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By Dan Nolan | March 17, 2021
You can't just purchase any ordinary extension cords for your RVs. Read along to find the most unbiased and expert-recommended cords suitable for your motorhome here!

Going out for a drive in the countryside with your favorite people is essential for your well-being and mental health. It is important to bring essential things that you will need while outdoors, including the best RV power cord that you will use when connecting to a power supply in the camping ground or the park.

The truth is, it’s a crucial tool that will greatly affect the performance of your motorhome or RV. As important to recharge your generator and plug your RV to the nearest power supply, it is to determine which one should you get the best. There are tons of variables but you can’t simply pick one just because it says ‘heavy duty’. You will end up blowing wires and causing a short circuit into the mechanism. A big no-no! 

This unbiased and comprehensive insight of the most excellent, durable, easy to use, highly recommended and multifunctional power cord for RVs, motorhomes or appliances will walk you through. Step by step, you need to determine the most essential factors to safely plug and unplug your RVs without blowing your valuables apart. Read and be safe!

The 10 Best RV Power Cord

The 10 best rv power cords detailing their features and benefits.

1. Camco 50’ PowerGrip Extension Cord with 30M/30F- 90 Degree Locking Adapters

Camco 50 PowerGrip Extension Cord with 30M-30F- 90 Degree Locking Adapters
Rating: 5.0
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This heavy-duty cable power source for your RV is the most suitable camping essential perfect for your needs. With an extended 50 ft connection that enables you to use safely and conveniently power adapters. It is made with a standard male end and female (30 amp) locking connectors. You can easily charge up your RV to any power outlets safely.

The PVC sheaths are made from premium, durable, and safety heat-resistant and fire retardant coatings that safeguard your cables from damage, outdoor elements, water, and getting torn or worn out. The gripping handle provides convenience and protection when used, either plugging, unplugging, and gripping to protect your RV cords.

The excellent conductivity coming from its 125 volts of a power source and its 10 gauge size wires are the key factor for the most efficient, safest, durable power cords you can rely on.

Benefits And Features

  • 50 Feet Extended Length
  • Durable, Safe And Flexible Construction
  • Heat Resistant Fire Retardant PVC Coating
  • 30 AMP Standard Male end plug/30 AMP (Female) High Conductivity Connector
  • 125V (3750Watts) Rated
  • 100% Copper – 10 Gauge Cable
  • Convenient And Safe Power Plug Gripping Handle
  • Head 90 Degrees
  • Adjustable Cable Organizer + Carrying Straps
  • Weather-Resistant Protected Materials

2. ALEKO RV30-50D25 30A Male to 50A Female Detachable Marine Cord 25FT RV Motor Camper

ALEKO RV30-50D25 30A Male to 50A Female Detachable Marine Cord 25FT RV Motor Camper
Rating: 4.8
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This removable marine power cable adapter for your RV, campervan, and other motorhome has 25 feet long to help you plug your RV to the nearest outlet with ease. Since it has a fifty amp power source (inlet) and a thirty amp outlet, you won’t need an extra adapter to recharge your RVs.

The power cords are made with heavy-duty materials and are strategically designed and coated with anti-resistant and anti-corrosion for durability and your safety. It provides the best value for its price. This power cable adapter is guaranteed high-quality, durable, reliable, and has the safety conduction energy to prevent possible short circuits while in operation.

Benefits And Features

  • 100% Copper Wire Manufacturer
  • 25 Feet Removable Marine Cable RV Adapter 
  • 30Amp Male – 50AMp Female Connector
  • Ease Of Use Direct Connection To 50 Amp Inlet Power And 30 Amp Outlet ( No Extra Adapter Needed)
  • Corrosion-Resistant Water-Proof Connector
  • Multifunctional And Durable RV Power Outlet
  • It Provides Safety And Convenience

3. Furrion 30ft 30 Amp 125 Volt Cordset with FaultSmart and PullSmart technology - F30R30-SB

Furrion 30ft 30 Amp 125 Volt Cordset with FaultSmart and PullSmart technology - F30R30-SB
Rating: 4.6
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This 15 feet RV cable is made from durable and weather-proof materials to guarantee its efficiency. The product specifications and quality are tried and tested which is approved by Canada and US standards. With safety standard certification, you’ll get optimum convenience and protection for your RV and other valuables.

These power cords are compatible with Marinco, Hubble, or Furrion inlet power boxes to make sure that your cord is free of unwanted elements and protection from damages such as wear or tear. It also prevents water from getting through the connector to prevent possible accidents, injury or damages to property, and short circuits.

