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By Dan Nolan | March 23, 2021
From high-end adventure packs to stylish carrying solutions for your daily essentials, these are the best smart backpacks for travel, work, & play in 2021.

These days, almost everyone owns mobile devices. You have a tablet, laptops, and smartphones. And they need proper protection or storage for safety reasons. They aren’t cheap at all and must be taken care of. This is when the best Smart backpack becomes a necessity. It is an ideal pack for people who are outgoers and always wanted their devices, especially their phones, to be fully charged.

This pack is like your ordinary bag but more techie, that’s why it has ‘smart’ on its name because of the innovative and best features it brings. It can adapt to the modern lifestyle of man. But it is not limited to tech-savvy people alone. Though this is the best choice for them, it can accommodate all individuals who want to have a good looking backpack and, at the same time, carry all the things they need to bring every day.

The 10 Best Smart Backpack

The 10 best smart backpacks with their features and benefits.

1. EVERKI Business 120 Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack

EVERKI Business 120 Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack
Rating: 5.0
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This smart backpack is like a huge laptop bag. It is made with a lot of amazing and unique features that make it a better choice from all other bags out there. The backpack construction uses the best and most high-quality materials that can protect your valuables without losing the visual looks and overall appeal of the bag.


  • The Checkpoint Friendly feature of the bag opens up to 180 degrees
  • It has a dedicated ultra-soft padded compartment that can accommodate up to 18.4 inches device
  • The cover is water-resistant weather that helps protect against rain, snow, and just. 
  • It has a dedicated soft and fine-felt lined iPad/Kindle/Tablet pocket.
  • The 5-point balance strap system distributes an even weight for a comfortable bag carrying.
  • It has a felt-lined top access pocket for your gadgets with separate accessories pouch.
  • It has 40 L Capacity.
  • The device Compartment measures 12. 99″x1. 97″x20. 47″. And the External dimensions measure 14. 96 x 8. 27 x 21. 26 inches


  • Intuitive design – It provides a spontaneous space for better organization, straps, and buckles. 
  • It’s a travel-friendly bag – The Checkpoint Friendly feature of the bag enables you to go to airport security smoothly without the need to remove the device from the compartment.
  • Ergonomically outlined – If the pack is heavy, it can be heavy. So this bag was engineered with a five-point balance strap to disperse the weight and lessen the muscle strain ergonomically.
  • Protection and security – You tend to bring valuable things inside your bag. So the multiple layers of the padded strap were added to protect your device intact and in place. It is also soft to ensure that your device is safe even if you go on travel.
  • Extra Accessories Pouch – The accessories pouch used to separate other items such as chargers, a mouse, charging cable, power supplies, power banks, and others from your most sensitive valuables. 
  • The High-contrast Lining – The interiors of this pack are very stylish with high-contrast of orange color, so you cannot mistakenly leave any of the compartment unzipped.

2. OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack
Rating: 4.8
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This bag is the leader in supplying and marketing the PowerSports industry with a kind of high-performing gear best for on-the-go individuals. It is more focused on products with innovative construction, paralleled with premium materials.


  • The fabric consists of 600-D Polyester pin-dot, and the weight is 1.59 kg
  • It is an imported item made in the USA
  • Armor-protected used to protect the device with a compartment that can fit the most 15-inch size
  • The integrated foam panels keep your devices and other important things secured
  • Padded pocket for tablet/iPad/e-reader
  • It has a crush-resistant technology vault or pocket with a soft tricot liner
  • It has Hybrid Unibody Backpanel for ultimate comfort


  • It has an extra padded sleeve for the tablet and iPad
  • The Crushproof Compartment features help your important valuables especially your device becomes secure and safe
  • It has an extra pouch for other devices like a camera or mouse with a protective layout
  • It has a perfect 15 inches device pack size
  • The bag is ergonomic and has adjustable shoulder straps
  • You can keep everything organized because of the zippered front panel features

3. BOPAI Business 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack

BOPAI Business 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack
Rating: 4.6
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This smart backpack is ideal and best for travel, especially if you are in a crowd because it has an anti-theft compartment. It also has a USB charging option to provide you a full charge device. It is water-resistant with multiple and functional compartments.


  • It has sleek zippers on the backside. Once you pull on the zipper, the invisible section will show up with an extra 50% of space. 
  • It is made of the newest high-tech waterproof body which fixed a water bottle to avoid wetting out. The backpack’s external USB charging port and the built-in cord is connected with the power bank or charging cable inside the bag, which charges your device more easily.
  • The invisible card pouch on the shoulder strap can easily take the transport card to pass the subway gate or pay on the bus. The pack has a strap that can keep the smart backpack standing on the luggage’s pull rod for smooth traveling.
  • It’s a spacious, smart backpack with rucksack for laptop compartment that lined up and protected the 15. 6 inches devices. This pack is made of water-resistant materials and leather, which is very durable.


