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By Dan Nolan | May 14, 2021
Are you still using firewood for campfires? Check out the best propane fire pits! They are safe, effective, smokefree, easy to set up and lightweight. Grab yours today.

Fire pits set a relaxing ambiance while outdoors, especially if you prefer camping and exploring during colder seasons. They provide a nice heated area where you can gather around with your family, friends, and co-campers. Though there are restrictions when it comes to setting fire pits on campsites, propane fire pits are an excellent alternative that lets you enjoy outdoors safely.

This in-depth review of the most excellent propane fire pits enables you to select the best portable fire that fits easily. We’ve included a bunch of helpful tips to help you select the ones that will perfectly fit your preference. And extra must-check features to simplify your life outdoors.

With the 8 best and reliable products in the market, outdoor enthusiasts will surely get a great deal of relaxation knowing you’ll have a stylish, reliable, durable, extremely safe, and multifunctional fire pit anywhere you go.

The 8 Best Propane Fire Pit

The 8 Best Propane Fire Pit to use during camping and outdoor activities.

1. Outland Firebowl 870 Premium, 58,000 BTU With Auto-Ignition

Outland Firebowl 870 Premium, 58,000 BTU With Auto-Ignition
Rating: 5.0
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This high-quality propane fire fit is multifunctional and durable. It’s CSA approved for safety and protection. Constructed with durable and premium-quality steel. This travel-friendly, compact, and lightweight flame bowl can be set up easily with no tools required.

With stainless-metal fasteners and burners. This flame bowl has 58K BTU/Hr output using a traditional 5 gallon or 20 pounds propane tank. The flame bowl provides safety even with campfire bans.

This outdoor flame bowl comes with sets of natural lava stones (4.4lbs) specially designed to provide flickering effects to your fire pit. With a stabilizer ring for your propane tank and a complete kit, cover, and carry bag for the convenience of storage.

Benefits And Features

  • Complete Kit With 10-Ft Pre-Attached Hose For Propane Tank Safety
  • No Mess Gas Campfire
  • Multifunctional, Durable, And Reliable
  • Travel-Friendly Compact Size And Lightweight
  • No Required Tools For Setting Up
  • Matchless Automatic Ignition 
  • Ideal For All Weather, Smoke-Free, Spark-Free, And Clean Flame
  • CSA Approved Safety Use
  • Adjustable Regulator W/ Chrome Valve Handle To Adjust Flame Height
  • Premium-Quality Durable Metal Construction

2. Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress, 58,000 BTU

Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress, 58,000 BTU
Rating: 4.8
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This 21″ portable and easy to set up flame bowl is guaranteed durable, lightweight, and comes with a compact size that is travel-friendly. With the complete set, you can easily carry your propane flame pit anywhere you go with ease and safety.

With a low-profile yet robust construction, it provides a natural and fuller flame that is smoke-free and comes with a 4.4 lbs set of natural lava stones to add a beautiful flickering effect to your fire. It’s the safest alternative to a common labor-intensive fire camping fire.

Since it’s CSA -approved and constructed with premium-quality steel, enamel finished, and powder coated protection. It’s guaranteed reliable, durable and lasts longer. With the stainless metal Helios burner and fasteners, rubberize comfortable grip chrome knob, you’ll have a convenient and comfortable camping experience with style and safety.

Benefits And Features

  • CSA-Approved Fire Bowl Pit Guaranteed Safe And Reliable
  • Multifunctional, Durable, And No Mess Smoke-free Campfire
  • Portable Lightweight And Travel-Friendly Compact Size
  • Low-Profile No Required Tool So Set Up 
  • Clean Spark-Free All-Weather Flame 
  • Complete Set Fire Pit With carrying Bag And Cover
  • 4.4 Pounds Natural Lava Rocks For Enhance Flame Flickering Effect
  • Premium-Quality Constructed With Steel With Enamel Protective Finish
  • Robust Stainless Steel Fasteners And Burner With A Decorative Belt

3. Heininger 5995, 58,000 BTU

Heininger 5995, 58,000 BTU
Rating: 4.6
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The Heininger propane flame pit provides total comfort and convenience when it comes to an aesthetic centerpiece experience for your outdoor adventure. This all-weather propane fire pit provides the perfect warmth for camping trips. This fire pit works perfectly with a regular gas tank.

