Best Camping Chairs for Sitting by the Campsite

best camping chairs

We have seen people bring them at basketball and baseball games, those foldable camping chairs, so they can conveniently sit and enjoy the ball game. These chairs are a great choice if you are out for some camping. The best camping chairs not only folds up for easy storage and transport, but it is also meant to be supportive, comfy, and made to last for a long time. Here are some of the best camping chairs to consider because of the reviews and ratings.

Best Camp Chair Reviewed

There are plenty of camping chairs, folding chairs and other types of portable chairs in the market. These are made from different materials and with different designs. It is difficult to choose between them. The following review surveys the ten best camping chairs, their strengths and weaknesses based on category. The descriptions below aims to help campers of all kinds, whether they are trekking on foot, or riding an RV. With the review, campers would have an educated idea of what to buy, for their safety, convenience and durability.

Camper chairs are light and portable. Weight is a premium, and it provides a degree of comfort appropriate for sitting around the campfire. Most camping chairs are also folding chairs. This affords the user the flexibility of stowing it away when not in use. There are also multi-purpose chairs, or appliances which can double a chair, Coleman has sturdy ice coolers, for instance.

The classic beach chair is a prime example of portability and light construction. It has neck support, and when you sit on it, it feels like a hammock. Current backpacking chairs are small units which fit in a backpack. These can also be slung on the side of a backpack, affording the camper’s ease of use. Chairs for campers need to be light because these are additional load and may not fit in the backpack. Camp chairs may look flimsy because they are light, but the best folding camp chair is only useful if the user does not get too tired carrying it. Alternatively, when riding an RV, you can decide to bring a large Alps Mountaineering King Kong folding chair.

The 10 Best Camping Chairs for Camping Convenience

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Folding chair is a comfy and highly sturdy chair that comes with an 800-LBS capacity to accommodate all of your needs in the outdoors. This is not one of the ordinary camp chairs. The folding chair is made of 600D polyester fabric, making it a great, huge, and comfortable camping chair. It comes with a 7″ x44″ carry bag for your convenience. It may be big, and at 13 lbs, is quite heavy but it is portable and easy to bring along. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong Folding Chair lives up to its name.



  • High-quality materials. 600D polyester fabric and durable powder-coated steel frame for comfort and strength.
  • Utility and style. It comes with an adjustable armrest, cup holder, and side pockets for added storage.
  • Portable carry bag. A convenient carry bag that enables comfort for easy transportation and storage.
  • Best-seller product. Our best-seller product speaks for itself, and you will surely know once you sit on them. 
  • Perfect dimensions and capacity. 800-LBS capacity, the weight of 13-LBS, and a dimension of 38″ x20″ x38.”


  • High quality materials. 
  • Utility and style. 
  • Portable carry bag. 
  • Best-seller product. 
  • Perfect dimensions and capacity.

A camping chair with high-back can accommodate up to 242-LBS capacity, very versatile with a dimension of 14″ x5″ x3.5″. You can attach it to your backpack, transport it on a motorcycle or kayak. Its frame and fabric are made of sturdy materials for maximum strength and comfort. It combines light weight and strength to provide surprising sturdiness. Being affordable is a great selling point for a folding chair. You can pack it into your backpack without any problem. It is easily the best lightweight camping chair.



  • Super lightweight. The frames are of lightweight aluminum tubes for strength and reinforcement.
  • Easily collapsible. You can set it up very easily and collapse it for very convenient storage.
  • Greatly packable. Packed in an excellent way for easy transportation and mobility. Take it anywhere you go without any hassle.
  • Portable. Because it is very lightweight, you can take it wherever you want to go.
  • Easy assembly. No specialized knowledge required to set it up and use. 
  • Affordable. Offered at a great price.


  • Super light-weight. 
  • Easily collapsible. 
  • Greatly packable. 
  • Portable. 
  • Easy assembly. 
  • Affordable.

KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Chair with cooler bag and side table is a very strong camping chair that is very easy to assemble and disassemble in a matter of seconds. With this camping chair, you have very solid armrests, and they are angled backward and adequately padded. The KingCamp Heavy Duty Director Chair is for the camper who could not leave his creature concerts. The built-in cooler is greatly appreciated by campers who want their beer cold.



  • Great accessories included. You have the bonus built-in cooler as well as a side table. 
  • Cup holders. Place your beverage in its cup holder for your convenience.
  • Solid armrests. You have padded and super solid armrests for your added comfort. 
  • Versatile design. Easily foldable and great design for your indoors or outdoors use.
  • Very easy to set up. No complicated assembly required.


  • Great accessories included. 
  • Cup holders. 
  • Solid armrests. 
  • Versatile design. 
  • Very easy to set up.

Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair has a very generous 500-LBS capacity. It comes with very plush padding for ultra-comfort and convenience. Even a huge and burly man can feel very secure in this lavishly padded seat. What’s more is it comes with a cup holder that is always with you wherever you go, comes with some mesh pockets that will help store all of your essentials. When you are all set to join, this camping chair is perfect for you.

If you’re going camping with your RV, this is a great chair to bring because this is not a regular backpacking chair. With this oversized club camp chair and an RV, anyone can enjoy camping and fishing in remote areas. Being overweight is no longer a disadvantage when going camping. The myth that campers need to be lean and slim, is no more. It should not be a surprise that there is a heavy 500 lb capacity chair. Coleman coolers can easily carry 500 lbs on top without any damage.



  • Great overall capacity. It can stand up to 500-LBS weight capacity.
  • Foldable steel frames. For added strength and stability, you have solid steel frames for reinforcement.
  • Heavily padded for comfort. Made of 600D polyester material with polyurethane coating.
  • The seat height of 17.72″. They can comfortably seat even big men.
  • Portable storage bag. Bring it anywhere you want to go.


  • Great overall capacity. 
  • Foldable steel frames. 
  • Heavily padded for comfort. 
  • Seat height of 17.72″. 
  • Portable storage bag.

Coleman Portable Deck Chair with Side Table is a dependable and lightweight folding chair for camping that comes with an enforced aluminum frame and awesome pricing. The Coleman Camping Chair is folding type, so no further assembly required. The folding chair elements are permanently secured to each other, and you can get it ready in a matter of seconds. It is very large in two dimensions when folded.

When going camping it makes sense that you have a weather resistant equipment. Sudden showers, foggy mornings, as well as river crossings can easily lead to wet equipment. When a chair is wet from the rain, and quickly dries in front of the campfire, the material may get brittle fast. Camping chairs are also usually left overnight in the cold or under torrential rain. Regular equipment which are not weather resistant do not last long, and may need to be replaced after a few years. The weather resistant Coleman Camping Chair with Side Table can be used for a long time, in any weather and seasons. 


The dimensions for this camping chair is 20.5 inches wide and 17 inches high. The height makes it a convenient and comfortable chair. It is rugged and can support up to 225 lbs.



  • Awesome folding chair. Easy to use as no assembly needed; all you have to do is fold and unfold.
  • Folding side table included. No worry about getting an additional table as you have a built-in side table.
  • Great accessories added. You have a cup holder, so you can conveniently sit and have your drinks with you ready.
  • Super lightweight. The best portable chair to bring along during camping or any outdoor activity.
  • Reliable brand. You will never go wrong with a Coleman.


  • Awesome folding chair. 
  • Folding side table included.
  • Great accessories added. 
  • Super lightweight. 
  • Reliable brand.

The Omnivore Designs Heavy Duty Folding camp chair is best for use indoors or outdoors. Similar to the moon, it can easily change in size and shape so that you can use it depending on your preferred seating option. It has a specially patented shape-shifting configuration, MoonPhase, which allows for various seating options. 