  • It has a large space for all your things
  • The design is breathable with the right functions
  • It is made with waterproof materials
  • It has multipurpose usage for business, school, work, and travel.

4. Samsonite Kombi Large Business Backpack with Smart Sleeve

Samsonite Kombi Large Business Backpack with Smart Sleeve
Rating: 4.4
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It’s a smart backpack engineered to suit your busy lifestyle. The details of the bag help you become more relaxed while getting yourself into style as well.


  • It has padded laptop storage that fits up to 15.6 inches laptops
  • It has tablet pockets to backpack women’s laptop
  • The SmartSleeve feature slides over the upper handles for easy movement
  • The design features a key fob and multiple pockets for better organization
  • It has mesh shoulder pads and air mesh padded back
  • For more comfort, it has a padded top handle for carrying option
  • It has a large opening with a wide base that provides stability when you open it
  • It has fleece-lined accessory pockets


  • It features comfortable padded shoulder straps and useful pockets that have a weather-proof finishes
  • This ultimate bag is mainly for everything, from any outdoor activity to your daily commute
  • It’s very comfortable to use, especially in the backend area.
  • It is excellent for a user who has a lot of things to bring, like documents, textbooks, toiletries, and more.

5. XD Design Bobby XL 17" Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Port

XD Design Bobby XL 17 Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Port
Rating: 4.2
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The product is created to accommodate modern society and enjoy their everyday activity safely and functionally. It allows them to move, be connected despite the place, distance, and other matters.


  • It is made with quality polyester perfect for men and women’s laptop backpack
  • It has a zipper closure for easy access
  • It is equipped with the integrated external USB charging port
  • It has hidden zippers or pockets where you can keep other valuable things
  • It has protective layers for safety and security
  • The bag includes compartments that can hold your device up to 17 inches and a tablet up to 12.9 inches
  • It is made with water repellent fabric


  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Integrated external USB charging port
  • Organized laptop compartment
  • Illuminating Safety Stripes
  • Optimal Weight balance

6. SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SwissGear 5358 USB ScanSmart Laptop Backpack
Rating: 4.0
Check Price on Amazon

It has a smart design that integrates lay-flat technology storage that scans a 15 inches laptop or tablet through the TSA checkpoints even without the need to remove the items from the pack.


  • This laptop backpack for women and men involves a TSA-friendly and lay flat tech compartment with a padded 15 inches laptop sleeve or tablet pocket that scans your devices
  • It has an integrated USB port that lets you charge your devices, including your phone, laptop, and tablet wherever you might be.
  • It has preferred side shoe pockets that fit an extra pair of shoes if you plan an overnight trip. When not in use, the pockets collapse inside the pack.
  • It is comfortable and ergonomic because of the padded shoulder straps and vented airflow back panel on sweltering long travel trips or commutes.


  • Innovative Design
  • Created with a plethora of pockets
  • Travel or commute comfortably

7. KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Travel BackPack

KORIN Design FlexPack
Rating: 3.9
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It is called the new-age smart backpack. The pack comes with designed storage that provides the best and ultimate flexibility and space. It is equipped with a lot of innovative features that make an evolution of the best smart backpacks.

The color is perfect for official trips and casual journeys too. Because of the water-resistant materials, the pack can be a secure way to carry your valuables wherever you may go. It will not even compromise your style and can greatly adapt to it.


  • The best smart backpacks to have with a Zipper Closure
  • The Best Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Design Laptop Pack used to combine storage, security, comfort, beauty, and convenience also
  • Authentic Clickpack Pro feature that lets you enjoy the scenery when you go travel
  • Expandable Thermal insulation pouch, practical and convenient Storage
  • More security with triple anti-theft features and protection
  • Second Generation USB Charging Port which houses an outlet and storage space for your power bank or charging cable


  • Applies Flexible technology aesthetics and innovative materials with high-quality tailoring
  • Adhere to ‘light technology’ plus humanization from click anti-theft features system
  • Travels made easy with your device and other valuables
  • It’s a practical and convenient storage
  • K Easy Charging 2.0

8. Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite Flight-Smart Tech Backpack

Gruv Gear Club Bag Elite Flight-Smart Tech Backpack
Rating: 3.8
Check Price on Amazon

It’s an ultimate carry-on smart backpack that makes your airport checkpoint experience more comfortable and convenient. Experience the first-class compartment for all your essentials needed for work, school, and travel. It is compatible with an attachment of Krane AMG carts and luggage handle to make your travel easier and fun.


  • It has an exclusive ScanFly feature that tethered the device system to be compatible with Sliiv Tech sleeves in 11 inches, 13 inches, or 15 inches also
  • It has plenty of room that can fold-down the main compartment to fit smaller gadgets like headphones, iPad, hard drives, and even sunglasses
  • It has an overhead clip for headphones and eyewear
  • It has side cargo pockets that are perfect for storing the chargers and charging your phone
  • Easily pull out luggage handles that work on solo series as and AMG Series carts.


