Best RV Mattress That Fits Perfectly To Your Motorhome

Best rv mattress

Regular RV campers understand that a mattress is essential for your outdoor adventure. Whether you have a larger RV (recreational vehicle) or a medium-size RV, taking into consideration what mattress to purchase.

Checking for a reliable and cozy mattress is an investment that greatly affects your outdoor experience. You can purchase a regular mattress, or go for a cozier and RV-custom made specialty memory foam mattress. They usually come in a variety of sizes to match what your RV bedding size is.

We’ve strategically and intensively compiled all the information you need to know about an RV mattress. This comprehensive buying guide is essential, not just for RV seasonal campers but most especially those who frequently hit the road with their families.

These 10 best selling, premium-quality RV mattresses will transform your life and provide the perfect comfort and convenience while you’re away from home.

The 10 Best RV Mattress

This 10 inches deluxe edition memory foam mattress strategically design and create for every RVers cozy convenience. The triple layer of memory foam provides relief from pressure points. It is guaranteed to be ultra-comfortable and durable.

This specialty RV mattress is a great investment, not just for you, but for everyone joining the fun and exploration. You deserve to have that premium-quality mattress after a long and tiring day off the road.

This memory foam mattress is certified and approved by industry experts and passed safety standards. The mattress is designed to mold and support your body’s needs.

With a limited 10-year warranty, you know that this memory foam mattress is durable and can stand the extreme need to match your active lifestyle. Unlike a regular foam mattress, the Sleep master is made with comforting memory foam for support, safety, and hygiene. 


Benefits And Features

  • 3 Inches Comfortable Memory Foam Top Layer
  • 5 Inches Base Foam High-Density Support Layer
  • 2 Inches Pressure-Relief Concentrated Ventilation Foam Layer 
  • Green Tea Infused Extract Memory Foam For Natural Smell/Odor Reduction
  • Excellent Body Support Mattress Targeting Pressure-Points
  • ActivCharcoal Infusion Efficiently And Safely Manages Odor And Moisture Absorption
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Premium-Quality Content, Performance, And Durability
  • 10-Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind
  • Multifunctional And Flexible RV Specialty Mattress
  • Innovative And Comfortable 10 Inches Memory Foam

This 8 inches RV mattress by Serenia Sleep is made with premium-quality pressure-relieving open-cell memory foam. With its stretch-knit luxurious cover, you’ll surely get a wonderfully comfortable and cozy sleep like how you deserved after being away from home.

Never compromise quality sleep no matter where you are. This mattress is suitable for campers that want a medium-firm type of mattress yet provides firm body support underneath. With guaranteed durability, efficiency, safety, and comfort, it’s the perfect mattress for every RV bed.

This mattress evenly distributes body weight and provides proper airflow and ventilation for a cooler sleep. It is strategically made with comfort and coziness in mind without compromising the sleep quality of every camper and outdoor enthusiasts.

It is made with premium-quality materials, carefully tested to make sure it is safe, hypoallergenic, and environment-friendly. This bed is made from Canadian and USA products to make sure you get excellence. 


Benefits And Features

  • Mattress Dimensions 80 Inches x 60 Inches x 8 inches (Polyurethane Memory Foam)
  • 2 Inches Layers (2.5Lbs) Memory Foam Open Cell High-Density Foam Base Layer Support
  • Hypoallergenic And Dust Mites resistant
  • USA Manufactured And Made With Canadian and USA Products
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Environment-Friendly Premium-Quality And Superior Workmanship 
  • Temperature Sensitive Open-Cell Memory Foam Construction
  • Evenly Distributes Weight For Cooler Sleep experience
  • Stretch-Knit Luxurious Cover With European Style Top Layer Finish
  • Relieves Common Pressure And Pain Points And Guarantees Durability And Flexibility

This 8 inches specialty mattress for your RV is an economical investment that provides outstanding quality that can last for years of use. It is guaranteed durable and multifunctional, allowing you to use both sides of the mattress for an extended life span. Both sides are made with a medium-firm mattress that can be flipped over for optimum comfort.

With its nylon fabric cover that is durable compared to other foam covers in the market. This mattress is made with premium-quality, environment-friendly products that are guaranteed chemical-free and won’t cause any harm to your health over time.

You can easily maintain the quality of your mattress by cleaning it with water and soap. This mattress is fire-resistant, antifungal, antimicrobial, durable, soft, odor-free, and water-resistant. It’s EPA registered, safe, and has no harsh chemical when manufactured.

With the highest certification for its efficiency and health safety, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are sleeping in a quality and safe mattress. It evenly distributes weight for optimum body support needed to stimulate quality sleep away from home. 