Benefits And Features

  • 15 Feet Long RV Power Cable
  • Easy Removal Finger Pull
  • Ends Molded For Guaranteed Longevity
  • Canada And US Approved Standards
  • Ideal For 50 Amp Services
  • ¼ Turn To Lock Into Your RV – End Twist Lock
  • Weather-Proof Threaded Ring Sealed For Protection
  • Compatibility To Hubble, Furrion, Marinco Inlet Power RV Boxes
  • Durable, Safe Protection

4. Conntek 14364 30 Amp RV Extension Cord, 50 Feet, UL Listed

Conntek 14364 30 Amp RV Extension Cord, 50 Feet, UL Listed
Rating: 4.4
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These RV generator extension power cords are carefully engineered for optimum durability and can withstand heavy duty performance. It can withstand up to 221F of temperature and is heat-resistant, weather-proof, and abrasion resistant. With its convenient ear grips that enable user safety and easy unplugging from the outlet.

The power cord is made with premium-quality copper wires that are 10 AWG pure copper. It enables maximum electric capacity while providing excellent cable flexibility. It is guaranteed to be durable and has passed UL certification standards. You’ll have a heavy duty cable jacket suitable for charging and using your generator and RV.

Benefits And Features

  • Flat Plug Power Cord
  • Plug-Face Elbow Enables Maximum Capacity Strain-Relief
  • 3750 Watts/125 Volts Maximum Limit
  • Replaceable Female Connector NEMA TT-30R For 30 Amps RV ( Male Plug – NEMA TT-30P
  • 50 Ft Long Generator Cord
  • UL Certified Product
  • 100% Copper Wires (10 AWG)
  • Heavy-Duty And Durable Molded Plugs
  • Abrasion And Weather-Proof

5. ParkPower 30RPCRV Yellow 125 V Marinco Amp, 125V 30 Ft Right Angle Cordset

ParkPower 30RPCRV Yellow 125 V Marinco Amp, 125V 30 Ft Right Angle Cordset
Rating: 4.2
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This 30 feet long RV extension cable can be used even when it’s dark with its easy power grip lock designed to handle and convenient blade alignment and hook-up detachable connection. The RV power cord has an easy lock ring and threaded ring to provide better protection, security, and peace of mind.

It is made with premium-quality materials that are strategically constructed to guarantee durability and efficiency. The power cords are extremely flexible and convenient to plug and unplug with enough support for convenience. Now you can secure your cord while charging or when used.

Benefits And Features

  • Guaranteed Durable Premium-Quality Construction
  • EAsyLock And Thread Ring Included
  • 30 Feet RV Power Extension Cable 
  • Molded Plug Watertight Connector Ends
  • 10/3 Super Flexible Cable
  • GripLock Designed Handle For Convenience
  • Marinco 30 Amp RV Right Angle Cordset Locking
  • Correct Blade And Easy Hook Alignment, Inlet Included
  • Easy To Use Even In Dark Place
  • Detachable Connection Suitable For Rvs With Limited Space

6. Weekender 25 Foot 30 Amp RV Power Cord

Weekender 25 Foot 30 Amp RV Power Cord
Rating: 4.0
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This 25 feet RV power cable extension has locking rings included making sure of its watertight sealing security between the inlet and power cord. It’s UV-resistance to provide the best quality through any weather conditions. It’s guaranteed durable, convenient to use and safe with its extra wider handle power grip. These power cords have LED light indicators suitable for outdoor usage.

The yellow locking extension power cable ensures compatibility to campsite and park power connections directly to your RV without the hassle. It uses 125 volts power with 30 amp connector, inlet or cord set attachments from its male end and female adapters and plugs.

Benefits And Features

  • 25 Feet Extension Cord For RVs
  • 125 Volts Power With 30 Amp
  • Yellow Locking Extension Cable Suitable For RV Charging To Park Power Or Campground
  • Female Connector (30 amp – 125V Locking) RV cord set Or Inlet Attachment 
  • Male End Plug (30 amp – 125V, 3 Wire, 2-Pole) Pedestal Cordset Or Receptacle Attachment
  • LED Light Indicator, Extra Wide Handle Power Grip
  • UV Resistance, Durable And High-Quality Hard Service Cable
  • 3 Years Warranty 
  • Locking Ring Included

7. GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Extension Cord with Molded Connector and Handle RVC3002

GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Extension Cord with Molded Connector and Handle RVC3002
Rating: 3.8
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The heavy-duty RV extension cord that is 50 ft long won’t tangle your cable due to its cord organizer inclusion. It is guaranteed durable, multifunctional, and efficient. With extreme weatherproof features that can withstand every weather condition to provide optimum quality without compromising its performance and safety.