Versatility differentiates this as a quad chair. Fully extended, it serves as a regular width double seat. It can also be set up as a curved seat, for cozy evenings around the campfire. The oversized folding double can seat three in a pinch, but it would be better to have the triple loveseat for three regular sized people. There are those who prefer to sit alone, but if you want to be close and intimate, the double folding chair should be your choice.



  • Innovative design. You can custom use it depending on your seating preference and your condition. You can use it as a loveseat when you are watching a ball game, or shift to a relaxed half-circle seating around a bonfire.
  • Moon-shaped configuration. Use it however way you want it, thanks to the moon-shaped configuration and design. 
  • Built-in armrests. For your added comfort and convenience, you have built-in armrests.
  • Head support and padding. Enjoy great head support and padding with this folding chair. 
  • Storage slots. Get more storage with the add-in storage pouches.


  • Innovative design. 
  • Moon-shaped configuration. 
  • Built-in armrests. 
  • Head support and padding. 
  • Storage slots.

The CORE equipment folding padded hard armchair comes with a reusable carry bag and comes with a dependable steel frame with built-in storage pockets, cup holder, at a price to beat.

Camping chairs are multi-function seats. They can be used outside the tent, by the RV or near the campfire. They can also be set up beside the stream for comfortable fishing. Fishermen might scoff at sitting while fishing, but it is a sport for patient people. You might as well get comfortable while waiting for the fish to nibble. The storage pockets and cup holder makes sense in for patient fishermen.



  • Strong 300-LBS capacity. It comes with a 100% durable steel frame that has undergone rigorous drop examinations.
  • Great price. For its price, you get what you wish for in a folding camping chair.
  • More storage. You have a large storage pocket on the side of the chair, which lets you store your mobile phone and other essential things.
  • Arm support. Steel arm support for added convenience and comfort as you get in and out of the seat. 
  • High-quality brushed polyester. The fabric has high-quality polyester that is soft to touch and offers comfort compared to other fabrics used in camping chairs.


  • Strong 300-LBS capacity. 
  • Great price.
  • More storage. 
  • Arm support. 
  • High-quality brushed polyester.

KingCamp camping chair is the best partner for any indoor or outdoor activities like picnics, beach outing, camping, barbecue, and fishing. It’s comfortable, sturdy, and can be stocked with your favorite drinks, thanks to its side pocket, cooler bag, and cup holder. It comes with a durable 600D polyester fabric, stainless steel bracket, and metal frames. It will make your lounge time perfect.

Camping can be back breaking. You carry your equipment around, and you keep walking and exploring. You can take your time fishing along the river. At the end of the day, when you want to sit down, you want to rest your back from a long day of walking and standing around. The lumbar back support provided by this camp chair is greatly appreciated by those with back problems.



  • Best sized folding chair. 23.5″ x23.5″ x41″. Large seating area with 600x300D Oxford fabric. Great lumbar support for luxurious seating.
  • Best for camping and outdoors. You can use it for hiking, camping, and any other outdoor activities. 
  • User-friendly design. The folding camping chair is specially designed with the end-user in mind. It comes with a high-quality cup holder and armrest for your added convenience and comfort.
  • Best materials for your use. It comes with extra strength steel tubes. Card slot and metal contact point design that makes chairs very durable.
  • Lightweight and portable. Only 11.3-LBS but can hold great weight. Very easy to fold and unfold and bring anywhere you go.


  • Best sized folding chair.
  • Best for camping and outdoors. 
  • User-friendly design. 
  • Best materials for your use. 
  • Lightweight and portable.

They combined convenience and comfort in this folding camping chair. You do not have to lug around very heavy equipment for your outdoor escapades anymore. Take this anywhere you want to go, and it’s 100% foldable, lightweight, and comes with an aluminum frame and polyester fabric. Sit back and relax with its thick back and padded armrests. 

This is a high quality director’s chair, with a modern design. It is a traditional folding chair with an armrest and accessories. It has pockets and a side table. Unlike other camp chairs, it is not a quad chair. It is sturdy, comfortable and great for sitting down and enjoying the beauty of nature.



