Best RV Roof Vent To Keep Airflow Cooler: Energy-Efficient Models

Best RV roof vent

For most people that adore the outdoors and going out for an adventure with their family, RV camping is getting popular and one of the best options to beat the summer heat. While others rely on AC’s, installing an RV vent fan is one of the essential ways to provide excellent airflow ventilation around your vehicle.

It can be a dilemma to keep ventilation at a good level when it’s summer. The RV vent fan is an essential camping gear to keep cool and refreshing air inside. While keeping the AC on is a good option, it can have setbacks too. However, vent fans will be your best option when power supply seems a challenge.

This unbiased and comprehensive review of the finest vent fans in the market will help you decide when to install those fans to save the day. Regardless of whether the generator or power source is not accessible, you will need to let air flow in good condition, not just for you, but for everyone who’s up for an adventure.

The 10 Best RV Roof Vent

This manual-lift vent fan will keep cool and fresh air circulating into your RV. With three velocity variables to keep up with your active lifestyle and a built-in smart thermostat with a reversible speed that is guaranteed energy-efficient. It’s durable, lightweight, compact and fits perfectly through standard openings.

With a quiet and simple operation, you can have a powerful vent that provides the perfect airflow for how you want it. It also comes with 3 blade speeds of your choice. With an unbeatable comfort and convenience, plus your ideal temperature for that exciting outdoor adventure.


Benefits And Features

  • 3-Speed Fan (Manual, Fixed And Automatic) Selection
  • Compact Durable And Lightweight
  • Built-In Thermostat 
  • Robust 12-inches, 10-Blade Vent Fan
  • Reversible Airflow
  • Simple Switch Reverse Operation
  • Energy Efficient Silent Operation
  • Standard Perfect Fit (14″x14″)
  • Lifting Knob Manual Opening
  • Excellent RV Ventilation

This MaxxFan model is an all-in-1 ventilating mechanism that you’ll ever need for your RV camping and outdoor adventure. It has a built-in smart thermostat, fan, exhaust, shield from the rain, and vent. With double lifting arms that may affect you when driving or when there is a fluttering strong wind. 


It comes with a powerful, durable, fuse protected, secured ball bearing with 12 volts powered motor fan and a 12 inches blade fan. With conveniently easy to operate and clean control keypads for the thermostat, fan velocity, exhaust, and air intake. Keeps your RV cooler and it fits perfectly for any standard openings.


Benefits and Features

  • Thermostat Included
  • Built-In Shield For The Rain
  • Control At Ceilings
  • 10 Speed Fan Selection (Exhaust And Intake)
  • MaxxFan All-Weather Features 
  • All-In-1 Mechanism
  • 14″ x 14″ Standard Opening Compatibility
  • Robust Three-Speed fan
  • Easy Installation And Removal 
  • Conveniently Ease Of Cleaning

This RV vent fan has three adjustable fan blade velocities with a manually lifting dome that has ultra-silent operations. It keeps your RV’s airflow at a great level by reversing warm air out and taking cooler fresh air in. With its high-quality materials and easy operations to make sure you get the most of everything.

With it’s guaranteed complete control of ventilation from the inside and an energy-efficient model that has a robust mechanism to maintain a relaxing atmosphere while camping or driving with your RV during the hot summer season. It enables you to reverse the warm air from inside the vehicle and let cool air intake with ease and comfort.


Benefits And Features

  • 3 Adjustable Variable Blade Fan Speed
  • Standard Opening Compatibility
  • Manually Lifting Dome
  • Silent Operation
  • Reversible Air Circulation 
  • Durable And Premium-Quality 
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Total AirFlow Control
  • Self Sealing Vent Cover
  • 10-Blade Fan

The manufacturer of the leading and trusted RV vent fan that guarantees to last for years of use. With an easy to operate a model that reverses the air circulation from your RV making it relaxing and cooler. With adjustable fan speed and temperature of your choice. The lid opening is electrically powered and the motor is 12 volts.

You can easily control the vent fan into the ceiling or through a remote controller. It’s energy-efficient and guarantees extreme convenience even camping during the warmer summer seasons.