The smoke-free and clean flame that this propane fire pit provides is enough to create a relaxing ambiance suitable for your whole family for an outdoor experience. Since it’s a complete package that, you won’t need to bring any firewood or fire starters.

The sets of organic lava stones add beauty and flickering effects to your flame. With no muss and no fuss, portability, reliability, and comfort. This portable propane fire pit should be included in your next RV or camping adventure.

Benefits And Features

  • Multifunctional Durable And Reliable Fire Fit
  • 58k BTU Guaranteed Smoke-Free And Clean Flame
  • CSA-Approved Safe Fire Pit For Campfire
  • 19″ Diameter Black Color All-Weather Flame Bowl
  • Compact Portable And Lightweight
  • Travel-Friendly Easy To Set Up And Use
  • 10 Ft Propane Hose With Natural Lava Rocks
  • It Provides Total Convenience With Excellent Outdoor Comfort

4. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega, 58,000 BTU

Outland Firebowl 883 Mega, 58,000 BTU
Rating: 4.5
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This 24 inches diameter portable and lightweight propane fire pit is the most excellent solution to provide warmth during your RV or camping adventure with the family. This the best alternative to traditional labor-filled campfires. With its CSA certification, you can set up your campfire safety even during campfire bans. Always check with the level of restrictions at the campsite.

The rubberized comfortable grip for your stainless-metal fasteners and burner enables you to easily turn the flame inconveniently and safely. With a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, you know this product is beyond durable and reliable.

It comes with 6.6 lbs of organic lava stones that add beautiful flickering effects to the fire. With no required tool to set this up, you can relax and enjoy outdoor anytime with its all-weather features.

Benefits And Features

  • 24 Inches L x 24 Inches W x 13 Inches H Measurement
  • Multifunctional Reliable And Durable
  • Mess-Free, Spark-Free, Clean, And Realistic Flame
  • No Tools Required To Assemble In A Few Minutes
  • UV And All-Weather Compact Travel-Friendly Portable Fire Bowl
  • CSA-Approved Safe For Outdoor Use
  • Complete Kit With Cover And 10 Feet Gas Hose
  • 6.6 Pounds Set of Organic Lava Rocks 
  • Constructed With Premium-Quality Durable Steel
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners And Burners

5. Outland Firebowl 823, 58,000 BTU

Outland Firebowl 823, 58,000 BTU
Rating: 4.3
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Stay outdoors and enjoy a relaxing ambiance with this 19 inches diameter propane fire pit that requires no tool for setting up. With the 4.4 pounds, organic lava rock set included for flickering effects into your flame.

This fire pit is constructed from premium-quality steel that guarantees durability, reliability, safety, and efficacy. It’s CSA-approved which you can still use during campfire bans as it’s tested to be safe. Though you will still need to check the level of flame restrictions to the area or campsite.

This perfect outdoor recreational product transforms ordinary camping, RV, or backyard gatherings into a relaxing experience. It also offers convenience compared to laborious traditional firewood campfires.

Benefits And Features

  • 58K BTU 19 Inches Diameter Propane Fire Pit
  • It Provides A Realistic Spark-free Smokeless, Clean Flame
  • CSA-Approved Guaranteed Safe And Effective Outdoor Use Even During Campfire Ban
  • Travel-Friendly Compact Portable And Lightweight 
  • No Required Tools For Setting Up
  • UV Aand All-Weather Resistant Durable Long Lasting Product
  • Complete Kit With 10 Ft Pre-Attached Propane Hose
  • 4.4 Lbs Of Organic Lava Stones For Flickering Effects
  • Constructed From Premium-Quality Steel

6. Bond Aurora 67836, 54,000 BTU

Bond Aurora 67836, 54,000 BTU
Rating: 4.1
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This high-quality, multifunctional, and durable propane fire pit is ideal for outdoor adventure, camping, or backyard gatherings. It provides a cozy safe warmth with a relaxing ambiance for the whole family. With sturdy steel construction, it’s guaranteed to last for years of usage.

