The Best Camping Refrigerator for Year-Round Camping

camping refrigerator

Camping requires buying some implements and equipment that will make your outdoor activity easy, hassle-free, and convenient. No wonder camping fridges are in demand these days. There are many times when buying a camping refrigerator can well benefit your outdoor adventure. Read an expert review and study the features and benefits of products before proceed to buying one.

Top 10 Portable Refrigerator for Camping

There are moments when your food supply has to be kept cold for a much longer time, which an ice cooler is unable to accommodate. In this case, you will certainly need a portable electric camping fridge.

For portable cooling, there are three kinds of powered portable cooling units you can opt for, they are:

  • Absorption
  • Thermoelectric
  • Absorption

Distinguishing one from the other is key to getting the best portable cooling system for all of your outdoor needs. This where a review of all the things a product can offer comes in handy. A review will help you compare air quality, how cool fridges can get, their efficiency, and how many degrees you can set it up.

We have outlined the best portable camping refrigerators here. Read on to know which refrigerators are best for your camping needs.

The Ausranvik 26-quart portable fridge or refrigerators offer a one of a kind cooling performance. It can work at extreme ambient temperatures and meager power consumption rates. The fridge is capable of freezing down to -4 degrees F (-20°C). It will surely keep your food frozen for a much longer time. The Ausranvik fridge can be a regular refrigerator or freezer, and its power cord allows one to place it anywhere conveniently you want, like the trunk of the back of the RV.



  • High quality LED display with touchscreen controls. Set your desired temperature fast, including fast cooling and eco saving mode. It also has a USB port for recharging electronic gadgets.
  • Battery protection for extended use. Select your desired protection level for your battery from low, mid, to high. It can shut down automatically where the input voltage is very low. It will not run down your car battery.
  • Can work on 12V or 24V DC or 110V AC power source. You can quickly transfer and use your refrigerator from home to any vehicle. You do not have to re-set the temperature settings, thanks to its memory function.
  • Drain plug allows for easy cleaning and storing. You can clean the interior of your fridge fast and easy with water and soft detergent.
  • Energy-saving design. Its energy-saving design enables the fridge to refrain from consuming further energy when it reaches a specific temperature.

The Alpicool CF55 Portable Camper Refrigerator is a perfect choice for those who are looking for portable cooling appliances when you are out on the road camping, at the park for a picnic, or wherever. It will keep your food fresh and your favorite beverages cold. It is capable of being powered by a 12V or 24V car battery and can use 110-240V of DC.



  • Great storage space. It’s ideal for bringing a sizeable amount of food and beverages for camping or any outdoor activity. It has 55 liter-capacity in total and can fit 60x12oz of canned soda.
  • Freezes sans the ice. It can freeze up to as much as -20 degrees C or -4 degrees F and freeze just like a regular refrigerator without the ice.
  • Perfect for Car and home use. It comes with two power cables that can connect to either 12 or 24V car battery or 110 to 240V of DC. Use it conveniently on your vehicle or your home.
  • Functional design. It comes with LCD and digital temperature settings. Built-in LED with an internal basket.
  • Keep food cold and fresh. It has a very thick, high-density foam insulation that helps keep optimum cooling performance throughout your travel. Food is always frozen and fresh.
  • Can freeze down to -4°F(-20°C) for true car refrigeration and compact fridge at home.
  • It has an LCD panel, built-in LED light, and an internal basket.
  • Suitable for Car and home using work on 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC
  • With portable handles on both sides.
  • It has a vibration resistant design to protect the device safety while driving on the road.
  • Safe to run on angles up to 45°from horizontal
  • High-efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes.
  • 3-stage car battery protection system to prevent the car battery run down.

ICECO JP50 Portable Refrigerator is the best solution for those who want to go camping, head outdoors, or go for a multi-day excursion. The fridge can store your bulky items and keep them fresh and cool at all times. Comes with super high-quality SECOP Danfoss compressor from Germany, passed EMC, and globally insured.



  • Great storage capacity. It has a 50L capacity and is very roomy. It can store 72x330ml soda bottles, 42x550ml water, or 12x750ml bottles of wine.
  • Perfect for home and vehicle use. It comes with two power cables to connect to a 110v-240v AC power and a 12v-24v DC. So, it can be easily used at home or in your vehicle. 
  • It uses AC/DC power sources. It comes with AC/DC power sources.
  • Product warranty. The compressor has a product warranty of 5 years and a one-year warranty for all other parts.
  • Global partners. Its global partners are all prestigious and have offered remarkable cooling systems for vehicles such as Volvo, Renault, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz.