It is also tried and tested, ELT approved and certified to meet safety standards and protection. With a complete all-in-one package that you’ll ever need for your camping or any season outdoor adventures. The extension cord comes with a handle that is super easy to grip, plug and unplug with ease.

Benefits And Features

  • 50 Ft RV Heavy-Duty Extension Cord
  • 30A RV/Motorhome Power Cable
  • Guaranteed Waterproof Construction Materials
  • Easy Power Grip Handle For Convenient Unplugging
  • Includes Cord Organizer
  • Molded Plug Connector
  • Twisted Lock For Sturdy Connection
  • ELt Approved, Durable
  • 3 STW/10AWG

8. Mophorn 25Ft 50 Amp RV Extension Cord Durable Power Cord RV 26.5mm Wire Diameter

Mophorn 25Ft 50 Amp RV Extension Cord Durable Power Cord RV 26.5mm Wire Diameter
Rating: 3.7
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This 25 feet long multifunctional extension power cable is suitable for any outdoor vehicle, from RVs to campervans and motorhomes. It has a UL and CSA certification guaranteed safety, durable and efficient. With its flexible extension cord, you won’t have to worry about cord tangles and other issues from the past.

The flexibility of the extension cord for your Rv enables you to complete mobility and bridges the distance from the Rv to your power box. Your cord PVC is coated with heat and fire-resistant materials for efficiency, sustainability, and durability. With complete safety and convenience plugging or unplugging the big cord.

Benefits And Features

  • High Conductivity RV Extension Power Cable
  • Bendable Cord Adapter Enables Easy Conversion
  • Safe And Durable Construction Copper Wiring
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Heat-Resistant And Fire-Retardant Sheath
  • Guaranteed Weather-Proof Tear, Wear, And Outdoor Element Resistance
  • Easy To Use, Prevents Plugging And Unplugging Issues
  • Convenient And Safe 
  • 25 Feet Long Cord With Threaded Lock Ring For Outdoor Use
  • Adjustable Cable Organizer With Carrying Straps

9. Camco 50' 15-Amp Extension Cord | Ideal for RV, Mobile Home and Household Use | Heavy-Duty

Camco 50 15-Amp Extension Cord Ideal for RV, Mobile Home and Household Use Heavy-Duty
Rating: 3.6
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This multifunctional power extension cord enables you to power up your campervan, motorhomes or RVs together with any appliances through a distant power source. It has 50 ft long PVC cable that is coated with premium-quality materials to make it heat resistant and fire-retardant, making it weather-proof and suitable for any season of usage.

These flexible power cords for RVs or any residential appliances are a must-have camping gear to keep your RV or generator in good condition until you are ready to hit the road again. It comes with standard connectors, adaptors, or outlets (inlets) that provide excellent convenience and safety of use.

Benefits And Features

  • Multifunctional, Durable, And Heavy-Duty Extension Cable
  • Safe And Flexible 
  • PVC Sheath Heat And Fire-Resistant Coating
  • Secured Cable Against Tear, Wear, Damages, And Unwanted Elements
  • High Conductivity 
  • 100% Pure Copper, 125 Volts (1875 Watts), 14 Gauge Cable
  • NEMA Configuration
  • 50 Feet, 15 Amp Standard Connector
  • Suitable For RVs, Campervans, Motorhome, And Appliances

10. Boating Accessories New 30a 125v Powercord Plus Cordset

Boating Accessories New 30a 125v Powercord Plus Cordset
Rating: 3.5
Check Price on Amazon

This RV extension cord is strategically designed and engineered to be suitable for any household, RV or boating electricity needs. With its connector and molded plug that is watertight to provide efficiency, durability, and safety.

The marine-grade super flexible and heavy-duty cable is free from possible corrosion. The contacts are nickel-plated to provide optimum protection and secure your wiring from unwanted elements that may damage the cords and even your valuables.