With no tools to take along for assembly, you can set up your fire pit in a few minutes and it’s guaranteed effective and safe. There are no fumes, firewood, or fire starters required. With a clean flame that provides a spark-free and smokeless fire pit in an instant.

It’s lightweight and portable, you can take it along with you no matter where you go. With automatic ignition functionalities, you can use it anytime and anywhere with a breeze. Bring this versatile propane fire pit on your next outdoor adventure!

Benefits And Features

  • Multifunctional Durable And Reliable Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Includes Propane Hose, Stones, Cover, And Gas Regulator
  • Constructed With High-Quality Steel Frame And Bronze Rubber Finished
  • 50K BTU Energy Output
  • Dimensions: 18.5 Inches Width x 14.7 Inches Height 
  • Wood Deck Safe And Ideal For Tailgating Or Camping
  • Lightweight Compact Size And Portable 
  • Constructed With Durable And high-Quality Long-Lasting Steel
  • Gorgeously Stylish Antique Copper Iron Finished
  • No Assembly Required

7. Camp Chef Redwood Port. Pro, 55,000 BTU

Camp Chef Redwood Port. Pro, 55,000 BTU
Rating: 3.9
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This handy propane fire pit is suitable for any outdoor adventure. It’s a multifunctional, reliable, and guaranteed durable stylish design that provides a relaxing ambiance and warmth for your whole family and friends. Take it along with you, it’s lightweight and has a sturdy construction that is made to last for years of RV trips or camping.

With an easy to assemble design and unique features, it’s a convenient and comfortable campfire pit everyone will enjoy. The fully adjustable settings to control fire helps you take advantage of the fire ideal for cooking hotdogs and roasting marshmallows.

With the natural flickering effects of organic lava stones, a campfire will never be laborious like before. It’s safe and highly effective, must-have camping, or RV accessories that help you set up a relaxing and warm ambiance especially during colder seasons.

Benefits And Features

  • 55K BTU Energy Output Propane Flame Pit
  • Matchless Automatic Ignition
  • Diameter Size 15 Inches And 19 Inches Outer Ring Diameter
  • Shutoff Safety Valve
  • 12 Pounds Of Natural Lava Stones Included
  • 5 Feet Gas Hose And Tank Stand
  • Four Adjustable Roasting Stick Included
  • Smokeless Natural Clean Flame
  • Compact And Travel-Friendly Portable Size 
  • Easy To Set Up, Carry, And Use
  • Multifunctional, Reliable, And Durable

8. Fire Sense 62133 Sporty Campfire Portable, 60,000 BTU

Fire Sense 62133 Sporty Campfire Portable, 60,000 BTU
Rating: 3.6
Check Price on Amazon

This campfire pit provides the best relaxing ambiance and warmth for any outdoor adventure, camping, RV trips, beach, beach parties, gatherings, and more. It’s multifunctional, reliable, and constructed with sturdy and durable metal that is heat-resistant. Guaranteed effective and safe to use on any campsite.

It comes with organic lava stones that provide a flickering fume. This handy fire pit is easy to set up and store. With it’s lightweight and compact size, you can take it along with you anywhere. With complete control over the ignition, you’ll never have to worry about laborious firewood set up.

It comes with a complete and helpful kit for flexibility and sustainability. With a clean and smokeless fire pit, you’ll have a one of a kind outdoor experience to enjoy. With a locking lid and foldable stand, it’s convenient, safe, and comfortable in one.

