The Best Candle Heater To Heat Your Tent Quickly

Best Candle Heater to Heat Your Tent

Staying warm during winter camping can be a challenge due to wintry weather changes. Staying dry and heated when it’s chilly outdoors is a great challenge most campers struggle to. However, with innovative products to cater to your needs, camping when it’s freezing great is enjoyable and easier.

With candle heaters to bring warmth to your tents enable you to enjoy camping regardless of the weather or what season it may seem. Most backpackers don’t mind the weather due to their experiences. They equipped themselves with the right tools and camping gear to protect and save them from any possible harm the weather may pour on them. Below, we jot down only the most excellent candle heaters, their benefits, and features. Leave the long hours of searching for premium products to us and just pick one among the best in-store today!

The 5 Best Candle Heaters for Camping

This original lantern for candles is one of the best when it comes to adding warmth to your tent during winter explorations. It’s a value pack of 3 which has 9 hours longevity lifespan that comes in a fleece, soft bag which is ideal for storage. It does not just provide adequate warmth but an ideal must-have emergency gear in case of a power outage for domestic and recreational use. With a collapsible and compact design, it won’t take many spaces for indoor or outdoor use.



  • This lantern is ideal for camping or backpacking as it provides light and warmth even with limited resources. With its glass chimney design, it creates a windproof features ideal for both indoors and outdoors. 
  • With its spring-loaded terminal, the flame is in secured height while the candle is burnt. This enables you to securely check the time needed for your slow-burning candles for convenience and comfort. 


  • Original UCO Candle lantern 
  • Pack Of 3 9-Hours Candle Plus Fleece Protective Bag
  • Windproof Glass Chimney Ease-Glide design
  • Twist-Lock Base With Hanging Hook And Handle
  • Collapsible Compact Lantern
  • Ideal For Backpacking/Camping
  • Spring-Loaded Tube For flame Security

This deluxe edition of UCO lantern is ideal for emergency, home, and outdoor use, it provides an extensive amount of light source for a larger number of people. With its multipurpose features that provide warmth during winter camping and can be used for heating food and water at the same time.



  • This deluxe design for candle lantern provides an ample amount of light for campers/backpackers during cold and chilly weather. It gives warmth to the surroundings while removing condensation build up inside your canopy. 
  • You can also use it as a double purpose for warming food or water through its heat shield. With its viewing slot for convenience and protection, a glass chimney design with spring-loaded terminal pushes your candle into a safe burning space.


  • Durable And Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Spring-Loaded Terminal Tube For Easy Viewing
  • Glass Chimney Style
  • Ideal Light And Heat Source For Camping Or Outdoor Adventure
  • Removes Condensation From Tent Interior
  • Twist-Lock Terminal With Convenient Carrying Handle

This original lantern candle kit helps protect your source of light and warmth properly for every use. It comes with an easy sliding cocoon that prevents unwanted scratches, glass breakage or dents while you are in transit. With a side reflector that helps direct your light easily.



  • It’s ideal for outdoor backpacking or camping adventures, home use, recreational or emergency power outage. 
  • Get a more extensive source of warmth and light whenever needed with this compact, lightweight, and a durable candle lantern.


  • 9-hour Long-Lasting Candle Lit Flame
  • Durable And Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Neoprene Cocoon Enables ease Of Use
  • Removes Condensation Inside Your Tent
  • Warms And Provides Adequate Light Source
  • With Hanging Hook, Twist-lock Terminal
  • Comes With A Carrying Handle For Convenience

This collapsible classic candle lantern is ideal for any outdoor expedition as it provides a natural warm light ideal for any season. It is best to use as a source of light inside your tent without compromising security and health. With its viewing slot that has a spring which pushes your candlelit into an ideal view to easily monitor for protection.



  • It serves as a double purpose for your next backpacking, hiking or camping adventures. Get the natural light and provide warmth for gusty and chilly weather outdoors. 
  • This classically designed lantern will provide an extensive power and light source for home or emergency use.


  • Durable And Lightweight
  • Collapsible Height
  • Long-Lasting Flame Up To 9 Hours
  • Classic Source Of Natural Warm Light
  • Glass Chimney Windproof Design
  • Easy Slide For Comfort And Convenience
  • Twist-Lock Bottom

This value pack candle lantern is ideal for both recreational and emergency purposes. It has a compact design and glass chimney stylish features a released base which enables fresh airflow to the base. It comes with 4 tealight candles, two scented citronella flavor and 2 classic whites. This lantern comes with a storage fleece bag for transit convenience and comfort.



  • Create an instant source of warmth and light with its generated 15 lumens light and 450 BTUs warmth while you are camping outdoors, especially during the winter. 
  • With its glass chimney design and a twist-lock bottom that serves as an instant handle for your tealight.