Benefits And Features

  • Heavy-Duty, Flexible, And Durable RV Power Extension Cord
  • Flexible And Multifunctional
  • 50 Ft Yellow Cable Sleeve Pack
  • Molded Plug Watertight Connector For Security
  • Marine-Grade Versatile Cable
  • 50 Amp (6 Gauge), 30 Amp (10 Gauge) Options
  • Includes Threaded Rings Hook-Up (Standards Model)
  • Contacts Are Nickel-Plated
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • LED Light Indicator

RV Extension Cord Complete Buying Guide Checklist

You have to learn how to measure the amount of power needed when you plug your RV power cord into the source. This includes checking the power flow and power rating, otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself in great trouble and major breakdown, like short circuits or burning the power cords up.

Knowledge of the know-how is a great advantage. Hang in there, if you are starting and loving the RV experience, or a regular RVer that is looking for the most tried and tested, certified, and approved extension cords for RVs, then you have landed yourself on the safe ground. This is your ultimate guide of everything you will need about the RV power cord and between wires, sheaths, and contacts!

What Features To Check

You’ll surely agree with me about how robust an RV is. RV engines need to be strong enough to carry the weight, the people, and everything in between. Most outdoor enthusiasts overlook important details that need proper knowledge when it comes to their RVs. You can get any recommended RV extension cord for your RV but it is essential to know what you are looking for. The power cords for your RV are an important gear.

You can get one easily but does this RV extension cord match the power capacity needed to supply the required electricity? Will it be long enough to cross the distance between your Rv and the power outlet? Is it durable and weather-proof? The questions will surely fill you up and you might end up getting confused about what must be purchased.

The good news is, this guide will help you understand fundamental facts and features to help you decide and get the perfect RV power cord to supply the required electricity with ease and protection.

Power Capacity – Every RV power cable has a recommended capacity. This will help you determine specific functions and use of these cords to what they can support and not. These power cords will help you understand how much amount of amp is allowed to what power source, of which appliances should be plugged into it and what connector should be compatible too.

The best way to determine which RV power cord you should buy is to know the Amperes compatible with your RV to connect with. That way you’ll prevent possible short circuits and damages due to wrong power capacity.

The variables can interfere with capacity. You can check for a 6 gauge RV extension cord that enables 50 amps or 12 gauge cable that can only support 20 amps power. Check what you need before buying one to match the required source of power.

Cord Length – The standard length for most RV power cables is around 25-30 feet. You need to take into consideration their durability and if they are heavy-duty enough to cater to your RVs needs. Next is determined whether you need longer power cords or not.

Most longer extension cords can be heavy and bulky too. Whether you are a seasonal or regular RVer, it is essential to find the right length for you to determine its convenience. The trick is, if you are a regular camper and will be using your extension cords frequently, then best to find shorter yet durable and efficient ones.

Manufacturing Materials – The materials used for manufacturing RV extension cords are essential. This will affect its performance, efficiency, and durability. Flexible cords that are made with 100% pure copper tend to work properly and affect the durability of your cable. Plus the right gauged used on your wires will prevent overheating and corrosion.

Next is to determine the convenience to store your cords. Finding weather-proof materials are suitable for frequent cable use.

Price Range – Finding an RV extension cord that passed the above features will help you evaluate if your chosen equipment is reasonable for its price. One thing you need to remember is that buying a premium-quality, durable, and multifunctional RV cord is a great investment.

Brand loyalty is as important as the above features that affect the price range of these camping gears. However, you should not close your doors for possible “better” options when it comes to the best RV power cords. It all boils down to the fact that understanding everything you need to know about your extension cords.

RV Extension Cord Types

Unlike most RV essential tools and camping gears, your RV extension cord cannot just be classified into a few categories. They are ranked by how much the electric current can support and other specific factors concerning your RV functionalities.

There are a variety of sizes to select when it comes to the best RV power cords. The standard is twenty five feet long. Longer variations come between 40 to 50 ft and can even be longer than that. You can also purchase shorter ones ranging from 1-5 feet. All of these variations affect how much you frequently use and need.

RV power cords Amp rating must be 15Amps and above which can be categorized as the standard power or even above. 20-50 Amp extension cords are even better for your RVs.

The voltage depends on the supply capacity of your RV. You can go for 125 volts up to 250 volts, all of which based on your RVs capacity. At the end of the day, every RV owner has their preference, where and when will you be using it and how much current capacity can it supply.

For you to have the most of everything, you need to find one RV extension cord that has multi-functional features. These types of RV power cords can be used at any cause without the worry that they can damage the electric circuit or can’t supply enough power to your vehicle or appliances.

It is essential to find an extension cord that has the above minimum rating over the power source that you will be using. If you get below the minimum, chances are, it cannot accommodate the amount of electricity and it will burn due to overheating, causing more damage and life-threatening accidents than you can ever think of. Aside from property damages.

