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By Dan Nolan | March 3, 2021
If you and your favorite pup love adventures like hiking and camping, then a dog backpack is a must. Choose from these top-rated and comfortable dog packs.

There are some essentials you need to bring for your pet if you love taking long trips with your dog. But this time, you don’t need to carry all their supplies because you have your things to carry as well. The idea of getting a dog backpack is a must so your pet can help you out with it.

With a good backpack, your four-legged companion can bring his food, water, treats, and other small necessities to fit the pack. Also, if your dog is hyperactive, a weighted dog bag can help him to calm down, and that serves a little workout for them every time you bring your pet for a walk.

Dogs love taking walks and chasing other animals, sniffing in the bushes, and other activities. If you bring them on your trips or adventures, they can be experiencing these things. And when it happens, you need a dog backpack for your pet this time. It’s the best way to free up a spacious space in your bag and lighten the load in it since you can fit some in a dog pack where you can store your pet’s food, treats, water, and poo bags too.

Best Dog Backpack Products

There are dozens of backpacks for your pup today, and it might be complicated to choose what’s best. The first thing you have to look at is the comfort it brings you and your pup. Also, make sure it is durable and adjustable. These are a few of the most vital factors you must put into consideration. To narrow down your choices.

8 Best Dog Backpacks

Here are the eight best dog pack products available in the market you can check out.

1. OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack
Rating: 5.0
Check Price on Amazon

It’s a pack with huge size compartments on the side. The side pouches can be used in holding adventure gear so your canine can help you out with the load and still have fun. It’s the best bag to bring if you want your pet to go along with you on the road.


  • It is made with durable 1000D nylon with mesh lining for breathable comfort and maximized function on long trips.
  • It has a bigger storage room. Each side pocket has the exterior horizontal umbrella pouch with cords for strapping on extra items.
  • It has hidden two zippered designs to avoid your pup hair from getting stuck and for easy unzipping it.
  • The loop-and-hook belly straps with UTX buckles and harness, so the bag stays in the position and wraps the dog’s belly & neck around perfectly.
  • It has two adjustable straps to fit in different dog breeds, small, medium, and large.


  • Ideal backpacks to carry dogs when you’re hiking, backpacking trips, and long trail walk.
  • It has a broader loop-and-hook chest strap & neck strap with easy release of UTX buckle to provide a more comfortable balance and fit for the backpack to carry a dog.
  • This hiking pack is made to fit your dog with a proper harness and leash attachment.
  • The dog backpacks can provide an umbrella, dog leashes, and a water bottle.
  • This pack makes a perfect trip to the park a lot easier.
  • You don’t need to bring a bulky bag full of dog treats and toys.

2. RUFFWEAR - Approach Pack

RUFFWEAR - Approach Pack
Rating: 4.8
Check Price on Amazon

A Ruffwear approach bag gives your pet the ability to comfortably and effectively carry their gear. It motivates your pup to explore more. Ruffwear approach has a harness feature that improves the fit for a more stable pack and performance.


  • It can store treats, food, bowls, and more in the bag’s pockets and external gear loops.
  • The reflective trim feature and light loop provide visibility even in the dark.
  • It is made with weight-forward saddlebags that help stabilize the bag’s loads for comfortable and easy carrying.
  • It features an integrated harness and straps with five points adjustment to fit well with your dog.
  • The Ruffwear approach has a padded handle that supports the straps and allows for a more comfortable and controlled lifting over tough canines, medium, and large.
  • You can easily clip in the aluminum V-ring and reinforced secure webbing loop leash attachment.


  • Share great adventures with this outward hound and go miles with dog hiking. It allows your pup to bring their essentials and excites them more to hit the trails for dog hiking.
  • It provides a more balanced and fit load carrying for your dog with this hiking pack.
  • Produced with lightweight materials to ensure that the dog can carry it without sacrificing their body and health. These hiking backpacks have a streamlined design that gives comfort to your dogs and lets them carry all their necessities. 
  • It’s one of the best dog hiking backpacks perfect for day and overnight adventures.

3. Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack

Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack
Rating: 4.6
Check Price on Amazon

It’s a great backpack for everyday use, especially with your backpacking adventure with your pet. The built of the pack is strong enough to withstand rugged outdoor experiences. The bag has eight different adjustment points to get the right fit for any kind of dog.


  • It’s a two-sided dog pack that gives spacious rooms for all your dog’s essentials, including water, food, first aid, bowls, and more.
  • This backpack includes an improved harness with a mounted leash ring to join the pet leash.
  • The rear ring can be used as a bottle opener too.
  • This hiking dog backpack features two side pockets for extra rooms.
  • This dog hiking backpack got a big handle to control your pet fully, or assist them with their obstacles. The pack also includes a reflective trim for dark visibility. Use the pouches to store hiking accessories for dogs.
  • Two sizes are available for the hiking dog pack. Kurgo Baxter sizes for medium and large dogs are 30 to 85 lbs and can fit 3.75 Lite.


  • These saddlebags for pups are comfortable to use and lightweight.
  • It’s one of the best dog hiking backpacks that offer spacious space to keep all of your dog’s travel essentials such as water, food, treats, toys, and a lot more.
  • This hiking pack is made to fit your dog with proper harness and leash attachment.
  • Kurgo Baxter is a big help while your dog is performing obstacles. 

4. Pettom Dog Backpack

Pettom Dog Backpack
Rating: 4.4
Check Price on Amazon

This dog pack lets your pup to carry their essentials like treats, toys, food, water bottles, and others. It means to say that you are both prepared for some great adventure. You are also giving your dog a good exercise by adding weight to their daily workout routine. It helps them build muscle and become healthy.


  • It has a comfy padding feature, so no need to worry about the metal heating up while outside.
  • It’s a backpack with adjustable straps. These straps can be tightened or loosen, based on the size of your dog. It can cater to small, medium, and large pups. 
  • It lets you remove the compartment to take the weight off your dog without needing to remove the whole pack when you stop to rest.
  • It has a durable metal that you can connect your leash harness, so you don’t have to worry about getting it loose while on a hike.
  • It’s a waterproof bag so to ensure that your belongings are safe from moisture.
  • The backpack has a breathable mesh panel to keep your pup cool while on hikes.
  • The light is reflected to ensure that your four-legged friend is visible and safe even in the dark.


  • The backpack is waterproof and has a breathable mesh harness that allows airflow.
  • It has adjustable straps that ensure comfort for doggies while they are running or even walking.
  • The handle helps to lift dogs, especially large dogs, while in obstacles or training.

5. Denver Urban Pack Lightweight Urban Hiking Backpack

Denver Urban Pack Lightweight Urban Hiking Backpack
Rating: 4.4
Check Price on Amazon

It’s the perfect dog backpack for city trips. It has two large storage pockets that are used for bringing keys, phones, and other essentials needed for walking. It has a comfortable style, not just for your pup but also for you. Easy access to all your valuables and straps is also adjustable for maximizing balance and fit.


  • You can stow essentials like ID cards, keys, id cards, phones, and others in these expandable two zippered pockets.
  • The bag is lightweight and very trendy, perfect for you and your dog’s outings.
  • It has adjustable belly straps to maximize both fit and keep your dog in balance.
  • It has two D-ring clips for quick leash attachment.
  • It has breathable mesh elements that keep your dog fresh and provides a refreshing airflow while on the move.


  • Stylish dog pack for the city.
  • This hiking pack is made to fit your dog with a proper harness and leash attachment.
  • It has a robust construction with useful side pockets and zippered pockets.
  • You’ll let your dog keep it fresh while enjoying this hiking pack.

6. PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training

PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training
Rating: 4.2
Check Price on Amazon

It is a perfect gift for your pup if you like hiking or going for a walk with your pet. It has a training vest harness for medium and large canines like a boxer, a German shepherd, pitbull, Doberman, husky, and a lot more.