Benefits And Features

  • 10 Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Electric Lid Opening
  • Enable To Ceiling Control
  • Thermostat Included
  • Exhaust And Intake Air Options
  • Durable And Energy-Efficient
  • Complete Temperature Control
  • Compact And Fits 14 Inches Opening
  • 12 Volts Motor Power

This multifunctional, durable, and energy-efficient ventilation model is suitable for all home motor units to keep a well-ventilated, fresh, and relaxing air while driving or camping outdoors during hot summer seasons. Made with premium-quality materials that you have complete control over fan velocity and temperature settings.

You can easily navigate the vent fan through its controls from the ceiling or through updated models that have remote controls. With reversible features that help warm air out and takes fresh air in. The vent perfectly fits standard RV openings so you can easily install or clean for convenience and comfort.


Benefits And Features

  • Control Via Ceiling Or Remote Control
  • Vent Fan Operates With Closed Lid (Ceiling Fan Mode)
  • Mounted Flush
  • Ease of Cleaning Control Keypad
  • Adjustable Thermostat And Fan Speed
  • Standard Opening Compatibility
  • Reversible AirFlow Exhaust And Air Intake
  • Manual Opening White Lid
  • 10 Adjustable Fan Speed Settings

This discreet functioning RV vent fan has a great economical process of reversing warm air from your RV out and enables fresh cool air inside. It serves as an exhaust to the RV when driving and camping or going on an outdoor adventure. It uses 12 volts of motor power with 3 adjustable fan speed and settings to suit your demands.

This vent fan is compatible with any travel vehicles and motorhomes’ standard opening. It’s energy-efficient, durable, compact, and easy to use, clean, and install. With a one-year warranty. Plus the detachable screen provides convenient cleaning and maintenance.


Benefits And Features

  • Durable And Energy-Efficient
  • Ultra Silent operation
  • DC3 Velocity Motor
  • 12 Volts Power
  • Smoke Lid 
  • Detachable Screen For Convenient Cleaning
  • Low AMP Draw Guarantee Full-Time Usage
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fits Standard Rv Openings (14 x 14″)

This multifunctional, compact, lightweight, durable, energy-efficient ventilation is suitable for all types of travel vehicles and motorhomes that are strategically designed for camping and outdoor living space adventure. It uses a small amount of electricity which provides fresh, relaxing, and cooler air even without the use of air conditioning.

This vent provides a discreet way of reversing airflow for balanced ventilation. With an adjustable fan speed, you have full control of the settings. It’s easy to operate, install, and clean for its excellent performance.


Benefits And Features

  • Suitable For Commercial And Recreational Vehicles
  • High-Performance, Premium-Quality
  • 12 Volts Of Motor Power
  • 12″ 10-Blade Fan
  • Reversing Airflow For Supreme Comfort
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Ultra Silent Operations
  • Compact, Lightweight And Durable\
  • Seal Tight During Inactivity
  • Bug-Resistant

The Maxxfan is known for producing premium-quality RV vent fans that are compact. lightweight, and durable. It can exhaust the warm air of your travel vehicle or motor house and exchange it into fresh and cool air instantly with little energy consumption. The vent fan is easy to install, clean, and maintain. With adjustable fan and motor speed settings, you take control of your vehicle airflow without the use of air conditioning.


Benefits and Features

  • 4 Adjustable Motor Power Settings
  • Easy To Operate, Clean And Maintain
  • Manual Opening Lid
  • Compatibility To All RV Standard Openings (14 x 14″)
  • 900 CFM Comfort And Cooling
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Lid Closed Operation (Ceiling Fan Mode)
  • Flush Mounted

This ceiling ventilation has 3 adjustable ceiling fan mode speed settings that you can rely on when it comes to providing excellent performance. It is guaranteed to be durable though it’s high-quality materials manufactured with. The vent is easy to operate and install, convenient to clean and maintenance. With the 12 volts powered motor, it can ventilate your vehicle in two ways; exhausting warm air out of your vehicle or fresh and cool air intake into the motorhome.

The ceiling ventilation is also UV resistant and is known to have the longevity of use. With a larger motor than can accommodate and ventilate your vehicle easily and completely in an instant.


Benefits and Features

  • 3 Adjustable Fan Speed
  • High-Performance Rotating Fan
  • Compact, Durable And Lightweight
  • Discreet Operation
  • 3 Blade Velocity
  • Easy To Install And Use
  • Manual Dome Lift
  • Independent Use European Style
  • Compatibility To Standard RV Openings
  • Energy-Efficient

This rough cut-out fire exit opening is essential for every RV as it provides the safest alternative escape option in case there is an emergency in the motorhome. It is made with premium-quality materials and a durable mesh screen that acts as two-ways. It can work as excellent ventilation to cool down your Rv during hot summer days and as a fire exit in case of an emergency.

