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By Dan Nolan | July 1, 2022
Investing in a premium-quality backpack for your camping or outdoor activities is considered a great investment. Check out the best North Face backpacks suitable for your needs today!

When you are out for an adventure, be it a day or two, day trips or just a roam around the countryside with your bike, or hiking, it is essential to find the perfect rucksack that will help you carry your essentials a breath of fresh air. This means you won’t have to worry whether your loads are heavy. As long as you don’t need to feel light you are carrying tons of things in there.

The best North Face backpack is known for their durability, FlexVent technology, and their outstanding aesthetics that make them stand out among the crowd. While camping or hiking, or just going over your daily journey, you need a rucksack that provides convenience and protection for all your valuables.

This in-depth insight about the best backpacks North Face will help you find one that is strategically designed just for your demands. Keep in mind that you want something that you can rely on. From dividers, secured storage for your smart devices, and a variety of sections to place your stuff properly.

The North Face Backpack is not just an ordinary brand, it is an essential part of your sophisticated and active lifestyle. Read along for a complete buying guide to help you weigh which model suits your personality.

Rating: 4.4

Rating: 4.2

The 5 Best North Face Backpacks

Here are the 5 best North Face Backpacks in the market as of now.

1. The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack
Rating: 5.0
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The North Face backpacks are strategically designed to provide the utmost premium-quality that is warrantied and guaranteed to last for years. It reduces the common defects that most outdoor and multifunctional backpacks issue. With a North Face backpack like the Borealis, you surely will have a high-end product with style, durability, and convenience.

Every North Face backpack is designed with premium-quality materials and the most excellent workmanship. Explore the limitless possibilities of a new adventure with the perfect partner to take everything you need with ease and reliability.

With its large and secured compartment, you can take important things along with you. Including your laptop, electronics, a few changes of clothes, and even a pair of shoes! All of which should have a hierarchy of priorities. Your backpack will never fail to support you. This backpack is one of the classic and most trusted brands of outdoor bags that carries everything.

Grab your backpack, whether you are going to school, a daily commuter, or are fond of going outdoors. This backpack will provide adequate support where you need it the most.

Benefits And Features

  • 15 Inches Shoulder drop
  • 28L Classic Backpack
  • Easy Pocket Accessibility With Front Bungee Elastic Suspension System Flexible Ventilation Technology
  • Cushioned Mesh Panel (Back) 
  • Comfortable And Breathable Lumbar Support Panel
  • 2 Multifunctional And Expandable Mesh Bottle Pockets
  • External Pockets With Fleece-Lined For Electronics And Small Items
  • Multiple Function All-In-1 With Reflective Details 
  • Front Padded Compartment With Zipping For Security
  • Detachable Waist Belt And Easy To Grab Top Handle For Convenience

2. The North Face Recon Backpack

The North Face Recon Backpack
Rating: 4.8
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The North Face Recon is the type of backpack that can withstand all your outdoor needs. It provides the best support suitable for an active lifestyle and the always on-the-move person in you. With a large compartment for your essentials, securing your electronics and laptop with its cushioned sleeve, you’ll never go wrong in any weather with this bag.

With a 20 cm width and 49 cm height, zipper closure features to secure all your belongings while you are conquering worlds has never been this convenient. It also comes with storage pockets ideal for your water bottle pockets and other hydration drinks to keep you going and in good shape. With easy accessibility to your valuables, taking everything has always been a breath of fresh air.

The FlexVent suspension system technology enables you to have excellent carrying convenience with shoulder straps that are molded for convenience through its extra PE foam. Enjoy the outdoors with guaranteed durability to match your active lifestyle.

Benefits And Features

  • FlexVent Provides Enough Room To Carry What You Need
  • Zipper Closure For Securing Your Valuables 
  • 49 Centimeters Height And 20 Centimeters Width 
  • Durable And Multifunctional Gear
  • Spacious Backpack Can Accommodate All Important Utilities
  • Large Main Storage Pocket
  • Cushioned Protective Laptop Sleeve
  • Pocket Designed With Hydration Port Or Clip
  • Efficient And Imported Product

3. The North Face Jester Backpack

The North Face Jester Backpack
Rating: 4.6
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North Face backpacks are known for its Flex Vent technology that providers you with a cozy outdoor experience and convenience with the right bag that can carry important things without tiring you down. It has cushioned air-meshed that provide adequate ventilation to prevent sweaty back while on the move. This feature enables you to have total comfort and enhanced protection. The padded shoulder straps give you ease and won’t tire you out when carrying it even for a long walk while hiking or camping.