54 Quart Refrigerator/Freezer is the best choice for those who are looking for a portable cooking appliance to keep their food cold. It is perfect when you are off to the park for picnics, road trip for days, and more. It will keep all of your food fresh and your beverages cold.



  • Compressor cooling technology. With its high-quality compressor, it can cool to as much as -13  degrees F or -20 °C.
  • Great accessories. The 54 Quart Refrigerator/Freezer comes with two power cables that can connect to AC power of 90v-250v and DC power of 12v-24v. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. 
  • Battery protection. These portable refrigerators have three battery protection levels to protect both the battery and the fridge. It has High, Mid, and Low levels. It is best to set the battery protection at mid-level when used in the vehicle.
  • Temperature settings. Red wine storage – 10℃, fruits – 4℃, beverages – 5℃, meats -10℃, ice cream -15℃.
  • Warranty policy. One year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Can freeze down to -4°F(-20°C) for true car refrigeration and compact fridge at home. It can even make ice if you need to cool down fast.
  • The LCD panel has a built-in LED light and an internal basket.
  • Suitable for Car and home using work on 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC
  • With portable handles on both sides.
  • It has a vibration-resistant design to protect the device while driving on the road.
  • Safe to run on angles up to 45°from horizontal
  • High-efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and HH modes.
  • 3-stage car battery protection system.

ICECO is a European brand that centers on manufacturing, developing, and distributing portable vehicle fridges, which started in 1967. They have made over 101 patents and their products sold in over sixty-six countries worldwide. Their ICECO GO20 12V Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator can refrigerate and freeze all at the same time.



  • Excellent and flexible dual zone design. The fridge has a detachable partition style and offers two zones for freezing and refrigeration, which has two digital panels. After removing the panel partition, you will have ample space inside.
  • Smart application and 100% touch controls. You can connect your ICECO GO20 12V Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator to Bluetooth, where you can conveniently change the temperature, cooling, and battery protection in just a few clicks.
  • 3-stage car battery protection. It comes with a 3-stage battery protection that can prevent car battery rundown. 
  • Fast cooling and energy-saving. You can set the mode to max or eco mode that may be well adjusted when needed. The max mode offers a fully operating super fast cooling at 45W.
  • High-quality. It comes with Danfoss SECOP compressor, ETL certification, and fast cooling, only 15 minutes to cool at 0℉ temperature.

Kalamera Portable Refrigerator Freezer are large capacity refrigerators with 40 quarts capacity. It can accommodate your drinks and have ample space for your snacks and other beverages too. A perfect choice for those who often travel. The refrigerators can be used both at home and while traveling. Also, you can select the best temperature to store even your favorite cosmetics, food, and medicines and keep them cool and fresh.



  • All-purpose camping fridge. Great for man caves, camping out, going to the park, RVing, and keeping your beer cold as you do backyard barbecues or picnic at the park. 
  • Multi-purpose refrigerators. The 40-quarts capacity that guarantees ample space for storing your favorite food, drinks, soda, and snacks. Best for your home, outdoor, RV, or any outdoor needs.
  • Turbo and Eco modes. These portable camping refrigerators can cool up to -1F to 50F. Eco mode reaches 32F in just 60 minutes. Turbo cools in only 30 minutes. 
  • Long term support. As the refrigerators reach maximum temperature, it will work without using energy. Since it is insulated, it can stay frozen and cold for up to ten hours, even after unplugging. 
  • Energy-efficient. Can work with AC or DC outlets with 12V-24V DC power and 110-240V AC power.

cho Power Sports Portable Freezer Cooler AC/DC Compressor Refrigerators  are designed for long-term usage. With its durable telescopic handles and wheels, you can travel from one terrain to another with this unit. It can work on two power sources: AC 110-240v and DC 12-24v.