  • The bag is well-constructed with two heavy-duty metals and buckles. Each has a 1000LB proof-load, two nylon easy release straps, and a harness.
  • It gives your dog a comfortable fit with a total of four harness adjustment positions.
  • It consists of full coverage features that protect the pup’s body and bell.
  • It has a sealed front D ring, which is useful and sturdy to control your pup with minimum effort.2.
  • It has a sturdy nylon padded handle where you can grab the harness quickly while you’re walking.
  • Each side of the bag has two molle straps, a hook-and-loop strip panel, three nylon loops used to attach the molle pouches, morale patches, ID panels, and other dog accessories.


  • The pack is well constructed with durable straps the dog can carry with ease.
  • It has an easy on and off feature for quick access.
  • The saddlebags have side pockets and leash attachments that are made with considerate materials.
  • This hiking pack is made to fit your dog with a proper harness and leash attachment.
  • You can start letting your dog use this one to have better exercise.

7. Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack
Rating: 4.0
Check Price on Amazon

It’s always good to enjoy the outdoor activities with your four-legged friend by your side. Whether you are going for a hike or just walking around the park, they make great company. With an Outward Hound dog backpack, your pet can carry its essentials.

Don’t worry about the weight because there is a required volume for that. The bag is designed for dog comfort and has useful features. There are pockets where you can store your valuables, too, like keys.

So it’s ideal not just for your dogs but for you as well. The bag will make it easy for both of you to enjoy the outdoors together.


  • It’s a removable backpack that can take the weight off your pup while on rest.
  • It has bright and reflective colors or accents for visibility.
  • It has convenient two zippered pockets for carrying water and food.
  • It has mesh pockets and a water bottle holder. 
  • It is made for canines weighing 15 to 19 lbs with a girth of 12 inches to 25 inches.


  • It’s removable dog backpacks that take the weight off your dog while they’re at rest.
  • It lets you have easy access to everything in the pack.
  • The reflective trim bright colors and accents for added visibility.
  • The saddlebags have large side pockets and two zippered pockets that feature wide openings in carrying food and water.
  • The pack includes leash attachment, harness, elastic water bottle holder, durable straps, and interior mesh pockets.

8. DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs

Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs
Rating: 3.8
Check Price on Amazon

These dog backpacks let your pet comfortably carry the extra essentials you need to bring for the hike. It’s ideal to use for everyday errands and quick getaways.

You will surely enjoy the spacious storage and convenience it will bring to you and your pet. These high-quality performance outward hound dog backpacks will keep your doggie safe for every adventure.


  • The breathable mesh parts help in keeping your dog cool and provides a refreshing airflow while they’re freely moving.
  • It has an adjustable strap option to keep the bag in position. And the reflective piping enhances the visibility of the pack, especially at night.
  • You can stow essentials like ID cards, keys, phones, and others in these expandable pockets. 
  • Every pup has a different body type, and they come in small, medium, and large sizes. It is when the Outward Hound DayPak becomes helpful because it can fit from the smallest and the largest canines. 


  • It is one of the bestselling saddlebags and the most popular dog backpack for medium and large canines.
  • This pack safely holds all of your hiking and walking valuables for better hands-free fun.
  • The sleek design of the saddlebags is free from any bulk and has a full purpose.
  • You and your pup will have a worry-free adventure because you will have less attention in losing items with this pack and focus on more fun.

Is a Dog Backpack a Good Idea?

It’s good to give your dog daily walks because that means you are giving them a ‘job’ and they like it. It makes them confident and calms at the same time. But when they’re outside, you have to make sure that you bring some essentials you’ll be needing when they get tired and hungry like food and water. If you don’t want to bring all these on your end, then a dog backpack is a must. With this pack, they can carry their food, water, waste bags, a food bowl, and other items.

