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By Dan Nolan | April 12, 2021
Photography and hiking go hand in hand. Protect your camera with this list of top-rated picks to help you find the best backpack for all your camera gear.

Traveling around the world is an exhilarating experience. You want to document every place, culture, and sights you experience. And to make it possible, you need to bring your trusty camera with you no matter the condition.

The best camera backpack will make traveling and moving around with your minimum or maximum attachments easier and more manageable. A camera pack will not only protect your camera gear but will also offer you extra convenience so you can enjoy the most out of your travels.

The 10 Best Camera Backpack

Here are the 10 best camera backpacks in the market. Check them out!

1. Lowepro Fastpack 350 DSLR Camera Backpack

Lowepro Fastpack 350 DSLR Camera Backpack
Rating: 5.0
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The Lowepro Fastpack 350 is a big investment for photography enthusiasts and professionals. It comes in different hues of black, red, or blue to suit your taste. It is built to be resilient for adventure-seeking photographers. It can protect your camera pro DSLR and other gear in almost all situations, and even if you put it on a dirty terminal or bus floors, it is always easy to clean.

Its main compartments are accessible from the side so you can easily take your camera anytime. It has a laptop sleeve and different pockets where you can put your small items like memory cards. The central column fits a 70-200 up to 80-200 telephoto lens attached to a full camera. Also, there are four pockets on each side which you can configure and use for any lens size, or you can take it off to accommodate your clothes too.

There are also several small pockets where you can keep your memory cards, phone chargers, cords, and external battery packs. This bag for camera can also hold a few days worth of clothes, toiletries, notebooks, pens, and a 17” laptop.

This pack also has clips that can accommodate a tripod. It has padded straps, belly strap, and chest strap that helps in even weight distribution in case you need to hike a bit carrying all this stuff. The Lowepro Fastpack 350 camera backpack has considerations for what photographers must need and want from a backpack.


  • Water-resistant backpack to protect equipment from moisture and abrasion.
  • Side-access main compartment for easy access to camera and accessories.
  • The laptop compartment can accommodate 17” laptop.
  • Adjustable dividers can be configured according to your needs.
  • Spacious compartments, multiple pockets.


  • Compact design with multiple storage options
  • Lightweight but tough
  • Easy to clean with water-resistant nylon material 
  • Padded compartments, padded shoulder straps
  • Air-mesh padded back for comfort and support.

2. Atlas Athlete Camera Pack

Atlas Athlete Camera Pack
Rating: 4.8
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The Atlas Athlete Camera Pack is a uniquely designed and built camera bag for choosy photographers. It has a built-in internal camera unit that offers more stability, thicker padding, and less “dead space.” This bag keeps its shape and seems more sturdy compared to bags with a removable camera system. It also features an “origami system” wherein you can choose whether to use the camera or luggage space.

Aside from smart spaces, Altas Athlete also prioritized camera security. It opens in the back, so you get full access to the camera compartment. Its zips open to the base so you can get what you need without the danger of the flaps fighting against you.

This bag is designed similar to the typical hiking backpack, so you get a large and expandable main compartment. It houses the laptop sleeve and the luggage space, but the camera compartment is only accessible from the back zip.

More so, it has expandable pockets on the sizes for water bottles, tripods, or other necessities. If you love photography as much as you love hiking, this backpack is the best choice for adventurers like you.


  • Organized storage compartments for all your necessities, lenses and gears
  • The expandable design has enough space for 20L to 40L.
  • The built-in camera system makes it stable and secure.
  • Comfortable waist and shoulder straps
  • Origami System allows you to combine all your needs in a single pack.


  • Padded and secure internal camera system unit
  • Large lid compartment and opening
  • Zipper grips for easy opening or closing
  • Includes a rain cover for added protection
  • Comfortable to carry around for hours when hiking

3. Lowepro Flipside 300 DSLR Camera Backpack

Lowepro Flipside 300 DSLR Camera Backpack
Rating: 4.6
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If you are looking for an all-weather type of camera backpack, the Lowepro Flipside 300 is a brilliant option for you. It can take on any heavy rain or intense sun and protect your lenses and gear from damage.

This bag is designed in a way that you can easily access your equipment without needing to take off the backpack completely. You can easily flip the bag around and access the compartment just as long as the waist strap is connected. This bag is comfortable to use with extra back padding for support.