You will need mounting hardware to fix this in your travel vehicle. Made with a fast-releasing latch that you can easily open in times needed.


Benefits and Features

  • Emergency Exit Hole For Your Rv
  • Fast Release Latch
  • Cut Out Rough Opening
  • 21 1/4 inches x 21 1/4 Inches (Required Hole Dimension)
  • Fine Mesh Strong Screen
  • Curl Style Hinge Screen
  • Aluminum Frame Extrusion
  • Mounting Hardware Needed

RV Vent Fan Complete Buying Guide

Ever wonder if you will ever need an RV vent fan or cover for your summer escapade adventures? Let’s just say that there will be times that you will not find power shore and your air conditioning won’t work during those times. You will need proper ventilation or at least something that will suck out that warm air from the inside and reverse it for fresh and cool air intake. That would really be an amazing experience, right? That is when RV vent fans come into the picture.

If you are the type of person with an active outdoor lifestyle and adventure, then an RV vent fan is a must-have. Not that it cools your vehicle down efficiently, but you also conserve and manage your energy consumption. RV fans are super lightweight, they work discreetly in the background and have robust characteristics that make them a complete essential gear for camping or hitting the road safely, relaxing, and effectively. It’s both a win-win decision for you.

Taking your family out for a drive without proper ventilation or with air conditioning all the way is not practical. It can be convenient at one point, however, take into consideration having some fresh and cool wind when near the mountains, beaches, or on a popular camping site.

Fans don’t just cool people but relatively your vehicle too. It serves as an exhaust fan if you will be cooking meals inside the camping truck. You wanted to make sure the delicious smell does not stay longer indoors when it’s time to snooze or nap.

So how do you select something as essential as your ventilation when there are tons of products that claim convenience, ease of installation, and use? That’s when we come into the scene. They take out those struggles and pain-points and leave you with only the finest selection, unbiased expert outdoor experience reviews, top recommendations from on-the-move people like you.

We simply know what you are looking for! However, here are a few factors you may want to consider before checking out a product.

Amperage Draw

One of the most important reasons why you need to check the amperage draw of your RV vent fan is to make sure that you have control of the possible electric cost. Your amperage draw enables you to predict total running consumption. It is not just about your RV ventilation but any electronics that you have in your motorhome. Therefore, with a huge amperage draw capacity means a huge electric consumption.

Ideally, for recreational RVs, you can go for a 3 amp draw. This will be enough to help you run your fans effectively. This will still be under your preference and what type of RV are you gonna use, Whether you go for a smaller camper vehicle, which by the way, the 3 amp draw is suitable. Or you go for class A types of travel vehicle, which needs a little extra amp for optimum efficiency.

In other words, you can determine the type of fan that you will use based on the type of camper or RV that you will use.


CFM stands for the amount of air movement that is made per minute and measured per cubic feet. It can be tricky for most outdoor adventurers but determining the amount of space present inside your Rv will help you find the most suitable ceiling ventilation fan for you. By checking the CFM of your RV fan, you have a better insight into how much capacity of wind the fan can move within the given time frame.

Keep in mind that if you select a higher CFM capacity, it can cost you more compared to lower rating ones. 900 CFM is ideal for campers that are huge or those Rvs that are considered class A. If you have a smaller motorhome, it’s better to find a fan that has a lower CFM than 900. This will help you manage your cost and helps you save money by selecting the most appropriate product for your needs.

Automatic Or Manual Opening Lid

Opening your vent fans is a matter of personal preference that affects your choice. You can either go for a manual opening or a bit of luxury through the automatic opening. While the price may slightly be different but not that far, select these features that make your life extra easy while out of your comfort zone. Besides, camping with your RV helps you relax and builds a stronger foundation in order for you to have an excellent outdoor experience.

One of the few differences between the two is the amount of effort that you will put in opening your motorhome vents. The manual opening may require you to use a small cranking effort. While automatic lid openings enable you to control it with ease and convenience. Nonetheless, our top 10 selection has high-quality opening lid features that are worth to be considered without costing you a fortune.

Additional Features

With today’s innovation and in-demand need for convenience, there are a lot of best RV ventilation fans that come with features that help make your life easier while out on the road or for an adventure. These include multiple adjustable settings for fan or blade speed, thermostat, sensors for the rain, remote control features, and more.