  • Big volume cooler bag. Highly insulated cooler bag that makes food and drinks hot or cold. The cooler can be detached very easily.
  • Convenient to use. You can have a drink and a snack on the side table. Use the phone pocket under the seat for your convenience.
  • Super high-grade materials used. Can withstand weight up to 300-LBS capacity with its sturdy aluminum frame. Its durable polyester fabric is best for lasting use and is very easy to clean.
  • Seamless setup. The chair can be folded in a matter of seconds. Doing cleaning and storing a breeze.
  • Best choice. Ideal for use in any indoor or outdoor activity, camping, fishing, garden, backyard, beach, etc.


  • Big volume cooler bag. 
  • Convenient to use. 
  • Super high-grade materials used. 
  • Seamless set up. 
  • Best choice.

The KingCamp Moon Saucer Leisure Heavy Duty camping chair is a padded seat that you can use wherever you want to go. Use it indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. This is a high-quality camping chair that folds and opens in seconds. You can use this as your reliable camping chair in the great outdoors.

If you want to be on vacation, sitting beside the RV while reading a book, the KingCamp Moon Saucer Leisure is the chair you want. Curl up in the chair and immerse yourself in your book amidst the beautiful, wild nature. It is a padded beauty in its own right, which affords you to raise your legs up wrap yourself in a blanket. It is wide, round, and has adequate padding for long hours of leisurely relaxation.



  • Heavy-duty. The steel frame is able to support weight up to a capacity of 300-LBS.
  • Easy to carry and portable. 34.6″ x9.1″ x7.9″. Very portable and easy to carry comes with a carrying bag.
  • Added straps at the bottom. Supports fabric and allows for more stable construction.
  • Opens and closes in a jiffy. The folding camping chair opens and closes with ease, so you do not need to worry about assembly.
  • Lifetime warranty. To afford you the best customer experience, the folding chair comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-duty. 
  • Easy to carry and portable.
  • Added straps at the bottom. 
  • Opens and closes in a jiffy. The folding camping chair opens and closes with ease, so you do not need to worry about assembly.
  • Lifetime warranty. To afford you the best customer experience, the folding chair comes with a lifetime warranty.

What Users Want in the Best Camp Chair

Users want the best camp chair. They have their conditions and criteria in finding the best camp chair. Here are a few of what users want –

The weight is not a huge issue if you are camping or tailgating with your vehicle or RV. However, if you go out and backpack or hike, setting a camp, then you do not wish to lug around excess weight. There are chairs that are perfect for hikers and backpackers and can weigh as low as 2 lbs. The lightest option you will have is camping chairs, with minimal padding. More comfort means more padding, and higher seating height. The added convenience adds more weight to the chair. 

You must take into consideration the storage areas in your vehicle, backpack, luggage, kayak, etc. Some chairs can be easily folded almost flat thin, but there are those that remain bulky even when folded. The manner the chair folds down has an impact on how easy or difficult they are to transport. Quad chairs fold inwards and are kept in their own bag. Treat it like a tripod, or a bulky umbrella. The chair’s dimensions directly translate to the folded length. If you’re folding the backpacking chairs, you should consider a smaller, and lighter chair.

A lot of this has to do with the lumbar support. The higher the back seat height, the better neck and head support you get from the chair. When you have back problems, you will want to keep in mind the back seat height for support and comfort the chair has to offer as you do not wish to retire after a day of rigorous hiking to sit on a hard and uncomfortable seat. There are chairs which offer adequate neck support, and others which have additional lower back or lumbar support. If you have back problems, you should consider these options.

There are no precise or incorrect answers for this one. It is a personal preference. The taller chair will place you in a more natural and comfortable sitting position. However, if you are taking the chair to events like concerts, it can block the view of those at the back. Sitting near the ground has its perks in terms of stability. If you are tall, then it can be hard to get on and off the chair. Some camping chairs can only sit approximately 5″ inches off the ground, while there are those that sit higher at 18″ off the ground.