You will not feel your gear pushing against your back. It also has a lot of extra pockets to accommodate essentials, accessories, and a tripod. The AW-covering can completely conceal all your lenses and gear and protect them from the elements as you travel.

It can accommodate a full camera with lens, two additional lenses, a compact tripod, a compact drone, and a tablet. This backpack does come with a hefty price tag, but you can expect to use it for your adventures for many years to come.


  • Dynamic storing system for accommodating several pieces of equipment 
  • Ensures safety and convenience for accessing your years
  • Uses all-weather materials
  • Has tripod connection
  • Has lined, removable accessory pockets for your chargers, cables and small items


  • Durable and guaranteed to protect your expensive camera
  • Silent zipper mechanisms
  • Removable waistband
  • Stretch pockets keep fast-grab items accessible.  
  • Durable and will last for many years of use. 

4. Vanguard Alta Sky 66 Camera Backpack

Vanguard Alta Sky 66 Camera Backpack
Rating: 4.4
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Vanguard Alta Sky is a hit with travel photographers. It is designed to accommodate a full DSLR camera with a telephoto lens and other lenses and gear necessary for your photoshoot. It is a unique and impressive pack for professional photographers who are always on the move.

This back is spacious, so you can take all the lenses and gear and accessories that you need for your travels. The zippered compartment safely houses a 9-inch tablet too. If you have to bring a tripod, the Alta Link Alta Action connection will secure it in place.

There are also dedicated organizers, connectors, and pockets to accommodate your stuff. A side pocket for your water bottle is a thoughtful addition, especially for people who hike. It also has a rain cover that will keep everything you carry safely, even if you travel in different weather conditions.

Alta Sky 66 from Vanguard promises extra encompassing protection with its rain cover, materials, and construction. It is designed to be a grab and go back with a sturdy handle, so retrieving it from the floor or car boot is easy.

If you carry heavy equipment for long periods, this bag ensures that you remain comfortable. It has an ergonomic back design and harness system that can be fully adjusted. The design is uniquely shaped for equal weight distribution and perfect contouring to your body. The back is well-padded and breathable, so you will never tire out from carrying it.


  • Alta Link Alta Action Tripod connection
  • Total Coverage from Rain
  • Ergonomic Design, harness and straps for never-tire carrying
  • Bright colored interior
  • Versatile and multi-function camera backpack


  • Tripod carrying system is stable
  • Multi-access operation
  • Has organized, multiple pockets and connectors
  • Water bottle holders
  • Has a headset port that connects to your smartphone pocket

5. Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II
Rating: 4.3
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The Lowepro Fastpack Series is a trusted backpack by many travel photographers for many years. The Fastpack BP 250 AW II is a next-gen camera bag designed to provide better gear protection. It also comes with an All-Weather Cover and Cradle Fit device section. It comes with three main storage zones to help you organize your things and keep you ready at all times.

One of the top features they have is the customizable camera zone. It has a padded and adjustable interior, bright grey interior, and full access zippered opening. You can find a specifically dedicated laptop pocket for your tablet or notebook called the CradleFit. It also has a quick-release buckled security flap that covers the exterior pockets. You can find several pockets to organize your accessories and small items in the open zone at the top of the pack.

If you are flying, you can easily secure the Fastpack to a trolley using the compression straps. The padding and removable waist belt also provide extra comfort as you wear it for long periods during travel. Its side pockets serve as a holder of a water bottle or tripod base.


  • Has three main storage zones for your camera and devices
  • Compression straps can secure it to a rolling trolley.
  • All-Weather AW Cover
  • Tall, stretch, mesh side pockets for a tripod or water bottles
  • Can fit up to a 15-inch laptop


  • Comfortable to carry for long periods
  • With several pockets for organizing accessories and lenses and gear.
  • Padded and removable waist belt for extra stability during travel
  • An adjustable added camera zone keeps your gear secure at all times.
  • Accessible and smooth zippers keep your device accessible.

6. Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Black Pro Modular Backpack
Rating: 4.1
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Lowepro has created some of the best camera backpacks around. The ProTactic 350 AW II Black Modular pack is designed to grow according to the accessories you want to bring with you on your travels. It has all the features and specifications that a travel photographer would want to have in a camera backpack. It has bottle holders, phone slots, tripod grips, and more. However, its main feature is the brilliantly designed and compact case that will keep your camera gear safe and secure as you move around.