All of these features help you conveniently drive around without compromising the quality of life. However, with every additional feature comes an extra cost. While not everything is pricey, some extra fancy features may cost a fortune. That is why it is essential to determine if you need this or not. If you are a dedicated camper or move along with your motorhome often than anyone, then these additional features will surely be a great help.


When it comes to checking for the most excellent ventilation for your RVs, it is a realistic and practical move to determine how often you will be going out for a camping trip in the countryside. If you are a seasonal RVer, then getting yourself a good one is a great deal.

For full-time campers or those that cannot live without driving as often as needed, then investing with high-quality vent fans and roof cover is essential. The premium-quality model has great performance that helps you withstand your usage’s effectiveness without compromising the quality.

For Campers With Pets

Pets are one of the best companions you will have while camping or going outdoors aside from your family and friends. If a pet comes along with you, it is best to purchase fixed ventilation that you can turn on when you intend to leave your dog or any pet inside your RV. This will provide enough ventilation and comfort to your pet. Aside from that, you can also double the amount of water that your pet will drink to keep them hydrated especially during hotter days.

RV Vent Cover Benefits

RV ventilation is one of the most essential camping gear if you often drive with a motorhome. However, you will need a vent cover for your ceiling vents to keep unwanted elements off the track while you are camping, driving, or running errands inside your camper.

As you expose the inside of your RVs when you open your vent fans, it is essential to provide the best protection from these elements. Otherwise, you will have everything inside, including dust, rain, and more. One of the most excellent benefits of a vent cover is that it helps you maximize the performance of your vents without worrying about the outside weather condition.

You can block the rain through rain sensor shields joining the fun, or open your vents when moisture build-up happens and needs proper ventilation not just for everyone inside but most especially for your RV. That is one of the numerous benefits of a vent cover.

Summary Benefits Of Vent Covers For RVs

  • Clear fumes when you cook in the kitchen.
  • Protects the RV interior from unwanted elements.
  • Blocks rain, dust or other elements from entering your camper motorhome.
  • Protects your ventilation fans.
  • It provides better airflow for everyone. 
  • Ideal for all-season outdoor adventure.

What is the best RV Vent Cover

When it comes to checking for the best covers for top RV vent fans, it is essential to find one that fits perfectly with your model. While some ventilations have their own built-in shields like the Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with White Lid and Manual Opening Keypad Control. These types of roof vent fans enable you to have your fan and shield at the same time.

Camping motor house ventilation fans should have a cover to prevent unwanted elements from coming inside your vehicle. What your vent cover does is prevent this from happening while keeping the inside well-ventilated with proper airflow. This covers, for example, like the Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with White Lid and Manual Opening Keypad Control, has a rain shield to keep the water from entering your camping vehicle.

That way, you can still control the fresh air in and reverse the warm air out, especially when you are cooking, taking showers, or just want to have a relaxing and calming ambiance from the inside during hotter seasons. That way, a complete set of vent and cover is essential for most on-the-move campers and adventurers.

Why do RVS have Roof Vents

The main reason why you need to install ceiling ventilation on your RV is for good ventilation. You want to keep a good airflow condition in your motorhome vehicle without compromising the energy consumption. Most roof vents consume less energy but provide excellent ventilation and refresh the air quality of your vehicle. It can also cool down your Rv or any camper vehicle just like how it air conditioning works.

The ceiling ventilation is an alternative source of fresh air when you cannot open your doors or windows while driving. Plus a good roof vent, just like our top selections enable you to reverse the airflow, getting fresh air inside or pushing the warm air and exhausting it out conveniently and quietly.

Roof vents enable you to have better ventilation if you are a regular user. While most occasional campers or outdoor adventurers go for something that is practical, vents are also essential to look forward to and include in your must-have camping gear if you take your family for a drive in the countryside or during summer vacations.

Next is to take into consideration of providing a proper shield or cover for your vents. This cover is extremely essential for you to open your vents without the hassle of unwanted elements coming inside. It is also helpful if you’ll need to open your roof vents when the rain is pouring outside. There is an Rv roof ventilation fan that comes with a rain sensor or a rain shield.

Believe me, you cannot just open your vehicle doors or windows when it’s raining. You can manage the moisture from the interior by opening your vents to provide fresher air and exhaust heat, especially if someone will be cooking from the inside.