This bag has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. It is designed for convenience and satisfaction. A trademark that has been trusted throughout these years. Whether you are going for a weekend getaway, hiking, camping or doing some rounds of biking into the neighborhood, this backpack is the most ideal gear to tag along.

Carry a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, bring along your laptop or other electronics and keep them secured in every pocket designed to protect your valuables while cozily carrying them anywhere.

With its large and swivel compartments, you can take every essential you have in mind. The 15 inches padded storage is suitable for your laptop. Embrace the moving person in you by choosing the right gear to do the job where and when they need to do it right.  

Benefits And Features

  • Front Pocket Accessories With Integrated Clip For Keys
  • Easy Access To Items Through Bungee Suspension System
  • 2 Side Mesh Water Bottle Pockets 
  • Detachable Hip Belt For Extra Lumbar Support
  • FlexVent Suspension System Technology Convenience Carrying Shoulder Straps 
  • LED Loop Light And Whistle Buckle (Sternum Strap)
  • 26L Of Weight Capacity 
  • 1200D Polyester Manufacture (600D Polyester Materials, Geo Emboss-600D Polyester, Heater Polyester-450 x 300D)
  • 16 ½ Bottom Compartment

4. The North Face Vault Backpack

The North Face Vault Backpack
Rating: 4.4
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This backpack got its name with the security that it can provide for your camping or daily essentials. With a sturdy zipper for you to easily and securely close your backpack and provides adequate and excellent protection. Next is the secured holster for your hydration needs. Never worry about your water bottle falling off your backpack when you pass by into a bump.

This backpack is suitable for long trips or planning to stay for a couple more days, then this backpack can hold up a few more essentials. What’s beneficial about this bag is the support that it can provide for your lumbar and spine. What the FlexVent technology is a complete reduction and freedom from sweat build-up to your shoulders and back.

For most commuters and on-the-move people, this is the best gear when it comes to security and protecting your valuables from any harm. With the 360 degrees of reflective loop light for bikes, you simply get complete protection, comfort, and convenience with this durable and multifunctional backpack.

Benefits And Features

  • FlexVent Suspension System For Comfortable Cargo
  • Improved Fabric Breathability For Convenience
  • 15 Inches Padded Laptop Compartment
  • Reflective Water Bottle Storage Pockets And Straps With Light Loops
  • Multifunctional And Sustainable Trail-Ready Specialties
  • Perfect Lumbar Panel Support
  • Secured Your Electronics With Its Cushioned Compartments
  • Large Compartments For Your Daily Or Office Essentials

5. The North Face Surge Backpack

The North Face Surge Backpack
Rating: 4.2
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This classic designed multifunctional and durable bag for outdoors and daily use has a massive 31 liters of a secured compartment for all essentials and valuables. You can easily organize your things ranging from your extra pair of clothing to electronics that make your life easier while on the move. The 15 inches padded laptop sleeve storage compartment for your electronics provides security and protection while in transit.

With the popular and unique FlexVent suspension system technology, you will have comfortable support for your shoulder and back. It prevents sweat build-up due to its breathable materials and well-ventilated fabrics. The mesh pack support for your lower back reduces any possible pressure point while you are moving and carrying your things.

The 2 Teksever materials for storage pockets enable you to secure and hide small electronics and other valuables securely. It has zip pockets that secure all your belongings while on-the-go. This bag comes with a front storage pocket that is cushioned for protection. The webbing provides security to your electronics’ cords.

The top handle of this bag enables fast grabbing for multifunctional use. With the detachable waist belt that is strategically designed to fit whenever you need to. Go for hiking, camping, or outdoor adventures and daily use.