Benefits And Features

  • Economical And Comfortably Covered With Nylon Fabric RV Mattress
  • Anti-Bacterial, Fire-Retardant, And Hypoallergenic Dust-Resistant
  • Medium Density Evenly Distributed Foam
  • Flipped Over Options To Extend Mattress Usability
  • Guaranteed Long-Lasting, Durable, Soft, Durable, Water-Proof And Chemical-Free
  • EPA Registered Antifungal Antimicrobial And Ultra-Fresh Memory Foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Safe And Efficient RV MAttress
  • Easy To Clean And Durable Nylon Fabric Cover
  • Guaranteed To Enhance The Quality Of Your Sleep By Relieving Pressure Points
  • Dual Side Medium Firm Mattress

When it comes to providing comfort and excellent mattresses for RV campers, Zinus has been in the market for years and has established its name for comfort. This specialty mattress is guaranteed to provide extreme comfort and enhances cozy sleep experience like when you’re home.

It’s made with high-quality materials that promote better sleep by reducing all the pressure points and contours with your body when you lay down. Embrace the cozy and comfort of sleeping in your RV with the right selection of mattresses.

It is guaranteed to be durable and efficiently provide stability. With balanced comfort and support, you’ll surely get a wonderful and peaceful sleep like never before. This mattress is made with multiple layers of strategically combined high-density foam, comfortable, and pressure reducing layers that stimulate proper airflow for cooler and well-ventilated mattresses.

With Green tea infused extract that naturally combats unwanted smell from mattresses, you know your bed won’t smell and is hypoallergenic. With its ActivCharcoal features that absorb any moisture and prevents mold build-up. 


Benefits And Features

  • Mattress Dimensions 60 Inches x 74 Inches x 8 Inches 
  • 2 Inches Of Comfortable Memory Foam Top Layer
  • 4 Inches High-Density Support Base Foam
  • 2 Inches Pressure Relieving Layer Of Concentrated Foam That Enhances Air Flow For Extreme Ventilation
  • Green Tea Infused Extract To Reduce And Prevent Odor Through Natural Process
  • It Provides A Stable And Durable Comfort That Molds With Your Body For Extreme Comfort
  • It Stimulates Quality Sleep Through Its Innovative Design With Guaranteed Comfort
  • Backed With A 10-Years of Limited Warranty
  • Conveniently Easy To Use And Guarantees Excellent Support

This 10 inches RV mattress is infused with gel beads to provide premium-quality memory foam. It’s a combination of multiple layers that promotes cooler sleep through its improved ventilation, reduced pressure points for optimum body support, and a comfortable layer of high-quality memory foam that is guaranteed to be durable, safe, and efficient.

With a high-density foam base layer and its 4 layers of strategically engineered constructed materials, you know that it’s made with every camper in mind. This RV mattress provides the perfect support and comfort you need regardless of where you are heading while on the road.

The luxurious cover adds to the true value and meaning of comfort and safety. It is made with fire-retardant brown suede that comes with a zipper cover which is washable for your convenience.

The DynastyMattress gel memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, making sure you purchase only the most efficient and safest specialty mattress for RV.


Benefits And Features

  • 2.5 Inches Open Cell High-Density 4 Pounds CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam
  • Sleep Cool Innovative Foam 2″ Plus 2″ Cool Airflow
  • Ultimate Base Foam Support of 3.5 Inches Foam With Medium-Firm Feel
  • Durable And High-Quality 4 Layers Construction
  • Luxurious Cover (White) That Comes With A Brown Suede
  • Washable And Fire-Retardant Zipper Cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certification For Safety And Efficiency
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty With 120 Days Free Trial
  • Combines Comfort, Excellent Ventilation And Reduce Pressure Points For A Guaranteed Cozy Quality Sleep

One of the reasons why RV mattresses are made of premium-quality memory foam is to make sure you get the most excellent support and comfort in one. This mattress is made with a multi-layer of high-density, gel-infused memory foam that effectively molds to your body shape, enhancing the quality of your sleep.

With the cooling properties that automatically regulates the temperature of your body. This enables you to sleep better, worry-free, pressure relief bed at the comfort of your RV.

With the 10 inches plush mattress that provides adequate support and fire-retardant cover, you know it’s a great investment suitable for your outdoor escapade. The mattress is also chemical-free making sure it’s safe for sensitive skin. No harmful effects on your health even with longer exposure and use.

This bed-in-box mattress has a 10-year limited warranty that guarantees its durability, safety, and efficiency. Made and manufactured in the United States and has a certification from CertiPUR-US.