There are campers and backpackers who look for more in their camping chairs, aside from merely being able to sit on them comfortably. These are the convenience and other accessories features that you are trying to look into. It can be in the form of cup holders, smartphone holders, mesh storage, pouches, coolers, side tables, and other added features that you can see included in one amazing camping chair. Some chairs only have one cup holder while the rest can have coolers and side tables for comfortable dining in the outback. Some of the chairs can only have one tiny storage pocket for keys or phones. There are, however, some camping chairs with huge storage pockets for books, camping implements, and more. Know your camping style and the conveniences you are looking for in a camping chair as you go in the great outdoors today.

What's the Most Comfortable Camping Chair?

Basic folding camp chairs are light, small and lack some features. If you want comfort you would have to be specific about the features you want. These include padded armrests, neck support, high back, padded seats, and others. Seat height and weight are also things to consider.

The most comfortable camping chair is the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. Since it is heavy-duty but lightweight, it is regarded as one of the best camping folding chairs today. Its steel frame enables the chair to have a total weight capacity of over 800 LBS, and the fabric is made up of 600D Polyester material. The chair weighs about 12 lbs in full and a dimension of 38x20x38 inches. The armrests are adjustable, and it comes with a storage pouch and cup holder. This chair is ideal for the outdoors, and ALPS has done a great thing with this ALPS Mountaineering chair. It is excellent and comes with a footrest that you will surely love after a long and tiring day.

What are the Best Outdoor Folding Chairs?

For your outdoor activities, you need a reliable and sturdy camping folding chairs. But what exactly are the characteristics of the best outdoor folding chairs? We have researched the best ones depending on the material, weight capacity, material, style, comfort, and more. Here are the basic criteria that users share about their ideal camping chairs.

Determine how often you will carry the chair? The answer to this question will help you know exactly whether you need to give value to its portability or not. If you are going to bring it around often and for extended hours, think about going for a very light and portable camping chair. For portability, you should also consider the length of the folded chair. You should be able to carry it around without being hindered in mobility.

Another thing you will have to check with your camping chair is the chair material and design. Many folding chairs are made of aluminum frames, which are highly preferred by many users, and the fabric is made of polyester, oxford fabric, ripstop nylon, which are among the perfect options for your chair’s covering. There are a few models with steel frames, and may be a bit heavier.  You should consider the heavier steel frame chairs only if you’re not going to carry it around in a backpack.

Buyers must try to weigh in and consider the size of the camping chair that they are buying, inducing the maximum weight that the chair can support. Each person’s size matters, and they vary from one person to another, so make sure you know your chair specifications before you buy. Smaller chairs can support up to 200 lbs. Sturdy, good quality chairs can support up to 225 to 250 lbs. There are a few heavy duty chairs which are rated to support up to 500 lbs. Remember that bigger chairs which can support heavier weights are also heavier and larger.

There are myriad other features that play a crucial role in your choice of the best camping chairs for your needs. You have the extra coolers, side tables, cup holder, adjustable armrests, and many others. You can start with basic chair features for comfort, and then consider what you need to have, and other options and accessories. Know what other specific features you want for your chair and choose the best one that can provide you with these added features.

What is the Lightest Camping Chair?

The best lightest camping chair is the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair. It can handle as much as 300-LBS capacity and only weighs about 9-LBS and can sit approximately 19-inches off the ground. It can fold to as little as 6.9×4.7×45.7 to easily store and lug around in your tent or RV. It can expand to up to 35.4x26x37.4 when you are ready to use it. The dual lock camping chair can lock open for added stability and locks securely to help with easy transportation and storage. The cushioned seats and headrest are sure to provide you the ease and relaxation you are looking for after a long and adventure-filled day. This is your perfect companion, regardless of where you plan to set up camp.