Benefits And Features

  • 31 Liters Massive Compartment Capacity
  • Suitable For Techy People Who Brings Most Of Their Electronics While Outdoors
  • Simplifies And Organizes Life Of On The Move People
  • 15 Inches Secured Laptop Storage Pockets 
  • FlexVent Suspension Mechanism
  • Flexible And Multifunctional
  • Shoulder Straps Injection Molded For Customization
  • Breathable Mesh Back Padded Panel
  • Ventilated And Comfortable LumbarAnd Spine Support
  • 2 Teksever Fabric Storage Pockets To Secure Items

Everything You Need To Know About the Biggest North Face Backpack

North Face backpacks come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. The Router Transit is the biggest North Face backpack for everyday use. It has a capacity of 41 liters. The largest North Face backpack for women is the North Face Surge.

The Terra is the overall largest backpack from North Face. It has a capacity of 65 liters. The Terra is more of a travel backpack than a classic backpack. If you have little kids or you want to carry a lot of things around, these backpacks are recommended for you.

These North Face backpacks are made with highly durable materials and come with soft nylon interior lining.

Thanks to their size, they have a lot of space and numerous separated compartments including the main pocket, a stash pocket (for small things like a sleeping bag), mesh water bottle pockets (for your hydration pack), and so much more.

This means you can organize all your essentials properly and avoid bundling them up together.

North Face backpacks are known for their comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. They also have a sternum strap, and even a removable waist belt or hip belt.

Like other North Face backpacks, the Router Transit, Surge, and Terra are all made in the USA. They come with the North Face Dyno Lift System and FlexVent suspension for comfort and weight distribution. This means you can carry a lot of weight and it won’t weigh you down.

North Face backpacks are super durable. They won't tear or malfunction easily.

North Face Backpack Review: How To Choose The Right Backpack

Organizing all your things when you are out of your comfort zone is essential. You want to make sure that you have everything at hand, packed in your bags when you are having a good time outdoors. What North Face offers is beyond convenience. It is a lifestyle that not everyone has discovered yet once you’ve indulged in their millions of possibilities, you will surely love it.

If you don’t own a North Face rucksack yet, this complete and unbiased insight will help you decide why this brand is sweeping everyone’s feet. The durability that it provides together with the unique design and organized essentially makes it a top and popular selection.

Another thing that you have to consider is how your rucksack will move like you. This means that even though you will be carrying a heavy load, it will feel lighter as you move, hike or walk. It should have proper ventilation to prevent sweat build-up to your back or shoulders. With excellent lumbar support, you won’t have pressure points while carrying your camping essentials.

What’s best For Your Style – Small or Big North Face Backpack

North Face makes some of the best backpacks on the market today. Regardless of your color, or size preference, this brand has something that will fit your style. Ultimately, only you can decide which North Face backpack is best for your style. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether a small or big North Face backpack is more compatible with your needs.

The main difference between a small and a large backpack is the amount of space that they have. Large backpacks offer more space so they’re ideal for camping, short trips, or when you need to pack a lot of things. There’s likely to be a zip pocket for everything you need to carry. A smaller backpack is more suitable for when you don’t need to carry a lot of things around. For example, when you’re going on a hiking trip or going to school.

As you’d expect, large backpacks can be considerably heavier than smaller ones when they’re full. So, if you need to move around a lot, a large backpack may not be the best option for you. It is ideal for packing a lot of things from one place to another. Smaller backpacks are more suited for people who are active and spend a lot of time on their feet with a bag on their back.

Smaller backpacks, like a daypack, are usually preferred by people who carry a backpack as part of their style or who care about their style. Large backpacks are mostly chosen for their functionality.

Buying Guide: Features To Consider

This brand is known for most campers and outdoor enthusiasts for its durable materials and excellent storage front compartments for all your outdoor essentials. These multifunctional rucksacks are known for camping, hiking, mountaineering, and climbing. 

This brand can handle whatever adventure is coming or you are planning.

They are also suitable for daily use, making them a great option even for a younger age.


When it comes to selecting the best backpack, you have to consider how much capacity it can hold into. The North Face has a variety of capacity limits for your preference.

You can go for a larger capacity both for the front compartment and interior ones based on what and how often you will be using your bag.