Benefits And Features

  • Multifunctional Attractive And Compact Design
  • Travel-Friendly portable Fire Pit Ideal For Camping, RV Trips Or Backyard Gatherings
  • Heat-Resistant Durable Painted Steel
  • Complete Kit With Cover, Gas Stand, Hose, And Regulator
  • 15 Inches Diameter With Foldable Stand
  • 60K BTU Energy Output
  • Includes Organic Lava Rocks
  • With Locking Lid Provides Handy Convenience
  • Stainless Metal Fasteners And Burner

Best Gas Fire Pit To Buy + Helpful Tips & Must-Have Features

Owning a propane flame pit has a lot of advantages, not just for your outdoor adventure but for providing a relaxing ambiance to your co-campers, friends, and family. The use of firewood has become the thing of the past. Though it provides a homey feeling, propane flame pits are the new trending tools for every outdoor enthusiast.

First, they offer convenience and easy to set up campfires in just a few minutes. Second, they have stunning aesthetics that will surely impress everyone. Third, they set the mood without compromising safety and comfort. With all the different products in the market, promising safety and comfort, which one should you get?

How will you know which one has the right feature that you need for your next camping, beach party, or RV trip? Now we’ve compiled all the helpful features that you have to keep in mind. They will save you money, secure your safety, and promote better outdoor living.

Before setting up a campfire on your next destination, it is essential to know the fire restrictions on the area and comply. Next is to personally check the possibility of setting up a fire pit. Prevention is always better than risking lives and safety. 

Outland Living

Essential Features For The Best Propane Flame Pit

These features help you determine the most excellent fire pit for your next camping or any outdoor adventure. 

Portability And Size

For most outdoor enthusiasts, portability and the camping gear’s size is an important factor. This is due to the limitation of spaces you have in your camper van, motorhome, RVs, and backpacks.

The size and weight come next, you wanted to bring a tool that is both lightweight, handy, reliable, and guarantees durability. Camping flame pits enable you to create a relaxing ambiance with convenience and ease.

With the right accessories like covers and carry bags, this helps easily take the propane flame pits wherever you want to set it up. With excellent mobility and ease of use, setting up the best fire pits is always a breeze.

Fuel Type You'll Use

The type of fuel that you’ll use with your fire pit matters. Though most of them use propane tanks, it is essential to know which one is the most convenient for you. Checking benefits and setbacks for every fuel type is important.

The propane flame pits need something to secure your fuel tank. Checking for a safe and convenient spot to place your tank is another factor to consider. Regardless of what fuel you used, most portable gas flame pits are designed to simplify your life without compromising security and comfort.

BTU Rating

BTU is the amount of heat energy that your fire pit can provide. The higher the rating, the warmer it can get. Take into consideration the space you wanted to place your flame pits. All propane fire pits indicate their BTU ratings.

Most of them can generate from 30K BTUs up to 100K BTUs. The product’s energy output can also depend on its construction, burner capacity, and size. With that, you’ll have a better idea of which product you should purchase.

Ignition Type

The ignition type of your propane flame pit provides additional security. This prevents any unnecessary ignition that can cause major damage or accidents. There are fire pits that come with manual or automatic ignitions.

Aside from their unique yet user-friendly designs, ignitions are sometimes hidden away for users’ safety.

Assembly And Aesthetics

Setting up your fire pit should not be complicated. Check for products that require no tool for setups. That way, you can easily set it up in a few minutes and you’ll be relaxing in no time.

Aesthetic is another factor. Unique designs that are durable, reliable, and mobility should be part of your fire pits’ design. You want to invest with a good-looking fire pit that has outstanding performance, not just to show-off but to add convenience on your part. 

Adjustable Flame Size

Adjustable fire size is ideal for you to control the flame of your fire pit. That way, you can control it to the size ideal for you to feel extra cozy and warm. 


The durability of your propane flame pits depends on the materials used for construction. Solid steel manufactured types are guaranteed to last longer, with protective enamel and high-temperature finished, you know you’re investing with a superior-quality product. 

Safety Features

Safety features include accessories that improve convenience without compromising safety. A longer hose to keep your propane tank from a distance with a tank regulator. You can also check for locking lids to secure your fire pit.