The Joy of the Folding Camping Chairs

Campers, hikers, and backpackers love folding camping chairs for the comfort, ease, and convenience it gives. Even at home or indoors, camping chairs are the best. You can use it in your bedroom, garden, backyard, porch, or wherever. It will serve your chair needs wherever you go.

There are many kinds of folding chairs, but the most popular nowadays is the quad chair. These folding chairs fold inward and outward, like an accordion, and are kept inside a slim bag. Like other folding chairs, the quad chair is more stable when it is supporting a heavy weight. The heavier the weight, the more stable the seat. Of course, there are limits to how heavy the chair can support. There are some folding quad chairs which can support as much as 500 lbs., although 225 lbs up to 250 lbs is the norm. 

These folding chairs are fun to open and close. They look and work like three-dimensional accordions, or like origami, but with metal frames and heavy-duty seat covers. The metal frames are like steel rods which are capable of heavy loads because of the way that they form triangles under the seat. 

The seat material is usually high-density polyester which is tough and does not tear or shear easily. In most cases, there are multiple layers, as well as padding to the chair. Technically, the non-padded seat is almost as comfortable with the padding, but the layers and padding also serve as protection. With a single material layer, all the weight and sideways pressure is on the fabric. With padding and lining, the sideways tension is evenly distributed among the multiple layers.

When choosing a folding chair, the most important consideration is the comfort when using it. The second most important consideration is the ease of use. Users want a folding chair that they can pull of the bag, and have it ready for use in seconds. The chair should unfold or open up in seconds. It should lock into place immediately when unfolded.

Best Folding Camp Chair

When you are preparing to head outdoors, you should bring with you the REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair. You will want to backpack as light as possible, and this chair simply weighs around 1-lbs. It comes with an aluminum frame, ripstop nylon material, and can support 250-LBS weight capacity. It can fold up to 5×16 inches and unfold to 19x22x22 inches. The REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair can provide maximum support and comfort after a long day of hiking as it enables you to sit very relaxed and comfortable. The REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair has proven its worth as one of the best folding camp chairs in the market today.

Compact Camping Chair

When you are out on a hunt for the best quality ultra-light and compact camping chair, your search can well end here. We present to your the new Helinox Chair One Lightweight Camp Chair. The Helinox Chair One Lightweight Camp Chair weighs only 2-lbs. It folds to 4×4.5×14 inches, and yes, it is very small enough to fit in the hiking backpack. But, when opened, it can expand to up to 23×21.5×29 inches. The Helinox Chair One Lightweight Camp Chair is made of 100% aluminum alloy and can support weight to as much as 320-lbs! That is a great amount of strength and durability from a very small and compact camping chair. The removable seat of the Helinox Chair One Lightweight Camp Chair is made of machine washable 600 weaves ripstop polyester. The bungee cord found inside simply means that the poles and chair set can be assembled fast. Undeniably, the Helinox Chair One Lightweight Camp Chair is the best compact camping chair.

Best Lightweight Camping Chair

The best lightest camping chair is the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair. It can handle as much as 300-LBS capacity and only weighs about 9-LBS and can sit approximately 19-inches off the ground. It can fold to as little as 6.9×4.7×45.7 to easily store and lug around in your tent or RV. It can expand to up to 35.4x26x37.4 when you are ready to use it. The dual lock camping chair can lock open for added stability and locks securely to help with easy transportation and storage. The cushioned seats and headrest are sure to provide you the ease and relaxation you are looking for after a long and adventure-filled day. This is your perfect companion, regardless of where you plan to set up camp.


After you have read this review, can you tell which camping chair you have ever used and tried that you loved? What do you love about it? Camping is fun and exhilarating, that requires you to stay on the go for the most part. So, when it comes to finally relaxing, find a chair that provides maximum comfort and perfect support for your back and neck. That way, you have one less thing to worry about as you spend your precious time in the great outdoors. And there you go, the best camping chair options that you can choose from as you head on your next camping adventure this 2020!