North face buying guide


The protection that your bag has to offer is essential for you to provide the right protection for your valuables. Waterproof features are essential if you will be going outdoors, hiking, camping, mountaineering, and more. That way, in case a sudden downpour happens, you won’t need to worry about electronics and other valuables getting ruined or dampened by water.

If you will be bringing with you electricals, cameras, laptops, and other small electronics, it is best to have divided compartments for each item. Or at least these valuables are secured into your rucksack for adequate protection.


The cushioned backpack provides comfort carrying it for some time and won’t wear you down or trigger pressure points. The padded shoulder straps enable you to carry your rucksack without weighing your shoulders down. It also provides a cozier feeling from your back that alleviates lower back pain due to the padded back panel.

This feature will reduce the bumpy and lumpy feeling when wearing and carrying your backpack. Comfort through padded materials should be an essential factor to consider if you will be carrying your bag when hiking for a longer distance.

Internal Features

Convenient packing means you will have all your things organized inside the bag. The North Face features a variety of padded compartments and storage pockets for your valuables. It knows what you need to have a better trip while keeping all your belongings perfectly organized in place.

The internal peculiarities of your rucksack or bag main compartment help you easily organize your things without the need to just fill it up and cloud with things and later on cannot find what you are looking for. If you have a backpack that comes with interior pockets, you will have more organized things.

It will be easier for you to sort your things from different compartments. This will add security and convenience both for you and your belongings.


Proper airflow into your back is essential to avoid embarrassing back sweats. If you are a backpacker, you know the common issue when it comes to carrying your camping things outdoors, while walking or hiking. You have that uncomfortable feeling of dripping sweat while on an expedition.

North face backpacks know this common outdoor enthusiast issue and come up with FlexVent suspension system technology. This enables you to carry your belongings easier while providing comfort and alleviating lumbar pressure and shoulder weariness.

With proper ventilation, you don’t need to worry about sweat build-up into your back while outdoors. Their backpacks provide convenience and comfort through any terrain that you want to conquer.


The quality of your rucksack means it is durable enough to carry heavy loads without breaking, wear, or tearing while on the track. Since North Face backpacks are an outdoor gear brand, you will be assured of the high-quality of its products and reliable durability for a longer time.

If you will be purchasing a rucksack, best to know the quality of the product. Next is the brand’s reputation. A good quality bag won’t let you down, won’t tear or ripped while you are carrying heavier loads for your camping essentials.


The size of your rucksack is essential to determine how much capacity and quantity you will be taking with you. Since the North Face backpacks have a variety of sizes to select, you can check for something that you will benefit with. You can take a bigger size to place all your essentials for a long trip which you will need to check for flights.

You can also purchase one that enables you to check into the cabin and take a few things based on your journey’s demand. Though a small rucksack limits the essentials that you will bring, it also provides convenience if you are only going for a day or two. In other cases, you can get two sizes, a bigger one and a smaller one that enables your multiple selections.


The bag’s shoulder straps are an essential part that enables you to distribute the weight of your load without weighing you as you journey to different terrain. The straps enable you to carry your valuables comfortably. The North Face’s shoulder straps provide the perfect support both for your lumbar and shoulders.

Take into consideration if you will be carrying your bags for longer periods, like an hour or two, the sternum and chest straps help you to evenly distribute the weight that you are carrying. That way, you can easily carry even heavier loads and make them feel lighter for your convenience.

Facts About North Face Backpack Warranty

With every product that you purchased, you need to further understand the warranty coverage of every item. The best North Face backpacks come with a two years warranty with the manufacturers’ limitations and depend on certain issues and circumstances.

Every product that you purchased is already covered with a warranty. Every workmanship and material are assured of excellent quality. If your bag or any products fail through manufacturing damage, the manufacturer will either repair it for free and even replace the product without charges, either credit at their discretion or total replacement.

There are limitations to warranty coverage. If your product falls under the following category, repairs or replacements may not be entertained.

  • Improper care
  • Laundering
  • Negligence
  • Damaged due to accidents
  • Normal wear or/and tear 
  • Color fading
  • Materials breakdown over frequent usage or years of use

Though the warranty affects its effectiveness in certain areas, states or countries. The product’s warranty provides specific rights. Determining how old your North Face backpacks will help you understand which category for the warranty it will be covered.