The top compartment is accessed from the back, but it may also be opened on the sides or top. Inside, there is a velcro division for your camera and accessories. It also has slots where you can keep your other stuff like binoculars, laptops, and others.

There are also several pockets and built-in pockets inside it. It can keep your smaller items like SD cards or wired remote securely in place. And since it is designed for carrying a camera, you will find that it comes with a tripod leg holder, quick straps, and a drawstring bag. These accessories can be attached to the bag using fabric loops.

The ProTactic BP 350 AW is impressively travel-friendly. It is compact so that you can use it as a carry-on luggage, but it can carry lots of items aside from your camera and accessories. It is also comfortable to wear with padded straps and back.


  • Eva molded top compartment 
  • All-around padding protects and secures equipment 
  • Modular design with two quick-lock straps
  • Comes with slip lock tripod cup to load tripod securely
  • Tough fabric loops allow you to attach other accessories


  • Flexible and versatile dividers to adjust to your camera space requirement
  • Comfortable to carry with padded support straps
  • All-weather cover protection
  • Protective laptop carrying with CradleFit Slot
  • Multiple pockets for organizing your accessories

7. TARION Pro 2 Bags in 1 Camera Backpack Large

TARION Pro 2 Bags in 1 Camera Backpack Large
Rating: 3.9
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Tarion has grown to become one of the most respected camera bag brands in the market today. They have provided high-quality packs by adhering to high-density, water-resistant and anti-tear nylon material. What you get is an outstanding pack that is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. Their top example is the Tarion Pro 2 Bags in 1 Camera Backpack.

This bag is uniquely designed with an attached small single shoulder bag to secure and keep your one camera and one lens. This extra bag can be converted into a handle bag or a waist bag whenever you prefer.

The main backpack is extra spacious to accommodate two cameras, a tripod, seven lenses, a laptop, and several more accessories. Despite its capacity, Tarion has designed this bag to secure each and every gear inside it. Each section is well-padded and fitted with shockproof EPE dividers to accommodate your equipment, even if you are on the move. It is also fitted with a rain cover which ensures that all your equipment will not be damaged during unexpected rain.


  • Extra-large capacity to fit in more equipment
  • Adjustable EPE padded dividers to customize and accommodate your gears
  • Fitted with a rain cover to protect your equipment in case of unexpected rain
  • Includes one small carry bag, waist strap, strap hooks, and rain cover
  • High-density, tear-proof and waterproof nylon material


  • Extra-large capacity with divided compartments
  • Dedicated Laptop and iPad space
  • You get two camera bags in one purchase
  • Adjustable height
  • The durable nylon material will last for years.

8. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof

Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof
Rating: 3.8
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Travel photographers are quite impressed with the Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack and consider it to be one of the top-performing camera bags for the year. It is an ideal choice for photographers using DSLR cameras such as the Sony, Nikon. Olympus or Canon SLR and DSLR camera and additional lenses. The bag is spacious enough to accommodate two full cameras and up to six lenses and accessories.

If needed, you can also take your 15-inch laptop with you, and it fits well in this bag too. Its main selling point is its top water-repellent fabric, which ensures that your lenses and gear will not get soaked. It has sufficient padding to keep your gears securely in place while the double stitches around the edges fortify its durability.

This pack offers multiple multi-function compartments so you can sort out everything you have. The easy access saves time and helps you keep things in their places. There are also pockets inside and outside of the bag. It provides customizable dividers to keep your things snugly in place even as you move around. And since the dividers are removable, you can also use the pack when you want to travel without your camera.

Beschoi DSLR camera backpack offers maximum gear protection from shock, breakage, and rain. It is durable and lightweight, making it suitable for traveling. If you are looking for a great quality camera backpack for an affordable price, this one should be considered.


  • Customizable/movable dividers for better gear organization
  • Multiple, multi-function compartment and pockets
  • Made from tear-resistant, water-repellent nylon material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Provides optimal padding to secure your equipment


  • Comfortable to carry around 
  • Large front pockets to keep your essentials.
  • Can accommodate DSLR cameras
  • Laptop compartment
  • Suitable for traveling casually
  • Has interlocking zippers for security

9. Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack
Rating: 3.9
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The Alta SKY 51D camera backpack from Vanguard probably has the largest capacity of camera bag among our list. It is a dynamic pack that is high-adaptable to any carrying or working situations.