  • Adequate space for snacks, foods, and drinks. You can use the unit at home, outdoors, fishing, camping, or while on the go. 
  • Built-in handles on the side, telescopic, and durable wheels. All for efficiency and easily pulling and carrying the unit.
  • Durable and spacious. Can hold 57x330ml soda, 28x550ml, and or 15x750ml wine bottles. 
  • These refrigerators have sturdy and very lightweight plastic housing. It is guaranteed durable and very sturdy, ideal for outdoor and on-the-go use.
  • Fast cooling compressor technology. It has an LCD and digital temperature adjustments.

Aspenora Car Refrigerator 30-Quart Portable Freezer Compressor has a set temperature that can range anywhere from -4 °F to 68 °F. This portable fridge can be for storing snacks, foods, and beverages of your choice.



  • 28-liter capacity, spacious, and great storage space. These are 28 liter capacity refrigerators with dimensions of 11″ x12.8″ x10.5″. The unit can hold 42x330ml soda, 24x550ml, or 9x750ml bottles of wine. 
  • Fast cooling compressor. Super high efficiency with ECO and MAX modes. 30-minute rapid cooling to 14°F temperature.
  • These refrigerators have battery protection, energy-saving, and super low noise. The control program keeps monitoring the car battery, and the compressor shuts off immediately to save the car battery when the voltage is lower than the minimum voltage. It stops consuming energy when it reached the desired temperature settings.
  • Durable and shockproof. These refrigerators can withstand harsh environments and the outdoors. The unit will work best during camping or any outdoor activity.
  • It has multiple uses for a road trip, camping, and fishing. Car freezer with compressor is very portable and can be used for road trips, camping out fishing, and other outdoor activities. You can store it quickly and easily and it does not take up a lot of space.

XtremepowerUS 52-Quart Bluetooth Function Portable Refrigerators provide ample space for your snacks, foods, and beverages. You can use on your RV, boat, fishing, camping, or a road trip with your friends and the whole family. Take it anywhere you want to go. All you need is either a 110V outlet or a 12-24v power source.



  • Multi-use and substantial capacity. 52-quarts considerable size, the fridge can hold a significant number of drinks. Ample space for your food and snacks. You can use it at home, or on your RV or camping.
  • Bluetooth function and smart apps. Safely connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Turn it on or off, preset temperature, and more. Compatible with iPhone and Android phones. 
  • Double handle and telescopic handles. Durable double handles and telescopic handle as well as sturdy wheels for pulling off the ground and easy transport.
  • Shockproof and durable design. The fridge can withstand any harsh environment, especially the outdoors. 
  • Fast cooling. The compressor’s cooling technology is very efficient with ECO and MAX modes. You can choose ECO for power-saving mode and MAX for a super-fast cooling temperature.

F40C4TMP Portable Freezer, Mini Fridge 18L is a thermoelectric warmer and cooler at the same time. It is uniquely designed to ensure food freshness in the summer, and offer warm food in the cold winter season. It is dual-use and can be conveniently used at home or in the car. The unit has 12-24V DC and 110V-240V AC power input to ensure the seamless portability from home to the vehicle or vice versa.



  • Cools and heats super fast. The F40C4TMP Portable Freezer is a freezer and hot box at the same time. Portable warmer and more refreshing for two modes, such as MAX and ECO modes. It has an energy-efficient heating coating where the fridge provides warm food thru travel without worrying about the chilly season. Cold or warm, you choose.
  • Low energy consumption. It comes with an energy-saving mode, where the electric car camping fridge generates very little power. It disconnects automatically from the power supply before it goes out. The fridge stays cold or warm even after several hours of dividing into the power source.
  • Amazing LED display and accurate temperature control. LED controlled panel display and attractive design. The car fridge cooler is very easy to set to the right temperature that you want.
  • Enjoy fresh food at home or in your car. Each unit has 18L or 19quarts capacity for this camping fridge. You can use it and enjoy fresh food or cool beverages it while on the road or at home. Use both AC or DC power from 12-24v and 110-240v.

Why do you Need a Mini Camping Fridge?

A small fridge or fridge freezer is useful for traveling, camping outdoors, or solely for an outing at the park. It will keep all your food and beverages always cold and fresh 100% of the time.

What is the Best Portable Refrigerator?

The best portable refrigerators have excellent storage space, ample room, low energy consumption, durable, cools super fast, and has multiple power sources. Here are other features such as accessories, to look out for in the best camping fridge.

