, you can use the 25 L bags for multiple-day trips.

If you want a pack that is ideal for traveling, go for a 35 to 45-L backpack. The recommended 45 L will allow you to bring a little more, while the 35 L is good for those who want to pack light.

Best Men's Backpack Conclusion

Finding the best travel backpack for men is not easy, but no matter how hard the process is, you need to deal with it, especially if your work requires frequent traveling.

Aside from traveling, these travel backpacks for men can also be used for your daily activities like going to work or simply hitting the road. With this, you need to find a travel backpack that is not only stylish, but most especially durable, quality, and can meet all your needs.

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