  • Save time by organizing all your stuff in the convenient main compartment
  • Laptop Securely Tethered
  • Keep valuables like your sunglasses and headphones ready to grab
  • It is Padded & Weather-proof
  • The freestanding design of the backpack keeps your smart backpack upright and dry with the waterproof outer shell.

9. NOMATIC Backpack- Slim Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 20L Laptop

NOMATIC Backpack- Slim Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 20L Laptop
Rating: 3.6
Check Price on Amazon

The backpack is crafted for everyday use. It is created with durable and quality waterproof materials. It is slim to look at, but when you put more things, it expanded to accommodate all the essentials you want to bring. It is packed with incredible features and functionality also. The pack has a smooth minimalist design and provides you confidence while on the move.


  • The simple expansion process makes it simple to expand from a 20L bag to a 24L. The innovative straps add a level of versatility to the pack and help you look more professional. It simply unsnaps the back panel and snaps it back down to carry like a real briefcase.
  • The exterior perimeter zipper is lockable for added protection and security. It has a hidden RFID blocking pocket located at the backpack with reflective ink that makes it visible at night.
  • They are designed from a water-resistant tarpaulin fabric. All other exterior zippers are waterproof too.
  • It has two exterior water bottle pockets with magnetic snaps to keep a smoother look when it’s not in use and expands when you need it.
  • There are specific pockets crafted to carry your devices, cords, notebooks or books, keys, wallet, water bottle sunglasses, and more.


  • The detachable panel lets you customize the pack to meet your requirements
  • It can keep phones, portable chargers, phones, and headphones joined with built-in cord pass-throughs completely in your backpack. 
  • You can attach your Nomatic Smart Backpack on your luggage when you travel with this greatly functional roller bag sleeve.
  • It will also protect your sunglasses or shades better with a detachable hard shell sunglass lid plus sleeve.

10. SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Solar Backpack Charger

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Solar Backpack Charger
Rating: 3.5
Check Price on Amazon

It’s a more fashionable smart backpack that can easily carry your valuables, especially your laptop and other devices. It can charge your phone from a sustainable source of energy. It has six powerful watts solar panels, and this allows you to charge your devices from the sun’s power.


  • It has a charger built-in for your devices such as iPads, mobile phones, smartwatches, digital cameras, a power bank, and the use of an integrated USB charging port.
  • It has the strongest solar cells in the market. 
  • It gives a 100% certified energy and power to your phone and power bank. Every single solar panel is examined and approved before shipping.
  • It has a sophisticated form. With a padded 15 inches device main compartment, 15 L volume, and ergonomic feature, the backpack is very dependent as a travel backpack companion for everyday use. 
  • It is made of high-quality materials. The ultra-light and long-lasting smart backpack consist of water-repellent ripstop fabric, which is perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor use.


  • It has a detachable solar panel that charges your devices even when you’re on travel or in an area with no electricity.
  • The compartments are spacious, which gives enough space for all your belongings and important variables protected.
  • It gives out a 100% certified power energy, which you can use right away when needed.

Where to Buy Backpacks

When it comes to smart backpack, there are many outstanding companies and top name brands you can choose to buy smart backpacks. Some of these topnotch companies are Everki, Ogio, BOPAI, SwissGear, Korin, Samsonite, and more.

These smart backpacks can be bought from authorized individuals or local stores that have a permit for selling these branded bags. Many smart backpacks are also available online for easy and comfortable buying experience. There are backpacks for men and a specific backpack for ladies too.

How do Backpacks with USB work

Yes. The backpack comes with a charger or charging cord that you can connect to the portable battery while inside your backpack. All you have to do is to charge the electronic devices every time you join the battery and use the port through that cord also.

It is the battery that charges the current which passes through the USB power wire. It would be awful to have a longer power cord for the pack, so the USB charger in it is like a battery bank that you can charge at home. It can store a full charging current that can top load your phone even after the battery bank becomes low.


Smart Backpacks become an exclusive carrier or companion for all your valuables needs for you to carry, especially if you go to school, work, or travel. It keeps your necessities intact and secure at the same time. Some of the basic and important features of the backpack make the user’s life comfortable and easier at the same time. The price itself justifies its functionality.

It means to say that though they are average pricey, you get what you deserve. For people who are always on the go, the smart backpack above is the ideal choice, specifically the EVERKI Business 120 Travel-Friendly Laptop Pack. Many love the product because of its smart features and ease of use. The reality that it has built-in batteries enables the owner of the backpack to charge their devices in any event.

Some are also solar panel-equipped, so it’s a perfect backpack to use when you go for travel, and there’s no access to electricity. With the above selection, you will have better options for smart backpacks that provide an optimal solution for your everyday journey, whether for sports, travel backpack, school, hiking, and a lot more.

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