Photographers have hailed their versatility and the combination of top gear protection, making it one of the best camera backpacks in the market today. It features as ⅓ to ⅔ division of the main compartment, which can be accessed from the back, sides, or separately opened through the top opening. Its smaller compartments have their quick access openings from the bottom portion of the bag.

This backpack also offers a multitude of dividers so you can organize your gears, for easy access and keep them snugly in place. Professionals will love all these features as one can arrange their gears through their access and workflow preferences. It can carry as much equipment as necessary, but it can also serve as a daypack when you have fewer gears to lug around.

There is also a space for your tablet or a 15-inch laptop, which has an additional padded sleeve for protection. The bag also features multiple pockets with double access points, a headset port, side pockets for water bottles, straps and loops, and other innovative connections.

The Alta Sky 51D has several protective features like rain coverage, high-quality materials, sturdy handle, and extra grips. It is made for carrying heavy loads, but it remains comfortable behind you with its ergonomic harness system and a padded uniquely shaped 3D back.

It is contoured to your body with an adjustable strap and support waist belt. Lastly, this bag has an advanced tripod connection system so you can carry your tripod, hiking sticks, and lighting stands without hassle!


  • Spacious main compartment
  • Waterproof, tear-proof high-quality nylon material
  • Well-padded all over for securing your gears
  • Features a “no-tire” carrying design with ergonomic back design and other support
  • Can be configured three ways to carry


  • Allows you to carry a tripod, lighting stand and hiking sticks
  • Multiple, multi-function pockets and compartments
  • Dedicated laptop compartment
  • With straps and loops and for innovative connections
  • Durable and long-lasting backpack
  • Spacious, flexible and versatile

10. K&F Concept Professional Camera Backpack

K&F Concept Professional Camera Backpack
Rating: 3.5
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This backpack has a modern, city-slicking design, but don’t let its compact built fool you. It can fit two cameras securely, including lenses, chargers, and cleaning kits. It may look smaller compared to others, but it does have an extra spacious compartment.

It can even accommodate a 15-inch laptop along with all the gears you take with you. It’s pretty impressive as you discover more of its features like the extra pockets and compartments. You can customize the dividers in the main space to accommodate your camera, lenses, and other accessories.

The K&F Concept Professional Camera Backpack is designed to be lightweight, spacious, and protective of your gears. It is max out on gear protection and keeps the weight down so you can carry it all day in comfort. It is also stylish to be carried on your travels, plus its compact design can fit any overhead compartment of commercial flights. The bag is waterproof, tear-proof, and ergonomically made perfect for outdoor photoshoots.


  • Splash-proof and tear-resistant high-quality material
  • Has PE board + EPE foam dividers for easy access of equipment
  • With shock relief and decompression features
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps and padded waist belt
  • Large capacity but lightweight and compact


  • Has several storage pockets and compartments
  • Dedicated laptop compartment
  • Padded protection for gears
  • Lightweight with breathable straps for easy travel
  • Stylish design with functional zippers and handles

The Best Camera Backpack for Travel

Among our top 10 camera backpacks, the Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW Camera Backpack is one of the best camera backpacks for travel. It is simply the most suitable choice for all types of travel. It is rather a pricey choice, but considering the prices of your gears and camera, you would want only the best pack to keep it safe, secure, and accessible for you. Lowepro is a world-renowned company that designed the most innovative camera bags, and their ProTactic modular pack is a great value for money.

It can be modified to fit all types of scenarios. It has Velcro dividers inside to accommodate your gears – camera, lenses, a laptop, and even a drone. You can even fit your favorite lens attached to your camera. Or you can take the dividers off if you favor a more open space.

This gives the photographer options for easy access of equipment. It has a rear-opening wherein you’ll find the zip laptop compartment. But the real advantage of this pack is the loops in the exterior. You can attach various accessories like a flash holder, a tripod toe-cup, phone case, straps, and others.

Considering all the features, this bag is a versatile camera backpack choice for comfortable travels.

The Best DSLR Backpack

Best DSLR backpack

The Lowepro Flipside is a trusted DSLR camera backpack for years, and it’s for a good reason. It is a solid, reliable pack designed for comfort and utmost protection for your gears. It has well-padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist strap. These features make a big difference if you are carrying a lot of gears for a long period.