Benefits And Features

  • 2 Inches Infused Gel Memory Foam 
  • 8 Inches High-Density Body Contouring Regulating Temperature Mattress
  • Comfortable And Durable Luxurious Mattress Cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam Guaranteed Safety And Efficient
  • TCEP, TDCPP, and PBDEs-Free 
  • Fire RetardantAnd Chemical And Heavy Toxic Metal Free Construction
  • Vacuum Sealed And Compresses Bed In A Box
  • The USA-Made Premium-Quality Manufactured
  • 10-Year Warranty (Limited)
  • Pressure-Point And Temperature Control Mattress

This multifunctional RV mattress can be used for your mobile vehicle, camper truck, RV, or at your home. With a luxuriously cozy and comfortable 5.5 inches thick bed, having quality sleep regardless of where you are is easier.

Made with 100% Veraflex specialized open cell core mattress that incredibly moves and molds with the shape of your body to provide comfort and relieve pressure points. This enables you to have quality sleep that leads to better physical, mental, and overall health.

This mattress meets the safety requirements for Federal standards. With MVSS 302 pass, you know you are investing with a high-quality mattress that won’t compromise safety, comfort, and efficiency.

The mattress is easy to install and provides convenience when handling due to it’s rolled shipment. It’s hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals, both for humans and nature. 


Benefits And Features

  • Mattress Dimension Is 48 Inches x 75 Inches 
  • 5.5 Inches RV Mattress Thickness
  • It Comes With A White And Blue Pinstripe Cover
  • 100% Veraflex Core Open Cell Foam
  • Flame-Watch Built-In Retardant Technology 
  • CFC-Free, Environment-Friendly, And Hypoallergenic
  • Easy Handling Ships Rolled And Convenience of Installation
  • Inside Intercontinental USA Shipping Only
  • Durable Luxuriously Soft RV Mattress
  • Multifunctional Reliable And Highly Efficient

This proudly made and manufactured in the USA is guaranteed to provide extreme convenience and comfort through its bed-in-box easy installation features. You can bring it along once you hit the road with your mobile home and RVs.

This RV mattress is made to provide full-body support that targets and relieves pressure points to enhance your sleep quality. With its 6.5 inches of high-density memory foam that is made of 100% polyester polyurethane for complete durability and flexibility.

The grey checkered pattern depicts the old-style mattress pattern and provides a new design that is visually enticing. With 30 days of satisfactory sleep trial, you know it’s not just an easy installation you get in that bed-in-box feature.

You’ll never compromise the quality of your sleep ever again. With this RV mattress, comfort, convenience, ease of use, and the excellent product is what you deserved while outdoors.


Benefits And Features

  • 6.5 Inches High-Density Polyurethane Memory Foam
  • 100% Durable and High-Quality Polyester
  • USA Proudly Made And Manufactured 
  • Easy Maneuverability And Installation Compression Rolled RV Mattress
  • Designed For Regular RVers And Professional Drivers 
  • Mattress Dimension 38′ x 80″ x 6.5″ 
  • New Checkered Grey Layout For Fresh Eye-Catchy Design
  • Guaranteed Durable, Comfortable, And Luxuriously Soft
  • 30 Days Sleep Trial Guaranteed Satisfaction 
  • Easy To Install Bed-In-Box System

The Soft Sleeper offers an expandable mat cover and independent foam layers that provide total comfort and convenience for every RVers. The memory foam made of viscoelastic provides an excellent surface that enables you to sleep better and promotes quality slumber regardless of where you are.

It is highly suitable for RV mattresses so it provides the perfect comfort needed while on the road. With its expandable, removable, and machine washable materials, you get the most excellent mattress for convenience and ease of use.

This mattress requires assembly as it is shipped in 2 separate packages. With temperature regulating features, it will react to the needs of your body temperature and in return enhances the quality of your sleep. Either it warms up in the winter or stays cooler in the summer.

This specialty mattress is strategically designed for RVs. It is guaranteed durable and incredibly soft while relieving pressure points. With 3 years of manufacturer’s limited warranty and 30 nights satisfactory sleep trial. 


Benefits And Features

  • Items Are Shipped In Two Separate Packages And Require Assembly
  • Made With High-Quality Visco Elastic That Contours With Your Body Shape Perfectly
  • It Reduces And Relieves Pressure Points You Experience With Traditional Mobile Home Mattress 
  • Durable, Highly Efficient And Guaranteed Luxuriously Soft
  • Expandable, Removable And Washable Multi-Layer Pad Cover
  • 4 Inches Superior Support Soft Sleeper And Spinal Alignment Support Layer
  • 4 Inches 5.5 Visco Elastic Soft Sleeper Layer Of Memory Foam
  • Regulates Body Temperature To Provide Optimum Comfort And Enhance Sleep Quality
  • 30 Nights Of Sleep Trial With 3 Year Limited Warranty

This hybrid mattress is infused with natural castor seed oil and green tea extracts that naturally combat bacteria and odor for a more convenient sleep. It is made with spring coils that are heavy-duty and effectively provide the perfect support for a good night’s sleep.