A stabilizer ring that secures your gas tank. Next is a propane stand that keeps your gas tank in secured and prevents falling over that may cause an accident. Shutoff valves are also essential in case of unwanted scenarios.


Your fire pit needs proper maintenance for to keep it working and retain its quality. Aside from visual checking, cleaning the unit from time to time provides better performance.

If you noticed that your fire pit is off, you need to do a quick check-up to make sure you don’t compromise its quality and avoid long term damage. Find a unit that is low-maintenance and is not complicated to clean.


The amount of money you want to invest in a portable propane flame pit will tell its quality and performance. Buying a cheaper product may not be wiser as there are a lot of safety features that may be missing.

If you want a fire pit that can withstand the test of time, invest in a premium-quality one. You’re already doing yourself a favor by doing so.

Benefits Of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Handy fire pits are getting popular for most outdoor enthusiasts. There are specific benefits that you can get simply by owning one. Aside from the convenience and instant yet consistent warmth that they produced, we’ve listed below what’s in store for you, if you’ve decided to ditch the traditional and laborious firewood for your campfire.

Convenience And Safety

What most campers, RVers, and nature lovers adore about portable propane flame pits is the convenience and security that they provide. Since they are handy and ready to use, you can simply use them with push buttons, manual or automatic ignitions.

You don’t need to gather and bring forth with you heavy woods and firestarters. Most of the time it’s harder to control and cause accidental fires due to sparks and fumes. Propane flame pits are mostly UL or CSA-approved for a safe outdoor campfire.

With their safety features, you can easily control or shut the fire off instantly for emergency scenarios.

Stylish Aesthetics

With multiple functionalities and stunning designs, these fire pits are truly the center of attraction for every camping, beach parties or RV trip.

With unique designs to select from, you can opt for something simple yet provides outstanding performance. There is a myriad of sizes and shapes to select that fit perfectly for your RVs and motorhomes.

Easy To Use And Portable

Gas flame pits are guaranteed safe and easy to use. With their user-friendly and travel-friendly features, they become part of your outdoor must-have gears.

Most fire pits come with matchless ignition, to begin with. With no required tools to set them up, you just tag them along with you, place them on the most appropriate ‘center’ of the attraction, and ignite their valves. As simple as that, no woods or firestarters needed.

Mobility is their second name. Like you can take them anywhere you like, they will surely provide the warmth to compliment the night sky.

Instantly Provides Consistent Warmth

Unlike firewoods, gas flame pits provide an instant yet consistent warmth everyone will feel cozy with. With their easy settings and fast ignition, you will not wait hours until you can feel the warmth, especially in the colder season where staying outdoors seems a challenge.

There are a variety of energy outputs to select which determine the heat temperature that every fire pit provides.

Easy To Control

Conveniently adjust the level of flame or temperature that your propane flame pit produces. With organic lava rocks to add flickering effects to your fire. You can set how warm and cozy you want by simply controlling the valves. 

No Smoke And Clean Flame

You’ll surely agree with us that you don’t want that tearjerker smoke which is produced by firewoods unless you want to take home the smell. Gas flame pits provide a clean and smoke-free flame.

It’s a great advantage to be cozy warm next to fire without worrying about the smoke that most firewood produces. Using propane enables you to be comfy while relaxing next to a warm fire pit anywhere.

Ideal For People With Allergies

The smoke has major setbacks not just for kids but for people who have allergies or sensitivities when exposed to smoke. While gas flame pits provide a spark-free and smokeless burn, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everyone is safe, and cozy warm.

Portable Propane Fire Pit Facts

Campfire sets the mood when it comes to outdoor adventures. This simple center fire allows social gatherings extra special and interactively cozy. However, there are some instances that setting your own campfire may be a challenge.

Campfire bans, for example, will restrict any firewood campfire. Next is the availability of firewood resources when you are out in the wilderness, if you’ll be carrying your firewood, you need a good supply and check state restrictions at the same time.