It snugly accommodates your DSLR camera and accessories with its padded dividers. Smaller accessories can be kept in pouches at the back. The dividers also allow the user to organize according to their preference, with emphasis on easy access of camera and lenses. Impressively, you can easily slide off the shoulder straps and access your things by pulling it in front of you just as long as the waist belt is connected. It turns into a table of some sort so you can change lenses whenever you need them.

The bag is made from waterproof, tear-resistant material, so it’s durable and will last you several years of service. It comes with a tripod mount that is centrally located, so carrying will not be a burden.

The Best Travel Camera Backpack

When choosing a camera backpack for your travels, there is always the temptation to find a pack that will accommodate all your gears and stuff. But the best camera backpacks should be chosen according to the type of traveling that you will do. Will you be hiking most of the time? Will you be exploring cities and urban locations? A backpack with all your cameras, extra lenses, tripod, and other devices like your laptop can be extra heavy when worn for long periods. It can strain your neck, shoulders, and back.

Ideally, a camera backpack for travel should be around 30 to 40 L in capacity. However, it should also be versatile and flexible so that you can pack more efficiently for your type of travel. Some of the top considerations for a travel camera backpacks are adjustable or removable dividers, multiple, multi-functional pockets, separate tiers, and hassle-free access. If you are a light traveler, you can get a smaller 20 L backpack, which you can pack smartly for your quick trips.

In some cases, photographers have plans of adding new lenses to their collection or for their profession. If this is the case with you, too, you have to find a travel camera backpack that will grow with your needs.

But what features should your travel backpack have? The best features usually are subjective to one’s personal preferences. What might be an impressive feature for you is not a fundamental need for others. So based on the functionality and primary needs of travel photographers, here is the list of the features that should be in a travel backpack:

Solid Square Base – this might be a simple feature, but some backpacks fail to remain upright on their own. When shooting outdoors, your backpack should be stable. The last thing that should happen is for your pack to topple over and damage your lenses and other gear.

Weatherproofing – the best camera backpack for travel is protected from the elements. It should be made from high-density non-porous material with sealed zippers. An additional rain cover that fits over your pack is essential for unpredictable weather conditions.

Split Compartments – in recent years, roll-top camera backpacks have become a thing. A lot of travelers now prefer to have dual compartments in their travel backpack. These camera bags offer less space, but it gives you the advantage of having separate spaces for the photography gear, lenses and personal items.

Tripod Holder – for many, the perfect camera backpack has some contraption that will secure a tripod to its exterior. It must have straps with clips or bungee loops to attach the tripod securely. If you can try out before buying, take your tripod to the store with you and see how it feels to carry the bag when the tripod is fastened.

Quick Access points – this feature has become a must-have in new camera backpacks. Some bags now allow you to access your camera from an easy side-access, so you don’t need to take off the backpack whenever you have to use the camera.

Waist belt and straps – Padded-shoulder straps is a given essential feature that camera backpacks should have. But waist belts are a very practical addition that can help distribute weight evenly to your torso. If you need to walk long-distances, it is best to get a back with a waist belt for better support.

Which Brand Has the Best Waterproof Camera Bag?

Water and camera don't go well, which is why it's essential to invest in a high-quality waterproof camera bag to ensure your DSLRs are safe. Thorough soaking spells doom to your expensive camera kit. A good camera backpack comes with multiple storage spaces to take a variety of camera accessories, including an extra lens, tripod, and flashes.

While there are plenty of stylish camera bags that offer water-resistant canvas materials, the best photography backpack offers exceptional features. These include an adjustable hip belt, sternum strap padded interior for support, adjustable shoulder strap, an adjustable divider for the camera body to have versatility and flexibility, and all-weather protection.

If you take your camera equipment ready to take shots, the padded divider must have enough dimensions to support the camera's attached lens. While a multipurpose everyday backpack can be an alternative, it must have enough protective room or compartment space to secure your camera equipment.

Furthermore, with a comprehensive guide to walk you through the must-have essentials for an excellent camera case or DSLR backpack, you'll soon be off the traditional messenger bag or sling bag as you'll have the perfect storage for your pricey equipment.

Whether you're taking a mirrorless camera, multiple DSLRs lenses, tripods, and more, a good version of a camera backpack must have a side panel for easy access and several storage dividers to take a considerable amount of camera accessories.