Another known reason why most RVers install ceiling ventilation and the opening is for safety and emergency purposes. While it provides fresh, calming, and cooler air, you can also use your roof vents as an escape place in case of emergencies.

Though you have to pay attention to taking care and closing the vents when you are not going for a drive. Especially if you are a seasonal camper, thus it can crack or water and other elements may accumulate into it over time. The same thing goes if you are an on-the-move adventurer, checking the performance and effectiveness of your roof vents will prevent any possible on the road problems.

Most roof vents follow standard size suitable and compatible for most RV openings. That way, you can easily install your ventilation without the need to punch another hole into the ceiling or get things customized. Which can cause you a fortune and may not be practical if you’ll just be using your RV for a couple of times.

What is the Best Roof Vent

Ventilation is essential, be it for your home or vehicle. It is all about providing adequate and quality airflow for a more relaxing ambiance whether you are indoors or out driving.

For most campers and RVers, the best RV roof vents are one of the main sources of quality airflow to keep the vehicle ventilated. This also acts as an exhaust to keep out warm or kitchen smell and moisture around the living space.

The most reliable RV vent in the market today is Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent with Thermostat, Manual and Automatic Speed 12 Volt. You can manually lift the opening of this ceiling ventilation with adjustable fan speed for your preference and demands. With a thermostat that is included in the model, you can easily adjust the settings needed for your vehicle.

Plus the simple operating process enables you to conserve energy efficiently. It’s lightweight and easy to install, clean and other maintenance processes. The Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent with Thermostat, Manual and Automatic Speed 12 Volt is also known for its durable materials that can withstand the test of time and weather outdoors.

With its compact size that you can perfectly fit into standard RV openings. Installing this RV vent is a breeze of cool and refreshing air for your next outdoor adventure. It is ideal for both seasonal and regular outdoor enthusiasts that want to take their family or friends for a long and fun drive. 

In addition, this RV vent provides: 

  • Durability
  • Easy installation settings 
  • Premium-quality materials
  • Price affordability
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Thermostat 
  • Reversible airflow settings
  • Simple yet robust design

How do I find the roof vent on my RV

Looking for the perfect roof ventilation suitable for your vehicle is as essential as installing it to make sure it is compatible. While most RV roof ventilators follow standard measurements for easy access, installation, and operation. Proper precautions should always be applied when installing your roof ventilations. As it can lead to serious injury if neglected.

You can find the ceiling ventilation of your RV in the corner or in the middle. It totally depends on every camper van design that you have. The good news is, if you are about to install or replace one, you can find the standard opening and follow the proper procedure to ensure its optimum performance.

By doing so, strict compliance with safety standards is required. From removing the previously installed vent to the new one. Climbing on your RV needs extra precaution as it can lead to injury and/or death.

Here’s a quick step by step procedure on how you can install or replace your ceiling vent fan. If you are planning to replace or upgrade, it will have almost the same procedure.

  1. Remove the previously installed roof vent fan.
  2. Carefully remove any ceiling ventilation sealings.
  3. Unscrew all the sealed screws of your previously installed ventilation. 
  4. Once you are done, remove the old ventilation from its place. 
  5. Clean the area before placing the new ceiling ventilation. Make sure there is no debris around the opening. 
  6. Use the opportunity to finely check the area if there is water intrusion or leakage. If there are areas that need fixing, repair those areas before installing your new ventilation.
  7. Apply a good quality butyl tape at the edge of your ceiling ventilation. Cover it properly. 
  8. Make sure that the lid opening is facing the rear view of your RV truck. 
  9. Secure the vent with a screw but do not overtighten it. 
  10. Remove excess butyl tape. Cover the screw heads with a good quality sealant. 
  11. Seal the edge of the vent perimeter with a sealant together with the ceiling. This will provide a long-lasting seal. 
  12. For installation, use the previously used wiring for your newly installed vent. Make sure to turn the power off before installation.


Our verdict for the best RV roof vent is Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent with Thermostat, Manual and Automatic Speed 12 Volt. It’s an all-in-one roof ventilation that you’ll ever need. With easy to install, operate, clean, and maintain, Known for its durability and energy-efficiency and robust performance. It also comes with great additional features like a thermostat and adjustable settings both for fan speed and blade velocity. It fits standard RV openings and has reversible airflow you can rely upon that extreme outdoor adventure.

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