With certification from CertiPUR-US, you know you have the highest quality mattress laying cozily inside your RV. The quilted fiber cover has firm support which provides premium performance and durability in one.

Your mattress is shipped in a box. Efficiently and smartly rolled and compressed for easy installation and use. The 10-year warranty, limited and worry-free ensures you have the best quality mattress.

Once you have received your mattress, allow at least 48-72 hours for it to return to its original plush and cozy shape.


Benefits And Features

  • 8 Inches Hybrid Heavy-Duty Spring Coil RV Mattress
  • Firm Support Mat Cover With Quilted Fiber 
  • Green Tea Infused Extract And Natural Castor Seed Oil For Removing Bacteria And Odor Naturally
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Highest Quality RV Mattress 
  • Guaranteed Durable Content And Highly Efficient
  • Intelligently Shipped Rolled, Compressed And Shipped Into A Box
  • 10Year Warranty 
  • Easy To Install Provides optimum Comfort While Camping 

Camper Mattress (RV Mattress Reviews + Buying Guide)

This complete buying guide in selecting your cozy RV mattress will help you weigh things out with the right factor that will help you visualize the perfect comfort you deserved. An RV mattress is a great investment, that is why you need to know everything about them.

From a myriad selection of mattresses, the most popular manufacturer who’ve won thousands to millions of campers heart, to different measurement and sleepers guides. Specialty RV mattresses have completely different characteristics compared to regular mattresses, from their made, measurement, and dimension. Learn which one should you buy from the type of recreational vehicle or motor home that you have. 

Types Of RV Mattresses

The world of RV mattresses is as vast as you may think it is. Cross-country adventure has never been exciting and convenient unless you have an RV mattress that will help you sleep better for your next adventure. There are generally five different types of the best RV mattresses to select. All of which have their benefits and setbacks, these we’ve revealed just for you.

These top five mattresses are the most popular ones. They provide durability, stability, comfort, and depending on your budget, features that stand out among the rest. Let’s break them one by one and get to know each mattress type better. That way, you’ll know exactly what you want. 

Memory Foam  

One of the most popular and beloved types of RV mattresses are the foam types. This is particularly because of the pressure and pain relief that they offer after a long period of driving. They are strategically made to provide comfort while you hit the road.

This type of mattress for your RV provides a hugging effect. With the polyfoam or memory foam components, you have a high-density foam and cozy support layers. There’s a variety of foam camper mattresses available in the market today. What you are looking for is a type of mattress that has innovative features like gel-infused ones.

The get infused factor helps regulate body temperature and prevents overheating. What memory foam offers is complete ‘molding/hugging’ comfort that sometimes may lead to a hotter sleep experience due to the surface of your foam camper mattress.

What the gel-infused mattress, like those produced by Zinus Sleep Master, helps regulate this hot feeling and provides a cooler sleep due to the graphite or gel infusion that helps neutralize the surface of your mattress, alleviating heat and enhances quality sleep with total comfort.

One of the benefits that you can get with memory foam is their affordability and convenience. They are also lightweight and provide total maneuverability convenience. Most memory foam has a limited warranty but is guaranteed to be durable based on every camper’s experience.

Furthermore, this type of mattress is known to reduce any possible pressure points and relieve pain, allowing you to have better sleep even if you are out of your comfort zone.

Latex Foam 

Latex mattresses are known to be made from organic and natural materials. They provide a great deal of comfort and convenience when it comes to beds. What is best about this mattress type is the antifungal and antimicrobial peculiarities that provide them natural defense against mold and mildew.

Another great advantage of this mattress is its durability and guaranteed long lifespan. Though they can be quite heavy at times and may not be as ideal for medium-sized RVs or campers that like you move their bed frequently.

The latex mattress provides adequate support and comfort in the right place. Though they don’t contour with your body shape, that does not mean they are not comfy or cozy, to begin with. Latex mattresses, just like any other type of bed for RV are suitable for some groups of sleepers and may not be for others. It’s a matter of preference.

Nevertheless, after a whole day or long hours of driving, you would want to lay down on a cozy and comfy mattress of your choice. Some latex beds are large enough to fit some RV models. It is best to check with specialty RV mattress  sizes that will match your motor home first.

Polyurethane Foam 

Polyurethane types of RV mattresses provide fire-retardant materials. This is one of the requirements nowadays when it comes to mattress manufacturing which provides comfort and safety. It is essential to have the perfect protection for your RV mattress as it’s an investment and necessity while off-road.

These mattresses provide the right body contouring support which helps relieve pressure and pain points. Most mattresses of this type offer affordability guarantees. With the flexibility that this material offers, you get a cozy bed and a durable and stylish cover.