The Most Durable and Best Photography Backpack

Best photography backpack

A functional, durable, and high-quality photography backpack makes a massive difference when honing your photography skills or finding your perfect groove. Whether you trek to capture rare wildlife or endangered mammal shots or keep low-profile touring public places for poignant snapshots, you'll need to ensure that your camera accessories or your extra lens are safe and protected.

The best photography backpack provides plenty of storage space to keep all the camera equipment secured. An adjustable divider padded interior helps protect the camera body during transit. In contrast, the adjustable hip belt, sternum strap, and shoulder strap support your body when carrying your pricey camera kit.

While you may use an old sling bag or messenger bag to carry your DSLRs with an attached lens in it, here are the best reasons why you'll need to invest in a good camera backpack. These bags provide the perfect amount of storage space and secured compartments for all your camera accessories.

The contour with your body to ensure you're conveniently in great condition as you carry your equipment in transit and are properly protected at the same time.

For instance, if you trek in the wilderness to capture a great shot, your DSLR backpack that is made with padded divider, water-resistant canvas, and has enough side panel or room for multiple camera kit, you'll have peace of mind knowing your equipment are secured from lousy weather, bumps, and knocks.

Most stylish camera bags come with a variety of storage dimensions to accommodate your everyday backpack and DSLR requirements. Whether you're working with a mirrorless camera version or using multiple flashes and tripods, this guide will lead you in the perfect direction.

Camera and Lens Backpack — 2021 Deals You Can't Miss

In your ongoing pursuit of that winning shot, you'll need a reliable, durable, stylish camera and lens backpack to carry your essentials for photography. The great news is that there are plenty of stylish camera bags to choose from, including mirrorless camera bags, DSLRs, and a padded divider sling bag for all your camera accessories.

If you have a good camera backpack, you can take along all camera equipment easily and securely. Whether you take urban shots, rare wildlife footage, or stunning landscapes, your backpack becomes your safe and secure storage space for all your camera accessories.

A valid reason to invest in the best photography backpack isn't only for looks but also for protection. Whether you are carrying a DSLR camera with an attached lens with you or an extra lens as an accessory, your DSLR backpack comes with a customizable padded interior that can be reshaped or reconfigured to fit your personal needs.

Despite the ease and variety available with an everyday backpack, dimensions are crucial if you wish to ensure optimum room protection for your bulky camera kit. Although most photographers can be comfortable with a messenger bag with waterproof canvas materials, professional photographers need more than that.

You must prioritize having ample amount of space to carry your camera accessories safely. Support is another element to take into consideration. For instance, the adjustable divider for the interior panel in your camera bag is another plus point. This enables you to take multiple lenses with you.

Most DSLR backpacks come with an adjustable hip belt, shoulder strap, and sternum strap to guide and allow your body to move like you when needed. Traditional version backpacks include tripod holders and rain covers to ensure your accessories and camera body are well-protected and easily handled.

Best Hiking-Friendly Canvas Camera Backpacks

While nature and photography coexist, there are several factors you need to consider before using canvas camera backpacks on your next hiking or photography shoot. If you intend to hike, the best photography backpack must be fully equipped to secure bulky DSLR cameras with an attached lens or a mirrorless camera with an extra lens.

Taking shots with high resolution while keeping optimum support is vital. While an everyday backpack like a sling bag or messenger bag is your first choice, this may not offer the perfect storage space dimensions and the perfect amount of padded divider interior support for your camera accessories.

Having a good variety of options can help you weigh which one works best based on your distinctive requirements. A good camera backpack must offer convenience and support from an adjustable divider or multiple panel storage to secure your DSLRs.

Several stylish camera bags that are made with canvas come with a different versions that offers genuine room to carry your camera kit while in transit. Having functional, durable, and high-quality for your camera equipment is a top-priority.

With plenty of support coming from an adjustable sternum strap, hip belt, and shoulder strap can leverage your photography experience. When searching for the perfect DSLR backpack, aside from securing the camera body, this should help guide your winning shots through the multiple amount of padded interior your pricey camera accessories require.

Best Travel-Friendly Mirrorless Camera Backpack

In the quest for the perfect mirrorless camera backpack, there are a few things that you should consider as your best buying guide for a multifunctional and reliable camera bag. A good camera backpack is a must-have if you're going to be taking your camera kit along on your hikes, in transit, or all around the urban areas for HD shots.

The best photography backpack offers comfort, support, and convenience thanks to its adjustable divider interior, hip belt, shoulder strap, and an adjustable sternum strap that ensures your bag stays put. Some stylish camera bags have a variety of storage space and compartment sizes for the camera body.