For additional references, you can take note of the ratings between maximum Amps to the size of your wire gauge. Determine if you will need to get a 15 amps (14 gauge) wire, 20 amps (12 gauge), 30 amps (10 gauge), 40 amps (8 gauge), and 50 amps (5 gauge) wires for your RV requirements.

How To Use An RV Plug

RV power cord is important camping gear. You will need to check how you can support the electricity needed for your campervan or motorhome to let the appliances work. Your extension wire enables you to charge up your generator to provide the electricity needed.

One thing you need to remember is that you cannot just plug your extension cord to any power source and believe that it will function properly. You need to test and make sure that the recipient and source match each other, otherwise, you’ll end up burning or overheating your cords, worst-case scenario, RV short circuit.

Here's how to use and set up your RV extension cord like a pro.

  1. Check the power source shore.
  2. Compare the test results to the capacity needed for your RVs. Check the power drop and the polarity, if you need to reverse or if it’s right. 
  3. Check the power voltage, low voltage extension cord still be used but may get damaged and overworked. High voltage can overheat, burn your RV power cord and damage appliances. 
  4. After checking the power produced on the source or outlet, and it’s perfect for your Rv, you can plug the cord safely.

How to maintain and clean the power cord.

Proper maintenance is needed for your power cable to last. You can store the RV power cord after cleaning them up by wiping and removing dust, dirt or mud without damaging or tearing the sheaths. The simple store them away by rolling.

For most RV power cords that have built-in handles, you can simply coil the cords. For those that have locking ties, you can secure them before storage.

Can I Use An Extension Cord On My RV

You can use an extension cord for recharging your RV, as long as you check the electrical hookups before the source. If you will plug your extension cord to a home outlet, best to turn off the house breaker. Make sure that your power cable is all-weather and has at least 15-20 amps connector. Don’t forget to turn all the appliances inside your RV before plugging in.

How Do You Fix An RV Power Cord

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your RV power cord in good shape. If you’ll need to fix or repair a damaged plug or RV cord, here are our safety tips.

  1. Check what amperage is needed before trying to fix anything. 
  2. Make sure everything is unplugged from the shore power cable.
  3. Detach all screws, open and inspect. 
  4. If you have a permanent connection from cord to plug, you’ll need to cut the plug to detach it.
  5. Carefully slice rubber insulation. Let the wires be exposed. 
  6. Slit down cord from the wires. 
  7. Don’t press too much as it may go through outer rubber insulation.
  8. With careful cutting, you’ll expose the wires without damaging them. 
  9. Use a wire cutter for safe wire cutting without damaging copper strands. Cut at least 1 inch to detach from the wire simulation. 
  10. Bend and twist the wires gently and check pole positions of the plug casing.

Note: 2 wires will be marked WHT and BLK and the last one is a centered pole (green head) crimping nut that holds its ground wire

  1. Before you close the plug, check for cord clamps to seal the wires. Ensure that all connections are tight, sealed, and in the right positions. Then screw back the cap together.
  2. Check the connector and plug. If there is no hissing or smoke, you did a great job. 

Can You Plug Your RV Into House Outlet

Though RVs should not be plugged into a home outlet, it is always possible. You can plug your RV using an extension cord but with a limited time frame. Check if you have the required amperes versus the capacity of your RV. Standard RV needs about 30/50amps with a power source of about 15/20 amps.

What Size Wire Is Needed For A 30 Amp RV Plug

An RV extension cord and plug that has 30 amps, you will need a 10-2 size of wiring. The GFCI will require a 12-2 size wire. However, for 50 amps of the power outlet, it requires a 6-3 size of the wire.


The extension cord that you will use for your RV is a good investment, especially if you are a regular RV camper. Though it is a requirement for most campers, it is essential to purchasing the right extension cord for the safety of your valuables and you as well.

Our verdict for the best RV power cord is Camco 50’ PowerGrip Extension Cord with 30M/30F- 90 Degree Locking Adapters. This multifunctional and heavy-duty power cord is made with premium-quality materials with excellent conductivity.

It’s flexible, easy to use, efficient, and has a gripping handle for users’ safety, protection, convenience, and cord longevity of use. Made with 100% pure copper wire, with PVC sheaths that are heat-resistant and weather-proof.

The adjustable cable organizer makes it convenient to use and easy storage. A great deal every RVer and outdoor enthusiast must take on your next trip.

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