Power Drain

Look for a portable ref unit or electric coolers for camping with low power drain, particularly those on 12V. A low power drain is a good indication of how long the battery will last and how long the fridge will run. Choose a portable fridge with inbuilt protection for your battery, like if you are working your ref off. Search for the camping fridge with a reasonably high voltage to keep the battery going extra long. When you deep cycle your car battery while using the fridge, there is a tendency to reduce its battery life significantly. Reduced battery life can even leave you stranded, so you may wish to install a dual battery system for your refrigerator use. Make it a point to factor all these into your overall cost of the fridge.

If you would like to use your refrigerator at home, then think of its impact on the electricity bill and find an energy-efficient model. The camping fridge won’t require energy star ratings, as they are only rated for 12V use, and so since they are small, they will not use a lot of power like your conventional fridge. Check on a big fridge instead and save your portable one for the weekend road trip. 

A 12V Connector

The best portable ref always comes with a 12V connector on the vehicle. The Anderson plug is best rated accessory for this. However, you may need to have it installed. They also come with a cigarette lighter plug to match the vehicle’s socket. But, remember these are not best for high current appliances like refrigerators. 


Your compressor is the life of your fridge. Choosing one with a high-quality one will surely keep you going for years. Find portable refs with branded compressors as Sawa, Fuji, Waeco, or SECOP Danfoss.

Vents and Evaporator 

Inspect the positioning of your vent, cooling, and evaporator surfaces where air may leak. These will require some adequate airflow into your fridge to work correctly, so make sure there is no obstruction.

Mounting Hardware

Robust mounting hardware is essential to secure your refrigerator from tipping over. You can add a very stable mounting area to place your refrigerator in place. Make sure it corresponds to the tie-up points in your vehicle.

If you consider your outdoor adventure a difficult undertaking, you have to make sure it comes with a dedicated mounting kit. You can look for OEM or aftermarket mounting sets if you do not have one. Ensure that your packages are compatible with the refrigerator and vehicle. The slide for the refrigerator can be useful as it is straightforward to attach and reattach from the refrigerator. The fridge slide can make accessing your fridge fast and easy. 


For insulation, always look for thicker walls to reduce the compressor load. Also, look at the outer casing, metal can be sturdy, but it can efficiently conduct heat too. You can search for thermal covers for added insulation.

Durable Construction

The portable fridge has to be capable of withstanding the hazards and riggers of outdoor travels, so find one with long-lasting body and construction. Make sure it has a very robust casing and hinges. It should be able to take on the weight of an individual sitting on it. These use excellent casing components. The metal must be very tough and hard to suit all heavy-duty applications, the plastic can easily flex, and its fiberglass should be strong enough to resist corrosion, which is superb for marine use and applications. 

Temperature Controls

Look into how easy the controls are set to maintain the best temperature as weather changes. 

Baskets and Other Components

Inspect partitions, removable baskets, and other components. Make sure they are deep enough and easy to reach out. Look also for basket types that are very easy to clean and maintain. 


The cover can help protect your portable fridge for camping to remain insulated so it will work more efficiently, reducing the current or power draw, and affording sufficient protection from scratches. Check out if there are specific covers that match your fridges and make sure these covering does not infringe on the controls or vents. 

Spare parts access and availability

There is an excellent possibility that your portable fridge can, later on, break down, and you will be miles away as it happens. Check certain brands with an excellent reputation for after-sales support so the spare parts can be readily available when you needed one. Do not avoid small brands too, as many of them keep fantastic after sales track record, and they usually go out of their way to help you get back on track again.

Choosing a Camping Fridge

Portable refrigerators are a significant investment to make. It will be a costly item on your camping list, but it does not mean that you have to have the most expensive one for your outdoor needs.

Evaluate how you plan precisely to use your fridge, someone who will go around treacherous trails will have differing needs from someone who will need to head to a park for some picnic. So, make sure you consider all these to make your selection process easy.

What's the Best 12v Camping Fridge?

Before you invest in a portable refrigerator for camping for your vehicle, you must know the kinds of refs you can choose from and then select the best ones. Knowing the right information helps you weigh out your options better, and you get to choose the right one for the job.

There are four general portable camping fridge that works well with 12v power supply and is best for mobile environments like campers, boats, trailers, and mobile homes. 