The best RV mattresses of this type are easy to use and conveniently low-maintenance. All you have to do is find the right mattress brand. We’ve included a few mattresses on our top list which offers excellent performance under this category.

Innerspring Mattresses 

You’ll never know what an old-school bed is unless you have an innerspring type of mattress. The truth is, there are new innovations for the best RV mattresses that come with this type of material. They offer extremely great support.

One of the downsides of this type of bed is that over time when the spring oil is exposed, they will not be as cozy as you think. However, the good news is, they are durable and you just have to find one manufacturer with great warranty deals to have you covered.

Most innerspring types of beds are affordable, thick, and durable. One setback is that they may weigh more than you expect, especially if compared with foam types of beds.

Airbed RV Mattresses

One of the benefits that you can get with an airbed is its versatile space-savvy features. The comfort and convenience may not be as excellent but they are a good option if you have limited space. They still offer comfort and adequate support to provide a better sleep experience.

They may cost more compared to other types of a mattress but that also depends on what brand you are getting together with their respective features. Since the deflating factor is a great benefit, especially if you wanted to save space and won’t mind putting the bed every time, then this is a great option for you.

Some RVers who want to hit the road when the weather is great, prefer to have an airbed where they can set up under a night sky. This is both perfect for camping and people who have limited space on their campervan or motorhome.

The airbed is also a great option in case you have a company but doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all inside. If they won’t mind. The airbed is flexible enough to be used not just with your RV but even indoors.

Types Of Sleepers

Do you know what type of sleeper are you? If you do, that’s great, this category helps you determine the perfect firmness level that is suitable for your weight sleep group. There are three types of sleep groups to check which have different firmness needs based on the positions you are most comfortable sleeping.

That way, you will know why you are feeling sore or having pain in the morning. This can be sole because you are using the wrong mattress for your body type.

It is essential to know the difference between regular mattresses and specialty RV mattresses. Most RV beds are thin compared to traditional bed models, they are even firmer. Most sleepers, regardless of the sleeping position they got used to, prefer to go over a firmer level of the bed.

For you to get the perfect firmness level suitable for your RV mattress, you need to remember a few things. Though most RV mattress manufacturers have made sure to provide you with the right comfort and convenience, it is also essential on your part to know which one is suitable for your sleep needs.

In general, this is how you can determine the firmness level of your mattress.

Sleep Position

The sleeping position is an important factor for you to find the perfect firmness level of your mattress. You can be a side sleeper, which the softer bed is essential. With side sleeping, support for your shoulder and hips is needed to maintain optimal support for your spine.

While back sleepers need a firmer mattress to support your hips and pelvis. And Stomach sleepers require a firm bed to prevent them from sinking while sleeping.


If you are a heavyweight sleeper, a firmer mattress is essential to avoid bed sagging. While lightweight sleepers may find comfort with a softer bed. 

Below is the best guide for you to determine the root cause of your stiff neck, lower back pain or leg cramps, among the few setbacks. Invest in a quality RV mattress today.

Lightweight Sleepers 

Lightweight sleeper groups are people who weigh 130 pounds or less. This can be tricky as there are different sleep positions you are most comfortable with.

Sleep position varies for this group. If you are a lightweight sleeper or below the average weight and a side sleeper, you want your mattress to be soft. Rating the firmness from soft (3) to the medium-firm (5).

If you are a back sleeper, you will want the firmness to be medium soft (4) to the medium-firm (6).

However, if you are a tummy sleeper, the firmness level suitable starts from medium-soft (4) to the medium-firm (6). This can still vary if you are a combo sleeper, that means you keep moving and changing positions while asleep.

Medium Weight Sleepers

Medium weight groups are people that have an average weight of 130 pounds to 230 pounds. Though you can be a combination sleeper, it is best to determine the right mattress firmness, not just for your cozy bed but with your RV mattress too.

Side sleeper medium-weight people preferred firmness level from medium-soft (4) to medium-firm (6). While back sleepers under this group rely upon their firmness from medium (5) to firm (7 to 8).

While stomach sleepers under average types of sleepers preferred medium firm (6) to firm (7 to 8) level mattresses.

Heavyweight Sleepers 

Heavyweight sleepers or those people that weigh above the average group have 230 pounds and more. These groups need a firmer mattress that supports them and prevents pressure points. However, the firmness level may still vary depending on the preference of every person.

For example, for most heavyweight sleepers who prefer to side sleep may need a mattress that has a medium (5) to medium-firm (6) level of firmness. While back sleepers may prefer a medium-firm (6) to firm (7 to 8) mattress to prevent lower back pain and other pressure and pain points.