Over Two (2) Years Of Use

There is a full warranty for the best North Face backpacks manufactured product. Without any workmanship and material issues, they are covered with 2 years of warranty. Though repairs are not entertained unless they meet the required warranty standard. If you wish to return any defective, faulty or damaged products, you can check their website and fill up the appropriate form for your request. 

Over Thirty (30) Days To Less Than Two (2) Years

If you want to check the validity and coverage of the purchased products, you can bring with you the valid receipt and pop (proof of purchase). One of the things that you have to check is the product should be neatly returned.

If you have purchased it from a different store that is not the official store, you can return the product where you purchased it.

If you got your rucksack into an official store, you will need to fill up a form for return, repair or refund of the defective product. Otherwise, you can check with the official website for further care assistance and services.

Less Than Thirty (30) Days

There are different ways on how you can return or refund your purchase from the official store. If you have received a product that is different from what you bought, you can return it with the standard replacement or return procedure. Place the details required to easily process your request. You can say that the items are “defective” if you received a damaged or wrong item.

If you got your products from another legitimate reseller store, you can check with your original point of purchase. Always include the valid receipt for every transaction that you are making, either via return, repair or refund. That way, your product will easily be traced and entertained with extra care.

You can visit the physical store where you purchased your product and explain in detail what is the issue to easily assist you.

Facts About The North Face Backpacks Warranty (Policy)

There is a two-year warranty for all North Face backpacks products against damages in workmanship and materials. If the product that you have purchased does not meet the criteria against damages, you can either get a product repair/replacement or refund which can be free of change based on the limitations and degree of defects.

Though repair, refund or replacement can be void due to certain categories. These include negligence, defects due to accidents, laundering, improper care, normal wear or tear and color fading or natural breakage and frequency or extended use.

You need to present the original and valid receipt as proof of product purchase. If the store sent you a wrong item, you can ask for a replacement as long as it does not go over 30 days upon purchase. You will need to check with the online store for assistance on how you can have a proper refund or replacement.

In any circumstances that your product gets damaged, wear or tear over time and due to frequent use for years, this case voids the warranty coverage.

There are limitations when it comes to product repairs. If your rucksack has accidental defects such as tears, holes, burns, and rips does not cover with the warranty terms and conditions.

On the other side, if the purchased product has defects that fall under manufacturing, workmanship and material damage, these will be credited, repaired or eligible for repair or refunds.

You cannot send faulty and dirty products as these will void their warranty. Every product that North Face manufactures comes with special memories that are permanently attached and cannot be replaced by anyone.

For return shipping, if you purchased the backpack into a legitimate online shop, the shipping fee will be covered by the manufacturer if covered by its warranty. Otherwise, you will be charged with the shipping fee when returned for refund, credit or repair.

If you got your North face bag from a third party shop, the point of purchase will then take care of the items to be returned to the official store. If your product is covered by the warranty, the fee will be shouldered by the manufacturer. if the product does not qualify for the warranty, you will be in charge of paying the shipping instead.

To get updates on your current claims, the official store will notify you via email. If from a third party store, then you will get updates from the point of purchase (the online store you have transactions with).

Damaged items under 30 days will need to be returned following the brands’ policy. Make sure to send back the products in neat conditions.

For damaged or faulty buckles and laces, you will have replacement parts. Contact the customer service team and indicate the details to help them further assist you.

  • Clarified description of the damaged part.
  • Send the right product, size, and color.
  • If possible, attached a picture of the defective part(s). 
  • Include your shipping address for the spare parts. 
  • In any case that there are not exactly the same parts, the manufacturer will send a close to original spare parts for your purchase. 
  • If there is a close store near you, you can personally visit that for fast assistance.

What is the Most Popular Large North Face backpack

The Borealis is considered the most famous and the best North Face backpacks among other models. This classically designed backpack has won the hearts of most campers, outdoor enthusiasts and even daily commuters. This unit is most suitable for short journeys.

The backpack is known for its lightweight. It can help you bring forth your essentials for day trips, or short camping, hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures. This can still depend on your preference for style and how much valuables you will be taking.