This is where tagging along with you a portable gas fire pit becomes an excellent decision. It enables you to instantly fire up your pit either for warming up or for roasting something –like marshmallows–, or cooking hotdogs.

With total control over energy output, you won’t need to worry about smelling fresh the next day. With campfire bans, you don’t need to worry about a thing as most propane fire holes are UL or CSA-approved for safety and effectiveness.

  • You don’t need to worry about smelling smoke afterward. 
  • No need to worry about wood supply or expensive firewoods.
  • Works perfectly even with campfire ban restrictions.
  • Saves you time and energy.
  • They are extremely lightweight, handy, and easy to use. 
  • Portable propane fire holes are multifunctional and can be used at your backyard or at a campground.

Outdoor Propane Fireplace

outdoor fire place

The luxury of owning an outside gas fireplace enables you to enjoy the outdoors even if it’s chilly weather. The best ones are those that are connected to a propane tank. With a smokeless and clean fire pit, you’ll surely have a relaxing night while enjoying the breeze.

With tons of options in the market today, all ranging from different sizes, aesthetics, prices, and manufacturers, it might take you some time to figure out which one should be part of your patio or backyard. This comprehensive review of the best fire pit, either for outdoor space or camping, will provide a helpful pointer to remember for you to easily find one suitable to your requirements.

Essential Factors To Consider


  • Looking for semi-permanent furniture to compliment your patio or backyard and serve as a fire pit adds beauty to your space. However, if you like to go for movable fire holes, then going for an outdoor fire pit is an excellent option. Checking for factors that affect the portability includes the weight, design, handle, and size to be exact.


  • Whether you go for an outdoor, travel-friendly compact fire pit or a stylish table, you have to consider its size to fit with your living space and complement the area.


  • It’s imperative factor to check the materials used for your table or flame pit to make sure it will last longer. The weather-resistant coating, rust-resistance, solid steel, or stainless steel are among the few impressive materials to take into consideration.


  • The unique design is essential if you are planning to get a semi-permanent furniture table or burn pit. With the decor in mind, you can set standards of how you want it to look outdoors.


  • The warranty is essential for all the products that you purchase. As with fixtures, you’ll never know if something will be off after a few months of use. review warranty coverage and check consumer feedback on the product at the same time. 

    There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to buying a home fixture that improves the quality of your life. Regardless of how marvelous it looks, safety is our top priority. If you have kids playing and roaming around with you while outdoors, it’s essential to keep an eye on them –-always–.

Propane Campfire

Propane campfires have changed the way we enjoy flame pits for camping grounds. From using expensive and heavy firewoods to lightweight propane burn holes, you’ll easily notice the convenience that it offers.

With stunning benefits such as saving time from working with firestarters, energy-carrying lots of firewoods, and money buying woods and other essentials. the risk of possible allergy from smoke that is hazardous for most people, especially kids.

The fire ban will also refrain you from using firewoods, while propane burn holes are mostly UL and CSA-approved, which enables you to use it despite the burn ban.

With that, gas campfires have become the new face of outside camping with the safety, efficacy, and convenience that it offers.

What is the Best Small Propane Fire Pit?

When it comes to outdoor adventure, a campfire is the highlight of the evening, especially when the weather is colder. Outland Living has taken the camping ground by storm with its unbeatable durable products with complete convenience, portability, and ease of use.

The most excellent among their line up of fire holes is the 870 Premium model with automatic ignition and has a 58K BTU of energy output. This fire bowl is suitable for small to large groups. It is handy, easy to carry along anywhere you go, guaranteed durable, and user-friendly.

With its complete set from a carry bag to a protective cover to keep your organic lava rocks in place and an all-weather finish that lasts for years of use. It comes with safety features c=such as the 10 feet of pre-attached gas tank hose. This matchless ignition is safe and effective and is CSA-approved even for the campfire ban.