While combination or stomach sleeper heavyweight groups may need a medium-firm mattress (6) to firm (7 to 8) level of the bed.

Essential Features To Consider

Before shopping for a new RV mattress, it is essential to take into consideration and ask a few helpful questions to help you determine what you need. This can be as simple as what RV model you have or the size mattress to match what you will need.

Things like knowing your sleep group will help you determine the firmness level of the mattress that you need. Next are your budget and the type of bed that works best for you. These factors are important. It is best to know what other factors should come handy with you. Here are a few important checklists to help you out. 

  • Types Of Mattress

The type of mattress that you will select depends on what you prefer or need. There are different types of mattress ranging from memory foam, hybrid, airbed, latex, and more. With this guide, we’ve mentioned five of the most popular and trusted types of beds every camper always goes for. 

Aside from your budget, knowing what you prefer will help you determine the mattress suitable for you. Above is a comprehensive description of these mattresses types. The type of mattress that you will select will help stimulate a better sleep experience even if you are away from home.

  • Quality

The quality of the mattress that you will purchase not just only about the manufacturers’ descriptive details of the product alone. Sometimes and oftentimes, reading comprehensive RV mattress reviews like this can help you determine the quality of the product that you wanted to buy.

Next is checking the history of the products through consistent customer feedback and expert recommendations. Most people who previously bought a product will ‘honestly’ tell you what it feels like having that product with them.

Next is background checking. You cannot keep a good reputation off the road, so as bad ones. Word of mouth can be an option, but sometimes it’s also ideal to check complete details of the products and what benefits you can get by purchasing it.

We don’t skip that part, especially with RV foam mattresses. That is why we’ve compiled all of the helpful factors that beginners and even regular RVers need to know about beds and anything related to it.

  • Mattress Size

RV mattress sizes have a huge difference when it comes to regular home mattresses. This can be complex, especially if you don’t know what size bed you are trying to get with your RV. You might end up buying a big one or a small one. You can surely skip that part by knowing which size is suitable for you.

With standard bed, you can go doe sizes like twin (38″W x 75″L), twin xl (38″W x 80″L), double or full size (54″W x 75″L), queen ( 60″w x 80″L), king (76″W x 80″L), and California king (72″w x 84″L).

The best way to find the perfect mattress size for your RV, if you are trying to replace an old one, is to measure it. That way, you can perfectly find the right replacement size. On the other hand, the guide below will help you determine which mattress size you will need.

These dimensions and sizes will help you determine what mattress you will need with.

  • Warranty Coverage

When it comes to buying any product, especially with a mattress, it is essential to know the coverage period. The best RV mattresses come with about a 5 to 10-year warranty. You don’t want to go over the same process of buying defective or wrong foam mattresses for your RV.

The best way to find a great deal is to look for foam mattresses that have a higher or longer warranty period. That way, you know that you are buying a high-quality product that can stand the test of time and is worth every money you are planning to invest.

If you find one that has 20 to around 25 years of warranty, it can have a higher price but surely is worth it. However, most RV mattresses have a 10-year warranty, to begin with. And that is already a pretty decent deal to grab.

  • Best Price Range

The relative amount of money that you wanted to put on your RV mattress is essential to help you find a good one. Though most RV beds are not as expensive as your home mattress, it is still considered a great investment to begin with.

There are RV beds that can go from $150 but are already a great deal for comfort and convenience. You can still go as high as around $500 if you wanted a better quality bed. The truth is, what you’re willing to spend will help you find the perfect mattress.

Once you have determined the budget that you have, you can easily find the perfect fit for the bed that will go with you off-road.

  • Type Of RV

RV’s are considered a great investment. They are relatively expensive compared to traditional vehicles because of the convenience that they offer. Aside from that, they represent a home away from home. They have almost anything you need to feel cozy while you hit the road.

These RVs are categorized into three. That way, it will be easier for you to determine which one you have and find the right mattress selection at the same time.

  • Thickness

The best RV mattresses come with thicknesses that are around 5 to 6 inches. They don’t measure 10 inches more because it will give you a hard time. This is an important factor for most RV’s that comes with sleeping quarters.

Regardless of the size of your RV, you have to take into consideration the thickness of the mattress you will purchase.

  • Firmness Level

RV mattress has a firmer level compared to a regular mattress. Though you can still find RV beds that have innerspring or softer foam as a selection. This still depends on your preference for firmness and comfort.

Take note that the firmness level of your mattress will depend on your weight group. Which can still vary to what sleep position you are most comfortable with. We’ve included a detailed guide of your sleeping group and options. That way you can easily determine which category you are.

Before purchasing a bed, you need to also check how often or where you will most likely spend days. Keep in mind that innerspring beds may tend to rust due to their natural components. While memory foam may have a limited lifespan too. 