While an everyday backpack like your sling bag or messenger bag can be an option for your camera accessories, a DSLR backpack must be your top choice. These bags come with a padded divider on their panel to protect multiple camera accessories.

Since your camera equipment is a massive investment, you may want to opt for a version that provides plenty of room to secure your valuables. A variety of compartment dimensions offer various uses, while a padded interior provides full protection for your camera accessories.

Whether you'll be taking bulky DSLRs with their attached lens or take an extra lens from your mirrorless cameras, their canvas materials should offer the perfect amount of support and protection required for your DSLR accessories.

In case you'll need extra storage space to travel in style, you'll also want to check for various camera backpacks that come with traditional features and innovative materials in one. These bags are made with the photographer's convenience in mind with excellent unobtrusive options for your city breaks.

Perks of Having a Side Access Camera Backpack

For complete photography convenience, you can choose a side access camera backpack that is available on the market today. With these bags, you can get quick access to your camera equipment like an extra lens or a mirrorless camera for those high-resolution and distinct shots.

A good camera backpack without any side access can be tedious and cumbersome. While there are plenty of options available, a DSLR backpack comes with side access for mirrorless cameras and various camera accessories.

Choosing a reliable and durable storage space for your camera body like your bulky DSLRs with an attached lens can be challenging. There are ample amounts of variations in the market, all offering excellence.

The best photography backpack offers the perfect amount of features beneficial for a photographer. These include an adjustable divider with padded interior compartment dimensions, hip belt, adjustable sternum strap, and cushioned shoulder strap to contour with your body while in motion.

Messenger bag and sling bag may have a padded divider interior for your camera kit, but this everyday backpack may not be the perfect equipment to support your bulky DSLRs. The most stylish camera bags are strategically designed to provide enough protective room and a variety of storage space to secure your pricey camera equipment.

If you're searching for a complete guide or walkthrough on how to find the perfect camera backpacks with side access, why you need them, and what version to check, you're on the right side of the internet.

It is imperative to choose canvas material bags for camera equipment that offers protection from various elements. Most camera bags feature a padded panel inside the main compartment to protect DSLR cameras with attached lenses while in transit.

Sizing and Fit Guide: Small or Large Camera Backpack

When traveling, hiking, or going on city breaks, a large camera backpack is an ideal choice for photographers who prefer to carry several kits and camera accessories. You can easily equip yourself when outdoors or when traveling in remote locations in such a way that you'll stay comfortable.

There is a variety of camera equipment depending on your favored style and preferences to carry along. Photographers, newcomers included, will find that a DSLR with an attached lens cannot simply be fitted into their everyday backpack. In addition to the main camera body, some of the more sensitive features require a padded interior for optimum protection.

Whether you're using a messenger bag or a sling bag to carry out all your accessories, a good camera backpack offers excellent support and convenience on your end. Aside from its protective features, the best photography backpack makes your life easier as you carry multiple gears, an extra lens for your mirrorless camera, or other DSLR equipment.

Finding the right fit and size for all your camera kit can be challenging as you'll consider the storage space, adjustable divider, padded divider, panel version, and support features. Besides compartment dimensions or several room pockets for tripods and handy jibs, you'll want to cover all sorts of odds and ends.

Most stylish camera bags come with plenty of standard features like a cushioned shoulder strap, adjustable sternum strap, and hip belt to contour with your body as you move. The DSLR backpack materials greatly vary with their functionalities and serve as your guide when packing your essentials.

Some canvas bags for DSLRs come with an ample amount of padded compartment to secure your pricey kit, like an extra lens for your mirrorless camera.


Finally, the best camera backpack is more of personal preference. Choosing the right bag for the camera depends on your travel style, and the gears you need to take with you. Some bags give you the option for sole camera use or personal items. There are even bags designed to accommodate all you need for your travel. You should also consider the places you will visit using your pack.

Are you exploring trails and the outdoors, or will you be visiting museums and cities? Once you’ve decided on the features you need, take a look at our top recommendations for you to find the bag that will work for you. The Lowepro Fastpack 350 DSLR Camera Backpack is considered the best camera backpack by most users, especially for pro DSLR owners.

The Vanguard Alta Sky 66 is the most spacious bag on our list and big enough for long travels while the Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack is a nice camera daypack for your city travels.

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