What makes it a premium option is its solid and robust steel construction that provides durability. You can easily set this up without any tools in just a few minutes. The compact and lightweight gas burn pit is surely a great investment for RVers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Features of The Best Portable Propane Fire Pit

Fire pits can add warmth, coziness, aesthetic appeal, and a different ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space. Unlike a wood burning fire pit, there are fire pits that don’t require any combustible material like wood. You can get gel, natural gas, and propane fire pits in different styles and sizes.

Portable propane fire pits are arguably the most popular among them. You can get a propane fire pit table, a fire pit bowl, or a classic fire pit. Whether you are looking to buy a wooden deck propane fire pit or a patio fire pit, here are some key features to keep an eye out for.

Portable propane fire pits are lightweight and don't take up a lot of space. They are designed with fire-resistant materials like ceramic, stones, and steel. And they run on propane gas.

To guarantee your safety, these fire pits are made according to electrical and mechanical safety standards. They can be operated easily using an electronic ignition system or a long-tipped lighter. Some propane fire pits allow you to regulate the heat level and flame height.

Most portable propane pits come with a 20lb propane tank. They are smokeless, burn clean, and have a heat output of up to 50,000 BTU.

Regardless of your home design style, you will find a propane gas fire pit that fits in perfectly. The Outland Firebowl 870 is arguably the best portable propane fire pit on the market today. You will find many other top-rated fire pits at stores like Amazon. Check out reviews before you choose a firepit to buy.

Do Propane Fire Pits Keep you Warm?

One of the benefits that you can get with propane fire pit portable products is the amount of warmth that they instantly offer, especially during those chilly seasons and you want to stay outdoors. Though most of them will not make heat, they keep the heat in place.

All you have to do is find the best types of media that will help retain the energy output that your gas flame pit produces. There are even fire holes that come with multifunctional features such as producing heat and cooking something above the fire at the same time.

Now that is cool, right? Being able to stay outdoors even when the weather is chilly and you stay warm is relaxing. This relaxing ambiance can be set anywhere you prefer. With the portability and comfort that propane fire holes offer, more and more campers and RVers are investing with these tools to illuminate their outdoor evening. The centerpiece allows you to bond with the whole family or friends while being cozy.

The propane flame pit will surely keep you warm. They come with a variety of BTU output, the measurement of heat that this fire pt produces. You can go low or high, depending on your preference. Every fire pit has its specific BTU measurements to help you decide.

Do You Need A Regulator for A Propane Fire Ring?

All propane fire pits require some sort of regulator. The regulator on your portable gas fire pit or burner controls the gas pressure of the pipe leading to your propane fire ring. Fire pits have a metal or stainless steel burner. The fire ring is usually shaped like a ring, but also comes in other shapes.

To appreciate the importance of this regulator, you need some insight into the parts of your propane firepit. The main parts of your propane fire pit are the gas pipe/flex line, the valve/regulator, and the fire ring/burner. The regulator determines how large or small your fire is. It is also a safety feature and is also highly functional. It allows you to create the kind of ambiance you desire with your burning fire pit and regulates its heat output.

No doubt, there are some fire pits without a regulator. However, the best propane fire pits all come with a regulator, especially those with a portable gas or liquid propane tank. If your fire pit is connected to your household gas supply or a larger tank, you may need to use a different type of regulator. All types of regulators serve the same purpose. Some fire pits even have two regulators.

How Long does a 20 lb Propane Tank Last in a Fire Pit?

Knowing how much time your 20 lbs of propane tank lasts with your portable fire pit matters. traditionally, it will last up to approximately four to four and a half hours (4 – 4 ½ hours). That is if you are using your propane tank at its maximum output. However, if you use a moderate fire, it will likely last for approximately 9 hours max.

This will still depend on the amount of BTU that your table or fire pit produces.

Nevertheless, the lifespan of your gas tank will depend on how often or the amount of energy you will need. For example, if you have a 5 gallon or 20 pounds propane tank, and your fire pit is around 10K BTUs, then it consumes about 0.5 lbs for every hour and will likely last for about 40 hours.