  • Sleep Trial

One of the best ways to check the quality of your RV mattress is by checking for a brand or manufacturer that offers a free trial. These can range from 30 nights up to about 120 nights. That way, you can test the quality and performance of your mattress.

It depends on the manufacturer’s warranty coverage, you can either have a full money back or partial refund. Always check with the manufacturer’s offer for a free trial and check their rules for it. Some manufacturers, like when purchasing a traditional mattress for your home, offer door to door delivery.

You can also check with the RV mattress manufacturer you have selected and their coverage for shipping and free delivery options.

3 Types Of Motorhomes

You may have noticed that there are different types and sizes of motorhomes. There are large RVs and medium-size ones. All of which depends on how you want your RV to be. In this guide, we will differentiate in full details the 3 classes of RVs.

Class A RVs. In this category, you will have the largest type of Rv available in the market. You may have seen one of these types. Class A RVs are large, averaging from 50 Ft in length. With their spacious interior comes a wide range of interesting features.

Including a larger space for sleeping quarters or bunk beds. With their large size, you can fit any size of mattress inside. It is not just about the bunks that you can place inside, but even larger numbers of people to accommodate at the same time.

Class B RVs. They are not as expensive compared to class A RVs. They are still considered big enough and have plenty of space. These types of RVs have around 30ft and 40ft in length. Not as spacious as class A RVs but spacious enough to accommodate the furniture that adds up to the value of your motorhome.

Most fixtures and movables inside have storage areas for you to place things without crowding your RV. One of the benefits that these RVs offer are built-in bunk beds or smaller beds which you can custom fit and add extra features for them to be cozy.

While not every class B RVs limit your mattress options, some still offer you options to purchase the right bed of your preference.

Class C RVs. These models of RVs have around 20ft to 30ft length. You can access them through the chassis of your truck and have doors that enable you to access its cab and the interior of your motorhome.

This type of motorhome may not have as much space compared to class A or B types of motorhomes. The class c types of motorhomes come with a pull-out sofa that serves as the bed or sometimes it has a mattress that comes above your driver’s cab. These are usually the best place to put in your mattress without taking too much space inside.

For most RVers that have a smaller RV size, you can opt to fix the bed by placing a bed topper to make it cozier when it’s about time to sleep.

  • Pop-Up Trailers

This type of towable trailer is the smallest of their kind. They don’t come with many built-in features. This type of motorhomes, or as they can be categorized with, are suitable for shorter journeys and road trips.

Since they are relatively small and limited in space, thick foam mattresses are not suitable for them. Otherwise, a mattress comes with a top layer for alternative comfort. 

  • Travel Trailers

Most travel trailers are longer and come with a variety of assortment which is built-in to add convenience and comfort to your road trips. The only setbacks with this type of motorhomes are the maneuverability options.

The 5th wheel enables you to go easily. Most travel trailers have narrower interior space. They also come with beds that are fold-outs. For better sleep options, you can add mattress toppers to your travel trailer RV mattress. 

  • 5th Wheel Trailers

The largest towable trailers are the fifth wheels. The coupling which is attached to your towing vehicle into the trailer enhances the maneuverability and flexibility of your trailer home.

The fifth wheel provides convenience and ease of control especially during turning or if your trailer is reversely towed. The good thing is you can fit almost any size of RV mattress to them because of the space that they provide. 

Do You Need A Specialty RV Mattress

The main reason why you need to get a specialty mattress for your RV is simple, an RV mattress is strategically designed to fit your motorhome. Unlike traditional foam mattresses that are thicker and larger and will never fit a regular RV.

There are custom-fit bed frames for your RVs. If you have one, it is essential to get a mattress that is perfectly fit for your bed frames.

Keep in mind that when you have an RV, you want to save as much space as possible. Including finding minimalist furniture without compromising their performances.

Those foam mattresses that come with your RV should be replaced or fixed, adding extra toppers for them to be comfortable. Otherwise, you will surely need to change that mattress because it’s not a good quality one.

How To Find The Perfect RV Mattress

There are different types of RV mattresses to select. All of which offer convenience and comfort when used. Our top 10 products are strategically designed for this matter.

Knowing what your bed is made of is also an essential factor. You can go for the latest versions of memory foam that are infused with gel which regulates body temperature. While there are some made of polyester, polyurethane foams, natural fibers, innerspring, and a combination which are considered hybrid types of beds.

  • The difference of RV Queen Bed From A Regular Queen Bed

An RV queen bed also known as the short queen bed is different from a regular queen bed. It’s approximately 5 to 6 inches shorter compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. This helps you optimize the limited space inside your RV efficiently.