With its 28 liters of capacity, you can bring your laptop and other important electronics to tagged along your journey. With easy access to its interior’s main compartment and external secured pockets for your small belongings and even a tumbler holster.

Overall, this durable and multifunctional backpack has won the hearts of many due to its premium-quality design. It provides a comfy and secured carry that protects you from having back pain or sweaty back after hours of walking or hiking.

Review of the Best North Face College Backpack

North Face has a long list of backpacks that will suit college students perfectly. This company’s backpacks are durable and versatile. They can serve as a laptop backpack as well as a camping or hiking backpack. The Borealis is arguably the best North Face college backpack.

The Borealis is a great backpack for college students because of its spacious, easy access design. It is primarily made of polyester with nylon lining inside. The backpack has a capacity of 25 liters. There is a primary and secondary compartment as well as many pockets so you can arrange all your things properly. You can fit a 15-inch laptop in the backpack. And it doesn’t come with just one water bottle pocket, but two! There is an external fleece lined pocket for sunglasses and other small items like your phone.

The Borealis features North Face’s FlexVent suspension technology which ensures the shoulder straps are comfortable. You can carry it around all day without any shoulder pain or sweat marks on your clothes. It comes with numerous straps including a sternum strap with a whistle buckle and a removable hip belt.

The North Face Borealis is a durable backpack. It can last through your freshman years through to your graduation. This backpack’s design is super simple and stylish. It is available in several colors.

Are North Face Backpacks Good Quality

When it comes to premium-quality camping gear, the best North Face backpacks are known for their excellent durability, efficiency, and offers multifunctional features. They have the highest technology and strategically engineered to move with you.

The best North Face backpacks tend to last for years even with frequent use. They provide convenience for every user while they conquer every possible terrain. It has padded straps for carrying your loads without feeling weary.

The backpacks have multiple pockets for storing your belongings with convenience. It is the most recommended camping gear that you surely can rely on. It is worth every money you will be paying.

Though they can be pricey at times, the quality of the product is worth the money that you will invest over time. Besides, a good backpack means a good investment.

Which North Face Travel Backpack has the Most Pockets

When it comes to checking for the most compartment and pockets, North Face’ Recon tops the notch. It also comes with a massive 31 liters of main compartment capacity. If you will be loading your backpack with a few more essentials than normal, then this backpack will help you easily organize your stuff with ease and accessibility.

While for more room than most models, the Surge is known for its spacious design. Plus the 15 inches cushioned laptop compartment makes it a cozy and comfy rucksack for your day trips and other outdoor activities.

Warranty Coverage Guide: North Face Replacement Parts

North Face makes some of the best outdoor gear available today. The company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for most of its products, including its backpacks. This warranty covers defective materials and manufacturing flaws.

If you notice a defect with your North Face backpack that was not caused by an accident, improper use, or normal wear and tear, the company will fix it or replace the part without any charge. For example, if you find that the padded mesh pocket or the bungee cord doesn’t work as it should, all you have to do is return the backpack to North Face and it will be fixed for free.

You can also get North Face replacement parts (particularly a buckle) for your backpack. If your buckle is broken or lost, the company will gladly send you a replacement. You need to add a photo of the product along with a description of the buckle, a picture of the buckle, your name, and your address.

North Face warranty is only available in Canada and the United States. The warranty covers only original, unmodified, and unaltered items. If the damage to your backpack is not covered by a warranty, North Face can still fix it for a fee.


An outdoor expedition is one of the ways you can declutter your soul from the world’s captivity. The best way to conquer new terrain is by allowing yourself enough room to enjoy every single detail you’ll encounter. The longer the walks are, the more chances your loads will weigh you down. The best North Face backpack is Borealis. The Borealis enables you to walk more without feeling the load you carry.

With evenly distributed weight, you won’t feel pain or pressure on your lower back. The FlexVent technology provides enough support for your shoulders and back. With excellent ventilation from the materials that were used for manufacturing, you simply get great deals for your next camping or any escapade.

The Borealis is a multifunctional and durable backpack suitable for people with an active lifestyle. With its 28 liters of compartment capacity, 15 inches of shoulder drop, additional pockets for your electronics and breathable fabrics that enable cozy and comfy support. No wonder this model is the most popular and reliable backpack for everyone.

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