If your four-legged friend doesn’t want to wear a backpack, there are many reasons to train your pup. But no matter what your goal, it’s vital for them to learn it because, as owners, nothing is more rewarding to see them carry their essentials. It’s for their own good too because you are helping them happier and healthier as well. It makes your daily walks or weekend trips a fun experience.

Here are good reasons why you should get your dog a backpack:

It serves as their workout because it can help them build their muscle.

Humans are not the only ones who need good exercise but your pets too. By letting them carry a backpack, you are giving them a fair share of walking and running workouts. It’s very beneficial for them and leads to a healthier and longer life.

Going out for a walk is like a ‘job’ for them.

Having a pet, you must know what they like and not. And most dogs love to take a job. With this backpack, you are giving them a purpose, and they love it. They can feel that they are helping you in any way. It makes them feel happy to know that you need them. If you have a small pup or an aging one, consider the load you are putting on the pack or let them carry an empty bag. That still will give them an idea of helping you out.

It helps them become more focused.

If your dogs mostly chase squirrels and cats, carrying a pack will put them in working mode. It leads them to become less distracted. So basically, you are training them to be more focused with a backpack on.

It makes them feel they can help you carry some essentials.

Going on a hike or long walk together means having a bunch of things to carry with you. You can lighten a load of your bag by putting some on your dog’s backpack. You can clip a bowl on the side of their pack and use the other pouches for food, water, first aid kit, and good to go.

Since it’s good exercise, your dog can sleep well, and so are you!

Since walking with a weighted pack is an excellent workout for your dog, they are more likely to fall asleep faster and soundly. You can rest too, knowing that your dog is happy and has lots of exercise and fresh air.

How Does a Backpack Help a Dog?

You might be asking how you can get your dogs calm down. There is no exact answer to that. But experts recommend getting a combination of physical activities and mental challenges. The mountainsmith k-9, as an example, can help get your pup into a real challenge.

It includes obedience training, structured walks, visiting places, and more. It is an excellent tool to have with a dog backpack if you want your dog to experience all these. It is designed perfectly for dogs to wear.

Your dog is showing bad behavior because they are not getting the exercise they need. And it makes you feel that you have to do more for them. But if you have a busy life, it would be time-demanding already to walk them out or bring them on trips.

With a good backpack for your pup, even at home, you can let them wear the loaded pack while hovering around your house. That way, they’ll be getting the exercise they need.

The pack puts your dog in working mode.

For dogs, the backpack will serve as their calming element. When they wear their packs, they know they’re going on trips or adventures and become serious about it. Dogs love working too, and it makes them feel that they serve their purpose if you let them wear it.

Dog backpacks help dogs with leash manners.

If your dog has leash manners problems, the backpack might help them become focused, but that’s not an easy fix. But if it can help them to focus on other things rather than pulling their leash, that’s a good start already to help them with their leash manners.

A bag for your dog can be used for all breeds and ages.

Some owners are worried because an extra load could hurt some breeds because of the excess weight and stress on muscles and joints. Well, this is true if you are using a mountainsmith k-9, and your dog belongs to a small breed family only. You can’t use it because it might give your small breed a weighted load. The mountainsmith k-9 tends to be for larger breeds.

If you know that you have a small breed or an aging dog, it’s unnecessary to add or increase the weight in the pack. Sometimes, you can just let them wear the backpack itself, and that’s enough already for their mental workout. If it still worries you, you can ask for advice from your pet’s vet.

With a bag on, you are giving an extra physical challenge while on walks.

The backpack with a weight on it will give your pet an extra physical workout already. But, you must consider the breed and age of your pup to decide how much load you will be putting on their pack.

It’s a great tool for dog walkers and volunteers.

A backpack for your dog is a great and excellent tool not just for you but also for professional dog walkers and shelter rescue groups. Since the pack gives them the job,’ they tend to move and walk, which adds to their regular training and exercise. This tool helps them to settle in and provides them their much-needed structure.

Why Use the Best Dog Carrier Backpack?