  • 3-way ref. The most common type of them all. It uses AC, DC, or LP power supply. It can be used in all vehicles with a 12V power supply, and it affords versatility when it comes to a power source. 
  • 2-way ref. You can always choose the 2-way ref too. This kind runs on LP gas power and AC.
  • AC/DC refrigerator. The AC/DC refrigerator is likewise well-loved by many vehicle owners. You can operate them using either AC or DC power supply, depending on what power source is available for use. 
  • Gas or propane refrigerator. Propane power is typical for a camping fridge. 

For the best 12v camper fridge, choose the one that best matches your power supply requirements and the condition with which they will be used.

What is the Difference Between a Fridge and a Cooler?

Campers, day-trippers, overlanders, and RVers can all make use of electric coolers or refrigerators for camping for their trips. But, we have to make sure that we know the right and most suitable portable refrigerators that has a compressor for your travel needs. When the contraption does not come with a compressor, then it is not a refrigerator but a mere ‘cooler’. Yes, a cooler can do the job, and your portable fridge might be something slightly off to bring to the woods. However, it will all depend on your needs. You will find some thermo-electric coolers or absorption coolers that can work just like your refrigerator, and they also use DC to work too. The compressor fridge is not that cheap.

But, owning one will surely improve your camping or outdoor experience by a mile. It will also avoid spoiling your food supply for days. Consequently, there are some specific instances when an ice cooler or absorption cooler can suffice, but there are times when a portable camping refrigerator is the best tool for the job.

How to Choose Electric Coolers for Camping

In selecting the best electric cooler for camping, you have to look into the best ones following your specs and needs. The best one is not definite as there are various coolers for camping that come in multiple sizes and specifications. To know what is best for you, you have to compare options that are available to you by first understanding your needs, including storage, and the convenient size of your RV or vehicle.

Why You Need a Camping Freezer

Aside from comparing the price of your camping freezer, you should always consider the specs and your requirements. What will you need it exactly? What do you need for your freezer? What power supply do you require? What capacity are you looking to buy? These are a few considerations to make when purchasing your very own camping fridge. On top of all these, ask yourself why you need refrigerators? Simple. To keep your food fresh and your beverages cold at all times.

What is the Best Portable Fridge Freezer to Buy?

Big fridge freezer requires higher power draw, greater capacity, and take up some time to move into your vehicle owing to its size. The best portable fridge freezer should be very mobile, easy to move along, large capacity, cools fast, excellent battery protection, and is energy-efficient. Check on these and other specs to obtain the best portable fridge for your next camping trip.

How to Choose Portable Freezer for Camping

One needs a portable freezer for camping for a lot of reasons. It is not like your regular ref home appliance, as it is smaller and should fit your vehicle well. But, these are not all; there are some other things you have to consider in choosing the right portable freezer for your camping. 

  • Portability. It should be lightweight and portable compared to regular cooling models, and it should be easy to move along from one place to another. It should also have a trolley like the design for easy maneuvering, so you can bring it fishing, camping, or boating with ease. It may also be for use in buses or trucks. 
  • Versatility. It is best for all various applications, especially when off-grid and with solar apps. You can also use it while camping, boating, fishing, or whatever other outdoor activities you have in mind. 
  • Energy-efficient. Your portable fridge must be able to save energy, and it draws meager power. 
  • Top brand names. Choose refrigerators that are well-reviewed and are top brands in the market today. 
  • Convenience. A portable freezer needs to maintain the best indoor temperatures to keep food, snacks, and beverages cold and fresh all the time.
  • Easy to use. Should work like a standard refrigerator and come with suitable controls for temperature and other related settings. 
  • Innovative. The freezer should be handy with high-end features that make your outdoor activity fun and fulfilling. 
  • Sturdy and may be used in harsh mobile outdoor environments. It should be very heavy-duty to sustain all rough terrains and rough roads ahead.


As a final word of advice, choose the best-sized camping refrigerator following the space that you intend your refrigerator to occupy. Consider the best models and compare each one of them to finally select the ideal one that can fit the space you needed filling. Simply put, weigh your available options and know if they have the capacity, features, functionality, and portability you are looking for in the best camping refrigerator. Always bear in mind that a bigger capacity model will have to consume a bigger size in your vehicle, boat, tent, etc. Plus, you will have to consider your budget. Many refrigerator manufacturers monitor the market to set a price on their products competitively. They know for a fact that it is not a luxury item, and should only serve the purpose for which you wish your money spent.