When we optimize this space, it enables us to put extra furniture or you can keep that space free from anything. A matter of choice for most RVers whether to place new things or not. Otherwise, one of the main reasons why RV mattresses are different from traditional home memory foam mattresses is the space you can save.

You may not think that those measurements won’t affect your RV but honestly, it gives a great impact over time. If you have more space and a short queen bed may not feel cozy and comfy, you can upgrade your bed into a larger size. 

  • The Most Popular RV Mattress Brands

Finding a premium-quality RV mattress may seem like a huge task unless you are familiar with the most recommended and high-quality products. Here are some of the brands you must take into consideration when buying an RV mattress.

  • Sleep Master 
  • Serenia Sleep
  • Everynight Deluxe
  • Zinus
  • DynastyMattress
  • Signature Sleep Mattress
  • Live &S Sleep
  • Best Price
  • Dreamfoam
  • Helpful Tips In Finding The Perfect Mattress

One of the most precise ways to find the perfect mattress for your RV, in case you are planning to change your terrible and just uncomfortable RV bed is to measure it to get the right size you need.

This way, instead of getting the wrong size, a bigger or possibly smaller one, you get the right size needed.

The truth is, you can’t always find a perfect guide to your RV unless you measure the old replaceable one.

Can you use a regular mattress in an RV

Using a traditional mattress for your RV has a few important factors to consider. First, the amount of space available in your motorhome. Second, the size of the bed you are planning to get. Specialty RV mattress helps you optimize the space available in your RV, travel trailer, or pop-up trailer.

You don’t want to have a crowded space inside your RV. As much as possible, you wanted to keep the interior as spacious as possible. That way, you can either place new furniture or keep that space free of anything.

What makes an RV mattress different from a regular bed are the two cut out or corners of your camper bed to fit perfectly into your fifth wheel or RV. You can also find a variety of dimensions and sizes that are unique compared to household beds.

How can I make my RV mattress more comfortable

Don’t be surprised if most RV mattresses are made to be firmer compared to traditional ones. Though you can still find ones that are softer for extreme comfort. Most of the time, and options, they can be firm. Let’s not be frustrated because there are plenty of ways on how you can transform your RV mattress into a cozier one. That way, it will help enhance the quality of your sleep.

Here are the most helpful and proven tips and hacks, compiled from campers and RVers. Feel free to add them to your to-do-list later on. 

Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are one of the most popular ways to enhance the quality of your poky or relatively hard RV bed.

Cotton Mattress Topper (Pillow-Top)

Pillow tops (mattress topper) are also another option. You can find different manufactures with this one, including hypoallergenic ones suitable for sensitive skin.

Air Beds

For those who have limited space and don’t mind inflating an air bed, it can be a great option too. Just find the perfect size of your mattress and add layers of insulation for a cozier bed.

Natural Merino (Wool) Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers come in a variety of options, which helps you enjoy road trips no matter the season. Organic merino fiber (wool) is also another helpful way to enhance the quality of your bed.

Latex Mattress Topper

If you opt for a more comfy bed, you can go and level it up to a better one, like a latex mattress.

Egg-Crate Memory Foam

Breathability is another factor that you have to consider when it comes to selecting a bed. Egg-crate memory foam is also a good option for proper ventilation. 

What is the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress

The main difference between a traditional mattress from an RV mattress is their dimension/measurements. RV beds are relatively smaller or shorter compared to regular beds.

They are narrower compared to regular ones. A few inches shorter, about 5 to 6 inches, and has curved edges or sometimes comes in customized shapes to perfectly fit the interior of your RV, especially if you have limited space.

What size is an RV queen mattress

RV mattresses have different sizes. Relatively similar to most traditional queen size beds, RV queen beds can be categorized into 3 options. You can go for the regular size for RV queen (60 x 80 “), an RV short queen ( 60″w by 75 ”L), and Olympic queen (66″w x 80 ”L).


There are a lot of essential factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best RV mattress to enhance the quality of your sleep. You may get overwhelmed with a lot of options but knowing what size you need is one of the first things you need to check. Our verdict for the best RV bed is the Sleep Master 10” Memory Foam RV Mattress. Sleep masters have been producing high-quality ,memory foam mattresses that are suitable for any type of RVs.

Whether you are off the road for a quick trip or planning to cross country for your next expedition, you surely want a bed that will relieve pressure and pain points associated with driving for a longer time.

With the three layers of comfortable memory foam, you know you’ll have a better sleep even if you are not at home. This bed is extremely durable and extra cozy. With innovation, like the gel-infused layer of memory foam. It helps regulate temperature so you will never sleep hot.

The 10 years warranty is already a great deal for RV beds. What you need when driving your RV is a great supportive bed after long hours of driving and that is what Sleep Mattress offers you.