Humans love adventure, and they simply love to move. But if you have a canine companion, it’s doubtful if you could still go on trips like hiking and camping. There is an easy fix to that problem.

Get a backpack dog carrier because it will bring convenience for both of you. It gives you the freedom to move while keeping your pup comfortably settling on their bag. It secures them against your back and chest. Dog backpack carrier is ideal for everyday errands like biking, shopping, and off-road trips and adventures. There are comfortable dog backpacks that guarantee every pet owner’s life comfortable and more relaxed.

Getting the right pup carrier can be complicated since you are torn between choosing a traditional pack and a dog travel crate. The best idea is to decide which one is the right size for your pet.

But there are features you have to consider to help you sort out the topnotch dog carrier backpacks for you. The most important is to know the size of your pup. But this is not the only thing to consider but more. Here are other factors to keep in mind too.

  • The Comfort – This is the feature that gives exceptional support for your pup. It should not serve as a prison for pets but an extension of their home. As much as possible, the carrier is comfortable for them with padded and soft lining, and mesh window panels feature.
  • The Versatility – Get something that is more straightforward. It will be great to get a dog carrier that you can also use with some other purpose aside from being a dog backpack.
  • The Lightweight – Your dog is already massive. So in choosing a carrier backpack, you must know the variety of lightweight materials used in constructing it. If the backpack is heavy, that will be a burden on your part, especially your back.
  • The Durability – It’s evident that you need something that you can still use until your pet reaches the golden years. Some pups don’t get any bigger as they age, so what you have to consider now is the durability of the materials. It must be double-stitched and made very sturdy.
  • The Security – If dogs don’t like putting them in a bag, the possible thing that could happen is for your pet to escape. So get a carrier with all the security features you need so you won’t end up chasing your pup. Some carriers have connectors you can attach to the dog’s harness. It would be best, too, if it has zippers used to lock the device.
  • The Ventilation – Without this feature, you are putting your dog’s life at risk, especially if you are walking out with a scorching sun. Select a carrier that is created with proper ventilation and breathable materials, enough to provide your pet a continuous and right amount of fresh air. Otherwise, your dog might break free, and you will be in big trouble.
  • Ease of Cleaning – You must have a clean and safe place for your pets, especially when you’re off the roads. They can’t be sick while on trips. That would be a big problem nursing them out of your home. The carrier is an easy clean-up to get rid of any dirt that might cause sickness to your pup.
  • Its Storage Pockets – You must consider a carrier pack that has storage pouches or pockets. This way, it’s possible for you to tuck in other essentials like smartphones, permits, water bottles, and other essential items. You don’t need to carry a separate bag for it anymore. It’s comfortable to move, hike, or camp with your hands-free.

What is the Best Dog Backpack for Hiking?

In general, you will never go wrong with any choice of backpacks above. As long as it fits your dog comfortably, that wouldn’t be a problem. You must consider other features too.

From hiking to trekking to camping, there are all perfect activities for you with a canine companion. For some, it’s not a good idea to bring their pet with them because having this creature might give them something to look for, and will miss the fun of adventure.

But if you love your dogs, you will allow this chance to let them experience outdoor fun. They love the outdoors because it makes them feel happy and healthier. It lets them explore beyond what they can do. Most importantly, they love being with you, so why lose this chance of enjoying their company while on the best adventure of your life.

Wherever it might be and whatever activity you do, and you plan to bring your pet with you, make sure to have its dog backpack. Let them share the load to make them feel they have a purpose. It’s possible for them now to carry their essentials like food, water, bowl, and more.

Also, you are giving them a tool that helps them exercise better and is very useful, not just with their physique but also with mental benefits. Walking or running is an effective workout, but strapping a pack is a lot better not only for you but especially for them.

There is one topnotch dog backpack for your pet out there, and if you are looking for a top-rated recommendation, do not forget to consider OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack. It has a comfortable style with all the features you need for your favorite pup.

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