On the other hand, if you have a table pit or fire pit that has 20K BTUs which uses about 0.9 lbs every hour, then your 5 gallon or 20 pounds gas tank will last for about 22 hours, under maximum burn.

And if you have 30K BTUs of energy output for your fire or table pit consume about 1.4 lbs of gas per hour, it will last for up to 15 hours. That is already fair. So the higher your BTU energy output is, the lesser time it will last.

DIY Tips: How To Build A Propane Firepit

DIY firepit

A propane fire pit can provide heat and create a different ambiance in your home or outdoor space. It is also great for camping. Propane fire pits are easy to build and safe.

If you are looking to build a propane fire pit, you will need to have the right tools, a suitable space, lots of patience, and attention to detail. Before anything, you need to check and confirm that the site you intend to build your fire pit is not flammable or close to any flammable material. If you are creating a wooden propane fire pit table, you must ensure that there is a suitable metal plate (the fire tray) separating the wood from the open flame.

You can build a DIY propane fire pit using different materials like ceramic, rocks, metal, and wood. If you would like to move your fire pit around and possibly take it to your campsite, you need a portable setup. It will include a gas tank that you can carry around. You can use a larger tank for a stationary fire pit since you won’t have to move it around.

You need to fill your firepit with durable, safe materials. Rocks are the most common option, but there are also fire glass pits and other options that add to the aesthetics of your pit.

Whatever your choice, you can purchase all the basic components you will need for your fire pit online. It is important to use high-quality materials and observe the proper safety protocols when setting up your fire pit.

Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Propane Fire Pits

Although propane fire pits don't create sparks and are safer than a wood fire pit, they may pose a safety risk if they are not used properly. These are some safety guidelines for outdoor propane fire pits.

Ensure you have a fire extinguisher nearby whenever you are using a fire pit. A dry-chemical fire extinguisher works best and is available in portable sizes. Using water to extinguish the fire may result in damage to ceramic parts of the propane pit.

Accidents happen no matter how much we try to prevent them so it is best to always be prepared. If you are using a fire table made of wood, check that the top and base areas of the table are not exposed to the flames.

Always inspect your fire pit before using it. Kids or pets may put combustible materials like paper and plastic in the heating chamber while playing. Always clean your propane fire pit clean before using it. Take out debris, leaves, and other combustible materials before you ignite the flame. Also, ensure there are no leaks in the pipe connecting your tank to the burner.

It's also best to never leave a fire unattended to limit the chances of a fire outbreak. Turn off the fire on your propane fire pit if you will leave it for several minutes.

Check the weather forecast before using your propane fire fit. It is not advisable to use a fire pit in extremely windy conditions or when it is raining.

Keep children and animals at least 3ft away from your propane fire pit.


At the end of the day, whether you are driving or camping for adventure, you will want to sit and relax under the night sky and feel a refreshing breeze. With the colder season, you will want to feel the chilly breeze without freezing to death. Campfires are the best center of attraction for every outdoor lover.

Though there are instances like a campfire ban that restricts you from burning firewoods for safety, you need to bring with you effective and safe alternatives. This is where a propane fire pit comes in place. They are CSA-approved and can be used even with a fire ban.

Our verdict for the most excellent gas flame pit is Outland Firebowl 870 Premium, 58,000 BTU With Auto-ignition. This compact, handy, and lightweight flame bowl is user-friendly and travel-friendly at the same time.

It’s the complete kit that will instantly provide the perfect warmth to your RV or camping adventure. With matchless ignition, spark-free, smokeless, and no messy ashes afterward, you’ll have a relaxingly great night outdoors. It’s even weather-resistant and constructed with solid steel. CSA-approved effective and safe products even for a fire ban.

With easy setup, you won’t need to take many tools along with you. With multifunctional and safety features, no wonder it’s the best propane burn pit in the market today. Don’t be left behind and enjoy the benefits, convenience, and comfort the Outland propane fire pit offers.

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