  • Includes Mini UCO Candle Lantern 
  • 4-5 Hours Candle Flame Life
  • Produces 450 BTUs And Generates 15 Lumen Light
  • Twisted -Lock Released Base For Spare Candle
  • Lightweight And Guaranteed Durability
  • Made With Aluminum And A Combination Of Bailed Stainless Steel
  • Glass Chimney Design With carrying Handle

The Best Candle Lantern With Great Features

Over the years, before electric and portable camping heaters are made, the classic glass chimney candle lantern designs are among the favorite of every outdoor adventure. The good news is, they are still the top trends when it comes to portability, lightweight, durability, and classically trusted sources of light and natural warmth over the years.

UCO candle lantern has been the best companion of most backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts following the 1970s. If you will notice, the design and their styles are almost the same as before, it’s their trademark and what keeps them unique over other competitors. It’s classic. A must-have camping gear. However, they are not just outdoors but whenever the light is needed. Even without electricity!

Their unique yet premium quality materials make them a tough choice! Made with durable aluminum materials, with windproof c[glass chimney design to keep your light and warm regardless of how gusty the wind may be. 

  • Durable Compact Design
  • Lightweight ideal For Any Outdoor Use
  • Tried And Tested Camping Gear by Most Backpackers, Hikers or Campers
  • Longer Lasting Flame That Can Live For 9 Hours
  • Spring-loaded Bottom That Pushes Your Candle For Quick View Settings

Candle Heating System Benefits

Using a candle to provide warmth while you are outdoors or inside your tent and it’s chilly outside will keep you warmer. The heat that your candle produces can easily be felt if you are near. With candle lantern or by using a pot, for example, it transfers the warmth through convection. On the other hand, if there is no pot involved, you can transfer the warmth through conduction. Which most campers do when they lit candles inside their tents.

With the warmth that your candle disperse while burning is enough to provide heat and light needed to keep you warm during cold weather conditions. The heating system that a candle provides is what most backpackers relly on. If you notice, even before portable and electric heaters are made, candles are the main source of warmth and light. Even during emergencies and power outages.

What Is The Best Candle Heater?

The best are those that had established their name brands over the past years. Just like UCO candles and lanterns which have a unique yet classic design trusted over the years now. The design stays if not, slight modifications were made yet it does not change that much.

The deluxe model of UCO enables you to even warm your water or food at the same time. Aside from giving you light and warmth, it serves as a dual purpose which is beneficial for most backpackers. You can take advantage of a compact design, a heating system, alight source, and food warmer all in one.

Another benefit that you can get with a candle heater like the deluxe model from UCO is how it removes condensation build-up. Most campers, especially those who camp during the winter season are avoiding any condensation build up inside the canopy. This will reduce the risk of moisture from entering their camping gear, or clothes. Even a small amount of moisture in your clothes will greatly reduce the heat that you have accumulated.

When condensation is absent, rest assured that health is locked inside while keeping the warmth into your body and inside the canopy. This will greatly prevent any health risk involved with severe weather conditions and the risk of hypothermia.

However, you cannot let the flame stay up all night or that you will sleep in it. One of the risks involved with flame is fire. That is why it is not smart to leave a candle burning inside your tent and sleep afterward. Proper precautions are always needed and should be monitored, the good thing, UCO has spring-loaded tubes which pushes the candle as it burns to easily monitor your source of light and warmth.

Do Candles Give Off Much Heat?

They give enough warmth which depends on the area that they will be placed upon. A candle can produce 270BTU of heat per hour. The bigger space, the more candles you will need to heat your room. However, if you will be using a candle as your source of light and warmth while camping, e.g. like using a two-man tent, it will be enough to warm you up. Provided that you use a good-sized and longer burning, high-quality candle.

If you will be using a tealight, which by the way produces only about 100BTU of heat per hour, you might still need a couple more to warm you up. With UCO candle heaters, there’s always a solution for your camping and heating needs.

What Is A Candle Heater?

If you have heard about the candle heater before, working or not, for most campers and outdoor adventurers, they are a quick source of light and additional warmth. The hot air that candles produce when trapped in a small space, e.g. your camping tent, can warm up the small space, thus it can keep you warm if you are camping during the winter season.

Candle lanterns like those from UCO, understand how science works, from energy reaction to how this small light source can contribute to heat coming out of the candles. These candle heaters are a reliable source of warmth less bulk and electricity when you are outdoors. With their compact design, multifunctional features and convenience, they are one of the best camping gear or emergency gear to take and keep along with you.


With all the different products and ways on how to keep you warm and cozy during your winter camping adventure, candle heaters are a must-try. They can be an alternative to electric heaters and gas-powered heaters over time. 

Our verdict for the best candle heater to use for your winter camping is the UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern. It’s an all-in-one candle heater, food warmer, coffee machine maker, and emergency light. A practical yet high-quality tried and tested product an outdoor adventurer must always include on their backpack and camping gear.